ENTICE ME (Book 2)

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Kiss on the cheek

“Can we talk?” Lorcan unexpectedly appeared in front of Raven and Daphne. Seeing them together walking back to the Palace, he could not help himself.

“Is it important?” Daphne asked.

Lorcan remained silent. His gray eyes went from his demoness’s face to the dragon-man’s. There was no need for words. Raven understood very well. And for the second time, he left, leaving them alone.

Raven was not the type to pick fights anywhere. He knew first-hand that when one meets his mate, one is possessive, protective, and incapable of reasoning when others pose an obstacle to reaching his mate.

After Raven disappeared utterly. Daphne looked everywhere but Lorcan. And the demon could only contemplate her. How exquisite she was! The sun’s rays cast light on her brown hair, her vivacious eyes. There was no other that would do justice to his demoness, his mortal.

There was no other that would do justice to his demon, his mortal.

“Daphne, I-”

She looked him straight in the eye. And Lorcan felt, at that moment, for the first time, intimidated by her. He wanted to tell her that...


Although her voice could be encouraging, it left him mute once again.

“I wanted to tell you - well, I’ve thought that I don’t really want to...”

“My Lord,” Myron suddenly interrupted him. “We need to talk to you.”

Lorcan nodded. And after Myron was gone, he addressed Daphne again. Taking a few steps towards her and reaching for her cheek. Lorcan leaned in, kissing the corner of her mouth. “I’ll look for you later.” Daphne frowned. Trying to understand why he was so warm to her.

The demon didn’t give her time to respond, vanishing from the scene just like that.

Daphne turned around when she heard someone coming.

“Lorcan, huh?” James’ question sounded like a joke, but there was no physical evidence of it on his face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She replied.

“Daphne, please. You obviously like him. And he is into you, too.”

“What? Where do you get the idea that he likes me?”

“Are you silly? Of course, he likes you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be watching you like a hawk, all the time.”

“What does it matter what we both want anyway? If, in the end, there’s nothing for us in the future. He is the King of the Demons, for God’s sake. And I...I am-” Daphne was trying to find her words.

“And you are his mate, who rescued him, who endured all the tortures of a mad demon, to save me.”

“James, one day we will die. Better not to hope for anything.”

“I don’t believe that, Daphne.”

“Why do you say that?”

“At least I don’t think you’ll die. On the other hand, I...”

“What?!” she exclaimed, clutching her brother’s arm.

“I think the pact to keep us alive has been broken. At least, that’s what Myron and Stelios believe. Look.” James rolled up his trousers on one of his legs.

“What happened to you?” His sister asked, seeing the wound still fresh.

“It was a stupid accident. But the wound hasn’t healed, not like before, remember?”

Daphne then understood. As long as she and Rothvaln kept the pact, she and James could heal quickly. But by betraying Rothvaln, he failed to capture James and kill him. Her brother was completely mortal now, and she? No, she might not. Although her back was scarred from the whip that Rothvaln and that damned demon inflicted on her, her wounds still healed very quickly.

“We can make a pact with some other demon, so that-” She began.

“No,” James said, shaking his head. “As tempting as the option is. I’ve decided not to.”

“Why?” There was sadness in her question.

“I want to grow up, sister. Look at me. I still have the face of a young man of almost eighteen. I want to change.”

Daphne threw herself into a hug, unable to stop her eyes from watering. But the tears didn’t come.

“I love you, James. If that’s what you want, then that’s fine”.

Her brother sank his face into her neck. Feeling grateful.

“Daphne, do you know what I’ve wanted more than anything else in this life?”

She remained silent. Waiting.

“That you will be happy. That you won’t be alone.”

“I am not alone. I have you.”

“I don’t mean that. Yes, you have me. But I mean a life partner. Someone who loves you and who can take care of you when I can’t”.


“Listen. Lorcan was terrible at first, but then he proved the opposite. He never tortured me or mistreated me.”

“Please, James! Don’t you remember how he killed you?”

“But he brought me back. I shouldn’t tell you this because he asked me not to.”


“It was he who cured you of that poison.” James watched as the face of his sister was astonished.

“You mean when Rothvaln left me in that place?”

James nodded. “He asked me to go with him. Myron was the one who told him. That’s when I was there, watching as he gave you his blood to drink to remove the poison from the body. And then he took you to your room. He didn’t have to ask me to stay with you to take care of you, but he did.”

Lorcan? Was it him? Only the King’s blood can save you, Daphne remembered what Rothvaln told her at the time. That’s why she felt that familiar, warm feeling when she took his hand in that waltz.

“James, if he did it anyway, it’s because he needed me alive.”

“That can be too,” James sighed.

“Look, let’s forget about Lorcan and Rothvaln and all this chaos. Will you have lunch with me today, just the two of us?”

“Sure.” James smiled, putting his arm around her.

“We must no longer worry about the Master of Shadows,” Lorcan spoke.

He and the Five Lords were in the library, all standing with in-depth looks on their faces.

“But now there is the matter of James,” Stelios said.

“James will be staying here for a while. At least until the matter with the Rothvalns is settled.”

“Sir. Do you really think that Rothvaln will give up?” Sunnia asked.

“He is very desperate. He is looking for all possible alternatives to get Daphne back to him. Still no news from Eve?” Lorcan asked.

“No. Apparently, one of Rothvaln’s henchmen has her hidden away. None of those scum dares reveal their whereabouts to me.” Sunnia said.

“Nor will they. At least not anymore.” Myron commented.

“He’s right, Sunnia.” Lorcan intervened. “By now, Rothvaln will know that it was you who gave away his plan. It is no longer safe for you to go back there.”

“Understood, Sir,” Sunnia said.

“Don’t you think Rothvaln would come to this Realm to look for Ragothara?” Teias now said.

“No, he won’t. He would have everything to lose, and he knows it. I know that letting him know our current whereabouts was a risk. But Sunnia had to give convincing information if she wanted to gain his trust. And obviously, that did not happen. But at least we avoided the disaster of attacking the Realm of Mortals.”

“Then we will wait a few days. I will see what I can find out.”

“No. For now, let’s keep quiet in the next few days. However, Teias, I want you to go to the Land of the Lycans. I just want to see if you can find out anything from the Master of Shadows.”


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