Finding Rose

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A lone wolf. Orphaned as a child, from an attack that left her with no family, and on the run. Will she find solitude or will she find her way back to humanity.

Fantasy / Action
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The day started off like any other. Woke up to the smell of a fresh snowfall, the wind moving through the trees and the passing of the occasional transport that made it's way down the highway. Coming out of the den was the best feeling in the world. Nothing but cold fresh air and utter complete loneliness.

"Ugh.... fuck me... I'm bored." She said.

"My name is Rosalie Winters. Ya that's right, and to make it more ironic, it's the dead ass of winter here in Vancouver, and with no one near in close proximity. Oh! and my wolf's coat....yes you guessed it, it's white! So if someone didn't see me before, they sure as hell aren't going to now.

It was the perfect camouflage. I mean don't get me wrong. It certainly had it's advantages. Hunting was my top skill set. Also if I wanted to venture into town, blending in was no prob. Someone was gonna see me Blam! lay down.

During the summer was a little different though. I keep to the woods and stay away from any regular hunters. I am a big ass wolf who's coat would be spotted from a distance and white tends to pop against the lush forest of greens.

I have spent a long time in this form. My family and I belonged to the Kaluna Pack, and we were attacked many years ago. My parents raised me to be a fighter and to survive.

To bad they didn't. She sighed.

I don't know why it happened, the reason or who. All I remember was my mother telling me to run, and I haven't stopped since. I've been stuck in my wolf form since that day. I couldn't even tell you what I looked like. I was 12 when it all went down and since then I have kept to myself. I havn't dared to look for another pack. Like I said before, I wasn't sure who made the attack on my pack and didn't want to end up like my parents. So it's been me myself and I.

I have become a strong wolf. Staying in my wolf form, has made me stronger, faster and my senses are more sharp. I do remember watching my family train constantly, and was able to put that towards my own self lessons.

The only problem is......I don't choose to stay in this form. During the attack was the first time I ever shifted. It's not like what they say in the stories. I don't have this wolf inside me that can talk me through it. To show me how to shift back to my human form. I have know one to guide one.

"I'm a ghost."

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