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The Chant of the Darkness

“At that time, Rothvaln belonged to the original Five Lords. They were all very close and loyal to the King. Or so it was thought. It was known that Rothvaln loved mortals. So much that he took one as his mistress, keeping the secret from Lorcan, who hated them for being vulnerable and inferior. And yet, knowing about this relationship, Lorcan never interfered. Although Lorcan was cruel, temperamental, and fierce, he always valued most was his demons and the loyalty they offered him. But to his misfortune, his friend betrayed him, just because he took over that tribe of mortals, and exterminated them, including of course Rothvaln’s mistress.”

“Why did Lorcan do it?” Her question came with a sense of disapproval.

“Lorcan confessed to me that he was curious about the mortal of Rothvaln. He went to the Realm of the Mortals. He never got involved with them. He just watched and listened. Until he knew that the mortal was a witch, not powerful, but one who knew Rothvaln’s true name and was conspiring against him. A word with so much power, enough to send him to the Abyss. Lorcan could not allow it, and although he knew that Rothvaln would disagree, that very night, he exterminated them”.

“And then what?”

“He told Rothvaln personally,”

“How did he manage to imprison Lorcan?”

“That’s when Sorana’s tricks-.”

“His sister, right?” she interrupted.

“Yes. Sorana always had eyes for Rothvaln, faithfully believing that she would be his demoness. She took advantage of his pain. And well, Sorana was known for her unparalleled beauty throughout the Kingdom. The two began to see each other intimately, where he only used her, and she had ended up loving him with a dangerous obsession. Between pain and regret, Rothvaln’s hatred towards Lorcan began to grow. He never believed that this mortal had deceived him. Taking advantage of Sorana’s love for him, he made her break the pact she and Lorcan had made. Sorana knew Lorcan’s real name. And she told Rothvaln”.

Bossurk paused.

“Go on.” She urged him.

“There are many details that I don’t know. What I do know is that Rothvaln had a powerful witch named Nebula Barclay. I would guess that they made some kind of deal. She helped him with some spell and put Lorcan in prison.”

“I’ve never heard of Nebula Barclay. Are you sure that’s her name?”

“That’s what one of my fellows knew.”

If Nebula Barclay was the one who helped Rothvaln, what does Agate Brevil have to do with it?

“Why didn’t Rothvaln kill Lorcan? Wouldn’t it have been easier?”

“Lorcan is immortal. The only way he could be held for an eternity would be to throw him into the Abyss, and he would still find a way back. He is mighty, not by choice the Realm chose him to be its King”.

“What does the mark on my back mean? Why did you tell me that I should trust only Lorcan?

“I don’t know if I should...”

“Bossurk,” Daphne exclaimed in a stern tone.

The demon was wavering. Bossurk understood Daphne’s anxiety, but at the same time, he was afraid to tell her. If Lorcan hadn’t done so until now, he would have had his reasons. But when he saw Ragothara’s desperate eyes, he couldn’t help himself. In the end, he was betting on her.

“That mark means you belong to the King of Demons.”

“Belonging to him? as if I were a property, a pet?” she frowned at the ridiculous idea. She would never be anyone’s property. She would not be branded like a cow waiting to be used.

“No, no. Not in that sense. ”

“Then, in what sense Bossurk?”

“You are his demoness.”


Dead silence. Bossurk expected any kind of reaction but this one. She had remained mute.

There was no fear, no sadness, no happiness, no anger. Another female would probably jump for joy at such a revelation. Being the Queen of the Lord of the Abyss was a position that many coveted.

And after a minute where time stood still, she managed to say, “What?” his disclosure left her shocked for a moment.

“It is what other Realms call mate.”

“But how is that possible? I am no demoness. I am mortal.”

“Are you sure of that?” he asked with a compassionate smile.

“The changes-”

“You’ve probably noticed it already.”

“Bossurk, I was born a mortal. I still feel like a mortal.” This last part made her hesitate. Did she really feel that she was still a mortal? The things that had been happening in the past few days...

“The Realm chose its demoness Queen, you, a mortal.”

“This is madness. None of this makes any sense.” She paced back and forth.

“That’s why I told you he would be the only one you could trust. He would never hurt you.”

“Trust him? But he hasn’t even wanted to tell me the truth. There is something that doesn’t quite add up in all this. Rothvaln once told me about the possibility that I was his mate; now you tell me that the mark means that Lorcan is my mate.”

“When you touched the crown, the Realm left its mark on you. The mark that makes you appear as the King’s demoness, but there’s more to it than that.”


“Only the bond as mates will come up when your mark starts to change, and the marks of the bond will appear on his body.”

“Bossurk, be more specific.”

“His feelings for you must change for the better, and yours for him as well.”

Daphne massaged her temples. All this was overwhelming.

“How do you know so much about this Bossurk? Why do you live in this place? All I’ve heard is that it’s cursed, full of such cruel and vile demons-”

“We were banished when Lorcan disappeared. I-”

Daphne felt a thunderous noise. The ground beneath her feet vibrated like an earthquake. “What’s going on?”

“Wait here. Don’t come out”, Bossurk ordered her, and she followed him as if she never heard him.

The shouts could be heard. Many were running in all directions, looking for shelter. The reddish sky was being stained by shadows that were advancing like a flood of misfortune.

In the chaos, she saw that same demoness girl she saw the first time, screaming desperately as part of the shadows enveloped her, singing to her at a dismal pace.

“Stop, stop!” The young demoness was screaming as she covered her ears. But the shadows continued at a frenetic rhythm, hunting down everyone in their path, enveloping them in eerie whispers.

Daphne could not contain herself, running to save the young female.

“Ragothara!” Bossurk called out to her.

She ran to the young demoness, who was now crouching with her ears covered by her hands, begging for mercy.

“Leave her!” Daphne exclaimed as she approached the shadows that moved around her in a gruesome dance.

“Come, come to me. You will want to see what I have for you.

Don’t be afraid of me, we will dance with Death,

Come, the Abyss is waiting for you, and I will take you there.

Come and stay in the depth of darkness.”

The voices came to her as a macabre joke. The effect was not the same on her. Everyone seemed to be suffering, except her.

“What are you doing?!” Daphne screamed at the shadows.

But they did not respond. The shadows kept moving, tormenting those who left tears and cries of pleading.

She took the girl by the hand and led her to Bossurk, who now had his ears covered and his eyes closed, wrapped in more shadows.

“Bossurk!” But he couldn’t understand her, only he could concentrate on not losing his mind under the terrifying song, “Bossurk!” Daphne screamed so loudly that the demon opened his eyes, even with his ears covered.

“Ragothara...” Bossurk didn’t want to leave her alone, but he could hardly protect her in such a predicament.

“Stay with him. You will be safe.” She didn’t know if the girl had understood her as she tried hard to drown out the voices of the shadows. She had a wrinkled face as if in deep pain.

Daphne’s eyes wandered over the chaos around her. No doubt the Master of Shadows had a hand in this. And, of course, Rothvaln played a part too.

“What do you want?!” she cried out, hoping that among those cursed words released to the rhythm of a repetitive and inescapably disturbing and enticing melody, the shadows would give an answer to her despair.

“Come, come to me. You will want to see what I have for you.

Don’t be afraid of me, we will dance with Death,

Come, the Abyss is waiting for you, and I will take you there.

Come and stay in the depth of darkness.”

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