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In the Grip of Desire

It was cold; with every step, the water felt colder. But Daphne didn’t look down. Agate kept telling her that over and over again. She could feel the water cover just her bare toes. She could feel the leaves sinking under her feet.

She was in the same place. It was that same familiar forest, like an old memory.

“Come closer quickly. And don’t look down.” Though she couldn’t see Agate, she could hear her as clearly, as if the witch were beside her.

Daphne’s eyes kept darting forward. It was the same path as the dream before. Her consciousness announced to her. Trees in autumn dress rose all around her, and she finally spotted what Agate so desperately wanted her to see.

A hut. A hut that didn’t seem to be the same as that old memory, but it was simultaneously.

“Open the door, Daphne,” Agate’s voice demanded.

The water on her feet turned icy. Daphne went to check her feet, wanting to see if they were now covered in ice.

“Don’t look down!” And that was Agate’s last cry before she opened her eyes. Finding herself once more facing the first signs of dawn.

It was Agate again, she thought. It couldn’t be a coincidence that she had dreamt of the witch twice. That dream left her with the feeling that the old woman was trying to tell her something.

Laboriously, she rose from her bed, proceeding with the same routine as every morning.

Lorcan hadn’t come back for her as he had told her yesterday. But she didn’t dwell much on that thought either. That kiss on the cheek, it affected her; she wouldn’t deny it. The need to feel him was growing stronger.

She stopped in front of the mirror, and before she put on her dress, she turned her back and saw how her mark had changed its color altogether. Only a small patch remained untanned with dark ink. What did this really mean? She wondered as her frowning face was reflected in the mirror.

Deciding to finish dressing, she left her room. Raven was waiting for her outside the Palace.

“Looks like a storm is going to hit today.” He said once he saw her approach.

She looked up at the clouds. It was early, and the sun would not be making an appearance today. The sky was a dark blue, laden with a torrential downpour and possible thunder.

“Where are we going today?” she asked him.

“I want to show you something.” He said as they both walked towards a valley she had not yet discovered.

Standing on a small hill. Daphne gazed at the magnificent scenery spread out before her. A clear and pure lake lay there. The grass around her was green, so fresh that when a light breeze came to her, the mixed smell of rain and earth seized her with subliminal tranquility, an inner ecstasy. She felt at peace.

“Do you like it?” Raven asked.

“I love it.” She said with a genuine smile and without turning her eyes away from the valley. “What are you doing?”

“You didn’t think I just brought you to stand there, did you?” Raven was now showing his naked torso. His muscular back showed the face of a black-eyed dragon. The tattoo-covered most of the skin. Fascinating. But as Raven began to unbutton his pants, Daphne snapped back to reality. “What are you waiting for?”

“I’m not getting naked with you,” she said.

“Please, you don’t need to get naked. You can go to the water in your dress if you want. But that lake you see, it’s special. It doesn’t matter if the weather is cold or hot. The water is always warm.”

In just black boxer shorts, Raven rushed forward and jumped into the lake in one go.

“Come on! Don’t be a coward!” he shouted at her. It was obvious he was enjoying it. And she wanted to, too. And before she started walking towards the lake, thick drops of rain began to descend from the brave sky. The downpour began to fall with supreme force. Drenching her completely. The thunder rumbled, and thunderous noises broke out.

“Are you coming or not?” Raven asked her, standing upright, with the water covering only his pelvis.

Daphne jogged to the shore, kicking off her shoes and stepping into the water, she exclaimed. “You’re a liar, Raven!” and he could only laugh, “The water is freezing!”

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Lorcan’s voice came to her like one of those thunderclaps.

Daphne turned to face him.

“Come here immediately!” Lorcan ordered her. His face, hair, and white shirt were soaked in an instant.

“Excuse me?” She said, still on the edge of the lake, furious. “Who do you think you are to order me around?”

Those grey eyes turned red. “I suggest you leave, kid,” Lorcan said to Raven, but without taking his eyes off her.

“No! Raven, you stay.”

“Daphne, it’ s better if you talk to him.” Raven knew perfectly well what the situation looked like. If he were in Lorcan’s place, he would be just as furious.

Daphne was about to answer Raven when suddenly Lorcan grabbed her hand and led her to the cabin where she had been with him that one time after Rothvaln had had her whipped.

Recognizing where she was. She turned away from him in anger.

Small flames shot up into the air, illuminating the face of the fearsome demon.

“What is wrong with you?” She said to him angrily.

“With me? What the fuck were you doing with that asshole over there?!”

“What do you care what I do or don’t do? I’m not yours, I don’t owe you anything, no explanations, no consideration!”

“Make no mistake, Daphne! I am your mate, and you are mine!” Lorcan was letting out all the pent up anger. Jealousy was eating him up inside.

“What the fuck do you want, Lorcan! Tell me once and for all what it is you want!”

“I want you!”


“Forget what I said about us. You’re mine. I want to be the only one in your heart. I want to be the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you see before you sleep. I want to be with you. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts, but I’d rather spend the time we have left with you by my side than let you go because of my bloody foolishness.”

Daphne watched as raindrops slid from his dark hair to his devilish face.

His words were like arrows that pierced her soul swiftly.

“Please, Daphne, give me a chance.” Lorcan finished saying. Daphne tried to decipher some lie in his confession, but the curious thing was that all she could feel was the truth in his words. The demon, standing in front of her, had confessed his love to her. And she couldn’t help but feel expectant at the thought of him making her his as he admitted.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. That word came out of desire, a natural reaction to the idea of touching him.

And that order went to Lorcan as if this woman owned and ruled his life. And indeed, she already was. And he, like a good demon, did so. Invading her mouth with such furor that there was no room to breathe.

Their tongues touched each other, trying to retain the memory of each other’s taste. His lips cornered hers. The kisses were wild and loud. Daphne felt the need to bite one of his lips, and so she did. His hunger for her was so deep that his demonic hands began to roam her soft body. And Daphne could only surrender to the sensation of being explored by him.

The buttons of Lorcan’s shirt rattled as she, feeling all the confidence she possessed at that moment, ripped it from his body. Lorcan smiled against her lips, and she mimicked him. The red-eyed demon now wore a dark gaze, just like her.

Her fingers ran hasty caresses over his shoulders and the back of his neck.

Lorcan turned her roughly, keeping her back to him. His mouth left wet kisses on her shoulder, leaving trails down her neck.

In one breath, Daphne was moaning from his mate’s hands, fervently squeezing her skin, and in the other, her dress had been completely destroyed when Lorcan tore it in one motion, revealing her in nothing but her underwear.

With the same passion he was handling her, he turned her to him, catching her mouth again and plunging his hand into her wet, tangled hair. And that same hand descended to her bra, snapping it hard and throwing it to the floor. Then she became aware of her half-nakedness. Her breasts, anticipating the demon who was devouring them with his gaze, had never been explored before.

“Lorcan.” She said.

“You’re so beautiful.” His hand caressed her swollen lips.

“I-” Lorcan noticed the hesitation in her voice. Could it be that she was regretting it?

“We can stop, Daphne.”

“I don’t want to stop.” And Lorcan knew she was telling the truth. His demoness wanted him.

“What is it then?”

“I’ve never been with anyone.” That was all she could say. Feeling ashamed of her inexperience. And Lorcan felt proud to be considered the first of his demoness and would be the last without a doubt. Oh yes, the Demon King would never allow another wretch to get his hands on her.

“You don’t have to be ashamed, Daphne. Are you sure?”


And Lorcan kissed her lips tenderly now. Yes, she was definitely sure of her answer. She wanted him, no doubt about it. Her decision felt right and safe.

That wild hunger he had shown just now was still with him, but his demoness was not yet ready for it. Lorcan wrapped his arms around her, kissing her lips passionately.

His long, strong fingers ran along her waist and then found her round, perfect buttocks. Her marvelously soft skin reacted to his touch.

Lorcan led her to the narrow bed, and Daphne felt wholly exposed as he slid down her panties. He could see her blush. But his demoness didn’t seem so shy, not when she caught his mouth hard and her hands slid up and down his back.

Daphne thrilled at the effect that those powerful muscles on top of her were causing. It was intoxicatingly seductive. A soft moan escaped her throat as one of her nipples was caught in his tongue. The pleasure was indescribable and necessary. A pleasure that began there, at her breasts, and descended to the center of her legs. Where the rigid member of her demon threatened with intensity. That touch, that friction was drawing her into a new world.

Lorcan continued, descending until he reached the core of her pleasure. And when he first licked her pink, virgin flesh, Daphne involuntarily spread her legs wider. For which Mr. Ormand felt guilty, the sinful act was possibly the most delicious of all pleasures.

The Demon Lord’s tongue pressed with precision, tasting his Queen, his mate, driving her to the brink of madness.

A continuous low-grade pleasure was rising there. A sensation that threatened to explode at any moment. Lorcan could feel it, in her breathing and in those instinctive movements of her body. And he was still there, urgently seeking her orgasm. That titanic feeling finally burst, and Daphne released it along with her moans.

And while she was still living in that orgasm, Lorcan inserted one finger and then another, gently. Preparing her for his pulsing, hard cock. Daphne felt the pressure of them. It wasn’t painful, but it was indeed strange.

The two of them came face to face again. His fingers were still there, inside her, moving gently, as he kissed her. Lorcan couldn’t hold on any longer. The scent of her mate’s arousal was driving him to the edge of extreme wildness.

After getting rid of the rest of his clothes, Daphne didn’t utter a word. She could only stare at his long, erect limb. It was both intimidating and exciting.

The tip of his cock rested at the entrance of her wet core. He kissed Daphne again, who moaned at his thick thrust, stripping her of her virginity.

“Are you all right?” Lorcan worriedly asked.

“Yes,” she managed to say.

And as he moved rhythmically without haste, the discomfort suffered at first began to gradually pass.

Lorcan kissed her breasts, her neck, and her lips again and again. Drinking her in with his every adoring gesture.

At that moment, everything and everyone had disappeared. Only the Demon King and his Queen lay there, loving each other with all that each offered and the other passionately accepted. Time gave them the Present, the Past, and the Future remote and incognito.

Lorcan’s movements were faster now. His hand gripped one of her legs, his tongue licked at her breasts. A new pleasure was beginning to rise in her, a harder one, being the mixture of her wrenched virtue, and the pleasurable rubbing his member provoked. He was still moving, relentlessly, and her moans escaped her mouth again, this time louder as her orgasm erupted.

Lorcan couldn’t hold back. He needed it so badly that it was getting harder to control. Daphne was exquisite. This woman was like no other.

He released his essence inside her. And his lips collided on her mouth again.

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