ENTICE ME (Book 2)

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A Treacherous Kiss

Sitting in the center of the dingy prison cell, Daphne waited, all alone. She called out Sorana’s name yet heard no response. Most likely, Sorana had been hidden somewhere else. Being thrown into the Abyss was not within Daphne’s possibilities, nor in Agate’s visions.

With her head resting on her knees, she sighed. The waiting was the worst of it. Not knowing how long she would be cooped up here and anticipating that Lorcan would soon come looking for her, the anxiety began to turn her into a nervous wreck.

“Daphne.” Rothvaln’s forceful voice made her raise her eyes. As much as this cruel demon had an eye-catching physique, the kind that lingered in your memory for a long time, his shadowy gaze was so malignant it sent shivers down her spine. Making her recoil, triggering the survival instincts, and putting the mind in chaos as she tried to defend herself against the threat.

Daphne stood up. “My King,” her voice almost weak.

“He touched you?” It took Daphne a few seconds to understand what he meant. Only when his eyes traveled down her body brazenly, she understood.

“No.” She frowned, pretending to feel indignant.

“You’d better be.” And he may have believed her.

“My King, please, set my friend free. I am here as you wanted.”

Rothvaln made a smile and approached her. His predatory pose cloaked her in a baleful aura as he walked around her, like a beast stalking its prey. “That’s not good enough.” He whispered in her ear.

“Tell me what it is you want from me?” she turned to face him. They were so close, Rothvaln could feel her breasts brushing against his body.

That black, deathly gaze of his fell once more on her mouth. Daphne didn’t move, not when Rothvaln crossed the space between them and possessed her crimson lips. The challenging, triumphant, wet kiss was instantly reciprocated by her. His hands pulled her body closer, pressing with pure longing.

Playing to the rhythm of that kiss, Daphne’s heart screamed for her to stop. Cracking into pieces as she betrayed the only man she had ever indeed come to love. The only one her body naturally responded to, the only one her mind surrendered to the thought of him.

She held Rothvaln’s face, and for an instant, the image of Lorcan intruded on her thoughts, and she soon dismissed it. She had to show that she had wanted the kiss as much as the fake King did.

Daphne felt her body lose weight, the two of them emerged in another place. She let out a moan between those open-mouthed kisses. Her heart was heavy. Her soul blackened by the cruel perfidy she was committing. And with the mask of indifference, Daphne, breaking away from Rothvaln’s kiss, turned with him to find Lorcan.

She had sensed his presence long before and knew he was witnessing such awfulness, but she did not flank. She continued the disloyal kiss.

“What are you doing here?” Rothvaln asked without letting Daphne out of his arms.

But Lorcan didn’t answer; he only stared at her. Why? he could only think. It couldn’t be possible. Daphne couldn’t do this to him. Something else had to be going on.

“Daphne, what do you think you’re doing?” Lorcan asked. Still reliving the image of her kissing Rothvaln and moaning. Feeling disgusted but reluctant to believe that she betrayed him so vilely.

Daphne was unresponsive; coping with such a situation was proving more difficult than she had thought. The disgust, the disappointment of her mate, was so keenly felt that it was difficult for her to speak. The sight of Lorcan standing before her, contemplating her betrayal, made her even more distressed.

“Didn’t you see it yourself?” Rothvaln raised an eyebrow with a sardonic smile. Seizing her again and giving her a short kiss. And she also responded, unabashedly. Her disloyalty was direct and naked.

Anyone would have thought that the red-eyed demon was unaffected by such a shameless display. But a hole had grown in his chest, a sense of being lost and utterly speechless. No one could see at a glance how humiliated and disheartened he was. The physical, searing pain of sadness was like a shadow filling his gut, leaving him vulnerable for the first time.

His red eyes fixed on her gaze, the wicked one. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked again. Trying to make sense of her behavior. How was it possible that she had given herself to him body and soul? And now she was kissing that fucking demon?

“What you see is what you get, Lorcan. What right do you have to question me?” When she finally spoke, her voice did not have a hint of remorse.

Daphne watched as his burning red eyes focused on Rothvaln. Sensing what he was about to do, she stepped between the two of them.

“You’d better get out of here,” Rothvaln told him daringly.

As far as Lorcan thought, his demoness was protecting Rothvaln. However, he was unaware of the fact that she was protecting him, her mate. Daphne couldn’t risk Lorcan giving in to his power and eventually destroying himself. He couldn’t send Rothvaln into the Abyss, not if he was going to be wholly consumed.

Unable to harm her, he stopped short of attacking him. His now fierce gaze was focused on Daphne, trying to find some clue as to her true intentions. But he found nothing.

“Do you need anything else?” Rothvaln’s voice came again.

Lorcan didn’t answer but looked at her for a brief moment and left.

“Now then, my dear, where did we leave off?” Rothvaln pulled her to him again. Daphne smiled and kissed him.

The taste of that kiss enraptured him, leaving him momentarily confused. His mind was a little fuzzy with reality because what mattered most to him was to continue savoring her. Kissing Daphne was just as he had always imagined. She was like the blazing fire that burned his senses, making them nonexistent. And to feel her respond with the same passion left him craving even more. He wanted to break all her barriers and leave her at his mercy, make her crave him.

Daphne flashed a smile when she saw Rothvaln’s eyes, demonic black and hazy.

“My King,” Rothvaln’s right hand emerged suddenly.

“What!” He exclaimed, irritated at the interruption.

The demon who dared to interrupt them glared disdainfully at Daphne. “May we speak in private, My King?”

“Take her back to the dungeon.” Daphne’s smile faded. “I will look for you again, my dear. Duty calls me first.” The henchman-demon felt satisfaction. The slut sure had thought she’d get away with it.

Daphne once again found herself locked in that cold, murky prison. Her mind struggled with confusion. She needed to stay focused. Bringing her hands to her lips, Daphne stared at the crimson stain on her fingers. Her hopes were on that. And her biggest concern now was not to lose herself in the process. Looking down at her stained fingers Daphne at least felt some triumph: it was working.

“What is it now?” Rothvaln asked in annoyance.

“I have the legions ready, My King. I am awaiting your orders.” The sunken-eyed demon with his leather warrior’s bracers covering from his wrists to his forearms had taken the position of Teias, the General of the Legions.

“No need,” Rothvaln instructed.

“What?” The demon said in confusion. “Sir, if we don’t attack now, they could take us by surprise.”

“The whole point of attacking the Dragon Realm was to get Daphne, and I already have her. So we don’t need to get into a conflict with them.”

The demon was furious; Rothvaln’s whore had managed to confuse his King’s mind.

He wanted war, to feel the power to command the legions. The wretch had tasted the power the Lords wielded, and he wasn’t about to lose it because of some mortal whore.

“Sir, I think we should -”

“Silence!” Rothvaln shouted at him. “If you were a little smarter, you would realize that dragons are not a fucking game. Lorcan and the Lords are with them too. It would be a bloodbath. And you’d be the first to die.” He told him dismissively. Which did not please the demon at all.

“Understood, my Lord.”

The demon walked away resentfully.

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