ENTICE ME (Book 2)

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General of the Legions

“Are you sure you saw her?” Bossurk asked once more.

“Quite sure. How many times should I repeat it? She was there, and she spoke to me.” Gadrik said, now looking at Lorcan.

Months had passed, and there was no sign of Daphne. Ever since Gadrik claimed to have seen her, Lorcan had been continually going to the Abyss, spending more time there than in the Ancient Land. With hope, he was impatiently waiting. As Gadrik had said initially, it was too much of a coincidence that his demoness would suddenly appear, and the three Lords as well.

“We will continue the search in the Realm of the Witches,” Sunnia stated.

“It can’t be that no one knows about this Agate,” Stelios said now.

Bossurk looked down, apologetic, as his gaze met Lorcan’s, who was still resentful at him for keeping the truth to himself. Back then, when Gadrik came with the unexpected news, Bossurk’s first thought was of Agate.

The witch had obviously succeeded.

Bossurk then decided to tell the King about his encounter with the witch and what she prophesied. Lorcan acted instinctively upon hearing it, grabbing him by the throat until he nearly threw him into the Abyss himself. But Teias arrived in time to prevent such a disaster.

Teias was still unaware of his relationship with Bossurk and Agate.

The King felt betrayed by Bossurk. All this time, he had thought Daphne was gone forever...and all this time, Bossurk was hiding the one thing that could give him any hope of ever seeing her again.

Lorcan was more persistent than before in finding his demoness. However, the witch seemed to have her well hidden. And from what Bossurk had confessed to him, she was the damned one who had helped Rothvaln, and now she was helping Daphne. Not for a moment did he believe that this Agate was protecting his demoness out of self-interest. His demoness must be in danger. And that thought was enough to leave him injected with murderous rage. His red eyes hadn’t changed for a long time. He needed to find her.

“Bossurk” Lorcan’s voice made him turn towards him. “You really have no idea where the witch might be?”

“I’m sorry, My King.”

“Keep searching,” Lorcan ordered Sunnia and Stelios. ” Leave. Teias, you stay.”

Gadrik and Bossurk did as they were ordered. Lorcan turned to Teias. “I need you to go see James.”

“You still won’t tell him?” Teias asked.

“No. I don’t want to give James false hope.”

“But you’re not giving it to him. Daphne is somewhere right now, out of the Abyss.”

“And why hasn’t she come to find me? Why, when Gadrik mentioned me did she disappear?”

“Lorcan,” Teias dropped the formalities. “Back then, you saw for yourself that she wasn’t herself. Maybe something else is going on. You can’t have any doubts about her when you carry the proof that she loves you. She didn’t betray you, and she never will.”

“I know Teias. Forgive me. I’m desperate. I can only think of her. Every time I go to the Abyss, I always expect to meet her.”

“You must have a bit of patience. At least we know she’s all right. I’ll go see James.”

Lorcan nodded and disappeared to go to the Abyss.

In the Mortal Realm, it was late at night. While Agate slept, Daphne sat outside. Surrounded by total darkness. In the countryside where she lived with the witch, there was no sign of any urban life. She had no idea where she was in this realm.

And even though everything was dark, Daphne could see very well. Her black irises allowed her to do so. Sometimes she envied the witch, who slept peacefully. And yet she could no longer; she did not feel the need.

Sitting there, Daphne closed her eyes, counting as if time would pass more quickly. A sense of déjà vu came over her in that instant. She had done this before, somewhere else. In her thoughts, she saw herself sitting in a doorway in another house, looking up at the moon. And then standing, leaning against a wooden pillar. But she was not alone. A man was with her. His hair disheveled...his expression cold. The man was a demon, she knew now. His face resembled the one she had seen in her daydreams. Daphne tried to remember more. Images of her and him in a small room, talking, arguing, and then another demon, Teias, James. They were clear memories even though they made her feel uneasy. The red-eyed demon in that recollection seemed furious with her.

Where was this place? Daphne needed to see it with her own eyes, but how to get there? Could she just transport herself there?

She rose from her chair and went to check on the witch, making sure she was sound asleep. Agate didn’t have to know.

Daphne firmly closed her eyes and sketched in her mind the place that reminded her of James. It was as if the house belonged to her. The noise of the night was replaced by another stillness. Opening her eyes, she noticed an empty dark room. Her gaze roamed around it, her hands caressed the edge of a fireplace, and then a table with two chairs near a window. This was her home. She could feel it. She materialized on the doorway, standing in the same spot she saw in her memory, in the same place where she saw the red-eyed demon.

Looking intently ahead, the vision of a young woman, who appeared to be very close to her, loomed in her thoughts. The young woman’s face was frightened as if she was worried about her. And there was the red-eyed demon there again, and now with others. Daphne now remembered a demoness insulting her, something that made her angry. The mist came out of her hands. The desire to finish this unknown demoness off was overwhelming her. In an attempt to control herself, she squeezed her eyes shut, taking deep breaths and trying to control her anger, not noticing that someone else was in the house.


A voice made her turn around. Daphne watched as the young woman gasped in shock, her eyes surprised. It was the same face she remembered now, except for her name.

“Who are you?” Daphne asked.

The young woman frowned. “I’m Eve. Don’t you remember me?” Eve stepped forward to hug her, but Daphne pulled back immediately. “Daphne, are you all right? It’s me, Eve, your friend. I’ve been staying here at your house. Waiting for you and James. You remember James?”

“James, my brother...”

“Yes. Lorcan must know that you’re...”

“Lorcan?” Daphne frowned; the name gave her a strange feeling, as if it meant something to her, something that made her heartbeat wildly. “Who is Lo-r-can?” she asked with difficulty. A headache threatened to interrupt.

“Daphne, are you all right?”

“Who’s Lorcan?” she asked again between clenched teeth, her hands on her temples. Her heart was pounding in a hurry.

“Daphne...” Eve rushed towards her, and just as she was about to reach her, Daphne vanished.

Alone there, Eve looked around. Her friend didn’t seem to be well at all. She didn’t seem to remember. Without wasting any more time, she materialized in the Demon Realm.

“Where is he?” Eve suddenly appeared in the throne room, which at first glance seemed utterly empty.

“Who do you want to speak to?” Teias’ voice startled her. Eve turned to him.

“The King,” she said.

“Not just anyone can speak to him.” Teias sounded arrogant.

Eve raised an eyebrow. “You think so? And yet he speaks to you.” She said sarcastically.

Teias’ eyes scanned Eve from head to toe. She hadn’t realized until now the condition she was in. Wearing a white see-through shirt reaching halfway down her thighs. Teias could see perfectly how her nipples reacted to his inspection.

Eve brought her hands to her breasts. “Stop looking at me, pervert.” Teias’ eyes had turned black with lust for the female in front of him. Making Eve feel a little nervous. The specimen before her was not just any demon. Teias was someone she only heard about through others. His attractiveness did not do justice to the tales many told.

“What’s the matter?” the King’s voice interrupted the staring battle between Eve and Teias.

“My King” Eve bowed her head. “Forgive me for just showing up like this.”

“You are Eve. Daphne’s friend.” Lorcan welcomed her. Eve nodded. “Something happened?”

“Daphne...I saw her.”

“When?” Teias asked. Eve didn’t even look at him and continued to address the King.

“Ever since she fell into the Abyss, I’ve been staying at her house, in the Mortal Realm. She appeared there tonight. I saw her. But she didn’t seem to remember.”

“What did she say to you?”

“Daphne looked confused. She didn’t know who I was. Although she could remember her brother.”

“Where is she now?” Lorcan asked anxiously.

“I don’t know. Daphne disappeared when I mentioned your name.”

“Explain yourself better, Eve,” Lorcan asked.

“When I mentioned your name telling her that you should know that she was safe, she just asked me who Lorcan was. It looked as if something hurt her, and when I went to help her, she was gone.”

A muscle twitches in Lorcan’s jaw. Teias watched him closely, sensing what was about to happen, and grabbed Eve by her waist.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Eve questioned, ready to teach the General of the legions a lesson when suddenly, Lorcan’s roar shook the entire Kingdom.

“I think you should leave now,” Teias whispered in Eve’s ear.

“You don’t have to press against me to tell me. Let go of me.” She replied. And Teias reluctantly did so at last.

Eve disappeared from there. Leaving Teias to deal with the unleashed fury of the Demon King.

The General of the Legions went to approach the King when he felt a weakness throughout his body. Collapsing to the ground, landing on his knees. His ears heard a loud whistling sound. His whole body trembled, sensing that something else was calling out to him. A powerful force demanded his presence. He did not know where, but he yielded to something that commanded his attention.

The grass was now beneath his feet.

It was still dark.

That weakness began to fade. Teias rose to his feet. And in the middle of a vast field, a dim light illuminated a house made of stones.

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