ENTICE ME (Book 2)

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His Queen

Teias surveyed the surroundings, in the middle of the field a house he saw. Immense power was coming from there. A primal pull that made him feel tied to someone and that someone was there.

Suddenly mists came out of the windows, and he did not hesitate to materialize at the entrance. With one blow, he kicked down the door, finding the Demon Queen possessed by the same demonic fury he encountered last time.

“Daphne, control your anger. Remember, you control the Abyss, not it controls you.” The voice of a grey-haired, snub-nosed woman caught Teias’s attention.

The woman was on the ground, sweat running down her wrinkled face.

Agate knew Teias was there, but she couldn’t take her eyes off Daphne. The Demon Queen had been warned of what might happen, but, stubborn as she was, she ignored Agate’s advice.

After Daphne had seen Eve, she emerged in Agate’s room, waking her with haste.

“Wake up, Agate!” Daphne yelled at her.

“What’s wrong?” The witch got up in a hurry.

“Who’s Lorcan?”

“Can you remember him now?” Agate asked calmly.

“No. Who’s Lorcan?! Who is Eve?! I want to know everything!” Daphne’s eyes filled with abysmal mists.

“You must calm down,” Agate spoke with authority.

“I want you to help me remember everything now.”

“The last time we tried, you were unconscious for a whole day. And in the end, you woke up unable to remember other things.”

“I don’t care. I want to know who Lorcan is!” Daphne needed to know. The name provoked her desire to see him, to meet him. “Is Lorcan the red-eyed demon?”


“Who is he? What does he have to do with me?”

“He is your mate.”

“I want to remember him now.” Daphne snapped her fingers, and the room lit up as a flame emerged, hovering in the air. Taking two chairs and placing them opposite each other, she sat down. “Sit down,” she ordered Agate.

“This may have consequences. The memories must come gradually.”

“I don’t care. Sit down.” Daphne’s voice demanded submission. And Agate was surprised at the effect on her. Complying with the Demon Queen’s command.

The witch began to untie all the knots in Daphne’s memory. The pain intensified, faces, names, and events began to unravel.

Daphne groaned because of the pressure, demanding Agate not to stop. The witch continued, using all her power to reveal the truth to her. The flame suspended in the air intensified.

Abysmal mists began to envelop Daphne, her skin darkening. Her memories unfolding, making her feel the strongest emotions: hatred, despair, helplessness, desire...

A scream escaped her, throwing Agate violently to the ground. Daphne opened her eyes, feeling the Abyss want to take control of her and finish what she had started.

And it was precisely at that moment that Teias stepped in.

Daphne struggled internally to master the darkness in her.

“Daphne” She dragged her gaze back to Teias. Remembering now when she led him into the depths of the Abyss along with the other Lords. A feeling of guilt washed over her. Maret and Myron were still there. And she needed to remedy the situation.

The mist was still swirling around them, yet Daphne’s eyes turned amber. She could feel herself taking control of her power. “Teias... I’m glad you’re back.”

Noticing the change, the corners of Teias’ lips lifted slightly. “Thank you, Ragothara.”

Daphne returned the gesture. And now, looking at Agate, “It’s time for me to go. Thank you, Agate.”

Teias watched the witch. It was strange how he felt tied to the old woman in some way.

“I’ll see you again, Daphne.”

Daphne nodded and went to the Abyss; it was time to get Maret and Myron out.

Lorcan gazed out over the sea of mists, once again waiting for his Queen. A smile broke out on his face. The inexplicably happy emotion swept through his entire being. His expression was always cold and severe. But now, it was radiant.

He could hear her breathing, waiting for him. Turning around, he finally found the face of his beloved.

Indeed, Daphne had shown up there, right behind the King. His broad shoulders and now those remarkable shapes covering his arms made her heart beat fast, nervous, and exhilarated. Lorcan... her mate... she remembered him now.

Daphne hurried towards him, taking his face in her hands, and her lips collided harshly with his. Lorcan held her tightly, invading her mouth as if it was the only thing he needed in all his eternity. The sensation of having her in his arms, of feeling her closeness, smelling her hair was overwhelmingly enchanting. His Daphne was real.

“Forgive me,” she whispered against his lips.

“For what?” Lorcan paused to look at her, stroking her cheek, while with the other, he continued to grip her waist as if afraid she would run away from him. “You don’t have to apologize, Daphne. If anything, it would be me who should. For doubting you, for not trusting you.”

Daphne kissed him again.

“I love you, Daphne.” Lorcan suddenly said. And she smiled at his declaration, repeating to him the same words she felt and that he already knew.

They both kissed passionately, giving themselves to each other. Savoring each other. There was no moment more magnificent than this one. Where the Demon King finally got his Queen back.

“I need to get Maret and Myron out of there. I think they’ve had enough.”

“Was it really you who brought the others?”

“Yes. The witch helped me control-”

“Did she hurt you?” Lorcan asked, interrupting her.

“No. She helped me get my memories back.”

“Is that why you didn’t come to me sooner?”

“Yes.” Daphne stroked his hair in adoration. “Now, if you will allow me, My King, I must bring your two lords back.”

“Our lords, My Queen. Ours...” Lorcan smiled at her, giving her another kiss, softer this time.

After Some Time.

Daphne’s playful giggles could be heard behind the rusty wooden doors. On a small bed inside an abandoned cabin in the Mortal Realm, the King placed little kisses on one of Daphne’s legs, who laughed at the tickle it gave her. Both naked, they couldn’t finish satiating their lust for each other.

Lying there, Daphne once again admired the marks of her love for Lorcan. Her mate looked fiercer than ever with those spiky black ink figures engraved on his skin.

The red-eyed demon kissed her ankle. And then he slid his hand down her leg until it reached the inside of her thigh.

“You promised me that after last time, we would leave. We’re already late.” Daphne managed to say, feeling Lorcan reawaken her arousal once more. His infamous demon’s fingers were now pressing against her sensitive flesh in slow, circular motions.

“Who said I promised you?” he said, licking one of her nipples. His cursed tongue was an effective weapon to break her logic.

Daphne moaned. “I like that.” Another moan escaped her. “But now it’s my turn.” She straddled him now.

Lorcan closed his eyes, his hands caressing her buttocks as her kisses traveled from his lips, down his neck, and biting his nipple. She continued, moving down his torso, tracing with her tongue and her kisses the fire he awakened in her. And as she had done countless times before, Daphne caught his stiff, swollen shaft in her mouth. Lorcan’s breathing became erratic as she tasted, sucked, seeking his release.

And just when she thought Lorcan was almost done, she sat on top of him and began to move at her own pace, seeking her own pleasure.

Moans filled the room with no luxury whatsoever.

The place was the only one they treasured as their own. It was their sanctuary, their escape. It was the cabin where they were both known only as Daphne and Lorcan, with no titles, no ranks.

Both climaxed in the act, and now panting, they were trying to catch their breath.

“This time is the last time.” Daphne stood up and let her mate admire the Mark of the Realm on her back. The color had changed; it was like his.

She picked up her dress from the floor and began to put it on.

“We don’t have to go there.” Lorcan got up to start getting dressed.

“I want to know why the Vampire King was so insistent on inviting us.”

“He’s nothing more than an idiot.”

“An idiot who wants something. Why else would he be so insistent?”

Lorcan’s eyes turned dark, full of lust as he scanned his demoness.

“Don’t even think about it,” Daphne warned. Smiling as the King regarded her body with desire. Her black gown was tight to her figure. Long sleeves covered her arms, leaving her shoulders bare.

When they were both ready, they transported themselves to the exterior of King Maxius’ Castle. Displaying the respect the King and Queen of the demons had for this land by not suddenly emerging in the ballroom.

The dramatic but seductive music of the violins delighted Daphne for the second time.

“Tonight, you dance along with me,” Lorcan said possessively as his hand rested on her lower back. Letting the rest of the guests know that the woman next to him was his.

“Poor Maxius will be disappointed.” she teased.

They both arrived at the ballroom. The smell of blood was everywhere. Inspecting the room, she noticed several mortals hiding in the back of the hall—all with sickly faces.

“Mon chéri” The unmistakable voice of the Vampire King made her shift her attention.

“King Maxius.”

“I never guessed I had the pleasure of dancing with the Queen of Demons that time.”

“Maxius.” Lorcan interrupted. Not liking it at all that the cretin with the French accent was so fixated on his demoness.

“Lorcan.” Maxius greeted him.

“King Maxius, I’m afraid we don’t have enough time to enjoy the entire evening. We know you’ve been insisting that you want to see us.” Daphne went on to say.

“The night is young chère. And here it is everlasting.”

“Maxius, what do you want?” Lorcan asked, now annoyed, his eyes instantly turning red.

The vampire looked at him somewhat frightened but disguised it with a feigned smile.

“I can help you find Sorana. I know you haven’t been able to locate her whereabouts yet.”

“How would you do it?” asked Daphne.

But Lorcan knew very well that the pale idiot wouldn’t say anything unless Lorcan offered something. “What do you want in return?” Lorcan asked bluntly.

“I want you to find someone for me,” Maxius replied earnestly.

“Who?” Daphne asked.

“His name is Lord Roderick, a vampire.”

“Why don’t you send your people to find him?”


At that instant, the music stopped, the noise died away. Everyone turned to the entrance of the ballroom.

The echoing footsteps left many gasping. The crowd backed away as the man everyone thought dead reappeared.

“My son.” A man resembling at least sixty years of age stepped out of the silent audience, moving over to the man who had disrupted everyone. “I thought you had perished. I’m glad you’re back, Roderick.” And he gave him two kisses, one on each cheek.

Lord Roderick made an unexpected appearance. His dark eyes in his steely face gave him a formidable aura of threat. His short, fair hair and the complexion of his overall figure made him look irresistible to many. But behind that façade, he was not a man but a cruel beast.

Roderick moved to the mortal who was always standing behind Maxius’ chair. The young woman recoiled at the sight of the vampire’s long fangs.

Grabbing her aggressively, Roderick sank his sharp fangs into the young mortal’s neck. Drinking her to death and then throwing her body on the ground as if she were nothing. Life itself, that was what he felt now—absolute vitality as he relished the metallic taste of the delicious red elixir with his tongue.

“You have improved in your tastes, Maxius.” Roderick’s voice was strong and husky, worthy of his features and the title he had earned over the centuries.

“Well, I guess we don’t need to help you, Maxius,” Lorcan said, catching Roderick’s attention.

“You do business with demons now?” Lord Roderick approached them.

“Allow me to introduce them. Lorcan and Daphne, the Demon King and Queen.”

Daphne instinctively unfurled her abysmal aura, letting the vampire called Roderick know who she was and what she was capable of. But to her and even Lorcan’s surprise, Roderick showed no fear at all...because he didn’t feel it. Yet, the vampire greeted them with a bow only because of the rank they held.

“It is time for us to retire, Maxius.” Daphne now spoke, sensing that she was wasting her time there. “Welcome back, Lord Roderick.”

“Madam.” The vampire said.

Lorcan and Daphne left the site. Leaving everyone in the Vampire Realm in disbelief.

For no one expected the return of the Prince of Death.

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