ENTICE ME (Book 2)

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The Queen of Demons

Inhaling sharply, the change in the Kingdom could be felt everywhere.

The true Ruler of the Realm was being restored to his throne.

Daphne, still wrapped in her dark energy, transported herself to the dungeons. Walking and breathing in deeply the decadent and delicious smell of the place. The feeling of belonging filled her being with bliss. The shriek of one of the reptile-eyed, red-skinned creatures caught her interest.

Looking up at the rocky, pitch-black ceiling, she said. “Hello, dear.” The creature fell silent, retreating back and out of her sight ultimately.

This Realm was her home.

She paused in front of one of the dungeon doors, sensing Eve inside.

With her forefinger and middle finger together, she waved, the door of rocks and thorns opened. Eve’s body was slumped there, still unconscious and stained with blood. Daphne looked at her empty-souled. As if Eve was nothing. Or maybe she was. The half-breed was someone she had to thank for helping her become who she was now.

The new Daphne emerged in the city of demons, searching for the sunken-eyed scumbag. The Abyss was not merciful. It would not let all those who dared to wrong the Queen go unpunished.

Everyone in her path recoiled as the mists circled around her, all feeling the raw power. One of Rothvaln’s lackeys was not as lucky as others who had escaped. Daphne drew him to her with her might. The demon begged for help, and to his own shame, for forgiveness.

No one dared stand in her way.

Daphne let out a scathing cold air. And white smoke rolled out from her and into the demon’s mouth. Her victim’s black eyes turned grey and blind. The demon could no longer see anything; weakness took over his body, feeling his own powers fade away.

Such cruelty was seen by many.

She, the mortal they all knew, had been replaced by this monster.

The demonic, ageless grey skies of the Ancient Land unleashed black thunder with thunderous rumblings. Daphne dropped the demon to the ground, dismissing him. A force more significant than her own drew her like no other.

It was him she and the Abyss craved more than anything else. Turning around, she beheld those red eyes piercing her blackened soul.

“Daphne,” The arisen King spoke. Lorcan watched her closely. Perceiving something that wasn’t right with her.

“My King.” The power of the Abyss answered for her as she walked over to him. Only she stopped short suddenly, shutting her eyes, inwardly fighting the Abyss’ power.

The darkness in her drove her to seek the destruction of those who had once despised her. She could not control it. It was stronger than she was.

Lorcan saw how those black eyes were now staring at him harshly.

The Five Lords emerged behind her. Daphne saw Myron out of the corner of her eye. Then she dragged her gaze back to Maret. Images of the countless tortures she had suffered at her hands filled her mind, of the insults she had received from the Lords.

“Do not do it,” Lorcan said, sensing what she was about to do. Daphne looked at him again and flashed a smile. A smile that had no effect on him because this woman was not his Daphne. She was something else, and he knew exactly what. Though others couldn’t tell just by looking at her, he could sense the Abyss within her. After all, he already met it.

Lorcan inwardly fought the urge to reach out to her and hold her and kiss her. For four days, he disappeared from her life. He hadn’t even been seen by the Lords. He wanted solitude, needing to hide in that cabin where he had made her his for the first time. He had never felt like this, utterly broken. Experiencing for the first time the horrific pain that love can cause.

He used this time to think, recalling the events in his memory. Finally coming to the conclusion that his demoness would not be capable of doing such a vile thing as betraying him. Daphne couldn’t lie when she kissed him with a fervent appetite as she begged him to keep making love to her.

Lorcan decided to win back his demoness and take her away from fucking Rothvaln. And just then, the power of the Realm returned to him. Someone had done it. Lorcan fully comprehended. Daphne... it had to be her.

And now, here he was facing her. Watching as his mate had become this hollow, purely malevolent being.

Mists unfurled from her body, enveloping Lorcan and his Five Lords.

Screams began to fill the land of demons.

“Daphne, stop!” Lorcan reached her but suddenly found himself in the Abyss along with all those demons who audaciously ventured to disrespect their Queen, including the Five Lords.

Claws made of white smoke carried the demons into the depths. Those screams faded, and Daphne turned to the Lords.

“Don’t do it, Daphne. This isn’t you.” Lorcan demanded.

The Abyss wanted them. It didn’t want to grant mercy. As much as she tried to control her power, the Abyss was much more potent.

“Don’t make me do something I don’t want to,” Lorcan warned her, stepping in front of the Lords in a protective gesture.

“Lorcan” The way she mentioned his name, he knew she was still awake.

“Daphne, you have to control it.”

“I can’t.” She said. Her gaze went to the sea of mists. Feeling a pull to it, as if the mist itself was speaking to her.

A lesson they need to learn...

...You are the Queen...

...You can show no mercy...

...Do it.

An ethereal voice spoke to her.

“Don’t listen to it.” Lorcan heard that seductively bewitching voice too.

And when Daphne met her mate pleading eyes, he knew the Abyss had won.

Standing there on that Bridge, she raised her arms slightly. The mists came out of her, taking each of the Lords with them.

Lorcan tried to stop her, but his own power could barely stand against hers. She was his Queen, and the Realm granted her the strength he would need to balance the power of the entire Kingdom.

As darkness drove the Lords into the Abyss, Daphne suffered in the depths of her heart. She could not control it, and she knew the Abyss was coming for more.

Lorcan stood and watched as his Lords vanished before his eyes.

Alone there. Lorcan and the Demoness Queen remained.

“What have you done?” Lorcan said. His jaw clenched. Teias... Myron... Sunnia... Maret and Stelios, they had all gone.

Daphne fought internally, attempting to seize the reins of her own power. Searching deep within herself for that benevolence that had been stripped from her.

She could feel the darkness commanding her again, this time to seek out the rest of the demons who sided with Rothvaln, neglecting their rightful King. Her hands trembled as if to resist the force of something purely wicked. Something that would lead her to cleanse this Kingdom forever of traitors.

Her eyes closed tightly, and Lorcan watched as a tear of dark bluish blood rolled down her cheek, and without warning, he was thrown away, dropped at the entrance to the Bridge made of rocks.

She shoved him away from her, protecting him one last time.

Daphne could not allow the Abyss to control her. She had to control it. She was the Queen, and she would decide who could fall into the sea of mists and who could return from it.

The sound of cracking caught Lorcan’s attention, The Bridge of the Abyss was beginning to collapse. Stones began to crumble down.

“Daphne! Please don’t do this. Please come with me!” Lorcan shouted at her.

Daphne opened her black eyes.

“If I do not do this, I won’t be able to control myself, Lorcan.” Her voice said regretfully.

Lorcan, feeling helpless, couldn’t even save his Queen. She had left him there, away from her, forbidding him to move.

“Daphne, let me help you.” He said again as the Bridge continued to be destroyed. She was still in an internal struggle against the grip of darkness. He could see it clearly in her furrowed brows and tight lips.

Only a narrow space of the Bridge remained, where she stood.

And it was as if time stood still in that instant, as her black eyes turned into the amber ones he revered so much. “I love you with all my heart Lorcan.” She finally confessed. “Forgive me, my love.”

“Nooo!” The King screamed as he watched her body fall into the Abyss. “Daphneeee!” he shouted. Sorrowfully Lorcan cried disconsolately dark tears, shaking wildly.

A burning coursed through his arms, feeling the skin on them being branded. The sensation might be painful, but he did not feel it, for the grief of having lost his demoness could not be surpassed by any other.

The Demon King got his Kingdom back, but he was lonelier than ever. His Lords were gone, and worse, his demoness had left him.

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