ENTICE ME (Book 2)

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Lorcan materialized with Daphne in her room. No one could see his naked demoness. He would be sure to gouge out the eyes of anyone who dared.

Daphne, feeling a little shy, let Lorcan bring her up to her room with no clothes on. The torrential rain continued, and dusk was approaching.

“I’ll find you later, Mo lhkora” Daphne was engulfed in a possessive kiss.

And after Lorcan disappeared, she decided to fill the tub with hot water.

Euphoria washed over her, thrilled just remembering what she had experienced with him, what he had made her feel: every kiss, every touch, and the sensation of his thrusts. She wanted him so badly. And she couldn’t help but smile to herself as her fingers played with the water.

Daphne finished dressing and decided to see James, and after learning that her brother wasn’t in his room, she followed for some reason to the library where Lorcan usually was. And as soon as she approached the closed door, she could hear Myron’s voice above them all.

“He will not stop until she goes to him!” Myron was upset.

“We need to do something and soon,” Sunnia spoke up this time.

“I saw her, and he wants her to know...” Teias was speaking now but was suddenly interrupted when Lorcan caused the private library door to open, and Daphne watched as his grey eyes turned black.

Standing there, on the other side of the door, Daphne was surveyed by the Lords and the King himself. “What is going on?”

“You may go,” Lorcan commanded the Lords, who before disappearing bowed to her.

“What’s the matter, Lorcan?” her tone of voice was assertive.

“You have nothing to worry about, Daphne.” And he stepped forward to kiss her, but she stopped him by placing a hand on his chest covered by his usual black jacket.

“Please don’t hide anything from me.” She asked.

He sighed. “Rothvaln is looking for any way to get to you. And he used the Master of Shadows to attack mortals, to get you to surrender to him.”

“When did that happen?” Lorcan read her anger.

“A few nights ago.” And before she could ask any more questions about it, he continued. “No need to worry. The Master of Shadows couldn’t do anything in the end.”

“There’s something else.” She could see it in his eyes. She could feel it. Lorcan was hiding something from her. “Tell me the whole truth.”

“That is the truth,” Lorcan stated, and she narrowed her eyes. There was more to it than that. As much as she felt the need to touch him and kiss him, she didn’t. Turning and walking out of there without another word.

“Daphne, where are you going?”

She didn’t answer him and continued. Lorcan didn’t stop her; he wanted to but didn’t dare. For he felt waves of rage coming off her and would probably end up in a worse situation. He would wait for her to calm down.

As she walked away, something began to grow inside her, a knot of strong raw emotions creeping into her soul like a plague. She could sense the change. Those dark serpentine hues were now infesting her arms. Her eyes were pure black, her energies increased, gaining strength in her, capable of everything.

She wanted to escape from this place, to release all her rage. She wanted to be anywhere else but here. And all of a sudden, Daphne found herself in the living room of her house, the one where she and James used to live, in The Crossbreed Land.

Strangely pleased that she had been transported there, she tried again. This time she appeared in the Land of the Witches, and later in the Vampires’ Realm, in that same blood-smelling alley where she had murdered that vampire. The path seemed empty, covered by the eternal night of the Kingdom of Maxius. She could hear nothing. However, she sensed something behind her, something watching her intently, and in the blink of an eye, she turned so fast that the vampire waiting in the darkness didn’t have enough time to slip out of her grip.

“If you don’t want to die today, stay away from me.” Daphne’s tone of voice was clear and murderous. There was an inevitable confusion in the vampire’s gaze. The woman who looked as mortal as the ones brought to this Realm of blood and death had a dark look in her eyes. And her feminine hands carried the strength of something superior to the beings of the night. The skin of her arms was like that of a demon. When that vampire was released from her, he vanished from there.

Being able to manifest herself in different places was becoming more comfortable than ever. The feeling of freedom, unrestricted, Daphne felt it all. Her body faithfully obeyed her mind. And there was one place she wanted to go, the Wicked Land. And she went there.

The place was almost empty, with a few demons walking around. With grim faces, as if their thoughts didn’t exist. The last time she was here, the shadows were attacking. And now it seemed desolate. Where were the rest of them?

She walked, surveying the place that had always been suggested as being so dangerous and sinister and which was nothing more than a place where those demons faithful to their true King had been abandoned here.

Daphne narrowed her eyes as a thunderous shriek approached in a hurry. A shriek that she knew perfectly well and which did not cause her any panic.

The few demons walking around disappeared in a hurry. The red-skinned, reptile-eyed creature lunged towards her, and she dodged it gracefully, vanishing from there.

Emerging in her room, in the Dragon Realm, Daphne scanned her hands and arms. Opening and closing her fists, wanting to feel the raw, unnerving current of force coursing through her being.

But that sensation was mixed with another, one that heralded the presence of someone else. And not just someone: it was him—her mate.

Lorcan emerged in the room, noticing his demoness, looking almost physically like one. And it was a beautiful, exotic image that belonged only to him.

“Can we have a word?” Lorcan said as he approached her.

“You’re already here, aren’t you?” She was still angry with him. And it was awakening his arousal. “Will you tell me what’s going on?”

“We were talking about giving Rothvaln a few days. He planned to lure you to him because he knows perfectly well that if he attacks something you hold in high esteem, you would willingly go to him.”

Was that really what he and the lords were talking about? She asked herself, but it was confusing her, Lorcan seemed to be telling the truth, but she felt there was also more to it. Her frustration increased as long pointed fingernails emerged from her fingernails. It was like that of Teias, the one he had used to cut her hand and make that pact when he kidnaped her brother.

Lorcan sensing her emotions, grabbed her hand, where those sharp nails protruded. And she let him. She let him kiss her knuckles, a kiss that quelled any further needless emotion.

“Now you see.” She said. “How is it possible for a mortal to end up transforming into a demoness?”

“I’m not sure what the answer would be. Perhaps when the Realm chose you to be mine, it granted you the change.”

“Does that mean I’m immortal like you?”


“No? Besides you, who else is immortal?” Daphne asked.

“Just me.”

“And what about the rest?”

“They live for thousands of years, and only when their purpose is done, the Realm itself claims them.”

“How is it that you are the only immortal?”

“The Realm willed it.”


“I suppose I passed the worst ordeal of all. I fell into the Abyss and came out of it.”

Daphne’s eyes widened in disbelief. “How is that possible?”

“I was born with the power of the Realm. It is the Realm that chooses its King. Before me, there was another demon who was born with the power. But he was corrupted, and the Realm itself stripped him of his power.”

“So, if I become a demoness, that means that someday the Realm will claim me when my time is up.”

Lorcan couldn’t help but be horrified at the thought of losing her. What Daphne had just posited was not entirely true. Daphne would be immortal only if...

“Are you all right?” she noticed his face tight, holding back whatever emotion was now leading in him.

Lorcan leaned in and kissed her. It was a heartfelt kiss, eagerly. Daphne threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her, feeling those demonic fingernails hide, and her skin looked just like a mortal’s again.

With demonic passion, Lorcan tugged at her dress again, leaving the pieces on the floor, and she did the same with his jacket and shirt.

Lorcan took her in his arms, and Daphne found herself pinned against the wall, feeling his member full and hard against her sex. She wanted more, wanted him inside her. Daphne bit his lips between deep, open-mouthed kisses. Desperate for more, Lorcan tore at her panties to feel how wet she was, ready to receive what he was more than willing to give.

There was no doubt that Daphne needed him inside her urgently, but more than that, she wanted to touch his member, to explore it with her hands, and why not? With her mouth. She was inexperienced in carnal pleasure matters, but she felt the urge to give pleasure to this demon, just as he had done it the first time.

Lorcan felt her power as he was pushed down on the bed, and she lay on top of him, exposing her bareness for him alone.

Daphne moaned as he cupped her breasts with his hands and tongue.

“You like that?” he asked, admiring her. And she nodded. Then he reached for her mouth and buried in it her desire for him.

“I want you to teach me.” She whispered.


“How to give you pleasure.” And in her soft tone of voice, there was a hint of shyness.

“You already do, Mo lhkora.” He said as his hand caught her hair, kissing her and tasting her tongue. Both sitting on the bed, she on top of him, she said again. “I am serious.”

“And so am I, Mo lhkora. I promise I will teach you,” he said, smiling mischievously. “But first, I want to give you pleasure.”

And no more words were needed, Lorcan and Daphne embarked once more on a quest to quench their lust, their carnal, incompressible desire for each other.

The room was permeated with moans and the smell of hot, melting sex from a demon devoted to his demoness and a Queen dominated by her irrepressible lust for her King.

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