Finding Rose

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"The days have been long, but I sense a change in the air. I can hear the twigs and branches thawing by the millisecond. The river running underneath the thin layer of ice, and the warmth of the sun peaking up over the horizon earlier in the day. Another beautiful day......another boring day. I'm not going to lie. I haven't taken in the scenery as I used too. I've definitely gotten bitter, and am surprised that I still have some humanity left in me.

I've heard of wolves becoming rabid and feral but I refuse to give in fully. I know my counter part wants to run on two legs and let the breeze go through her hair. That is if I have any..pff who knows I could have bald spots for all I know. Yish....just thinking of what I would look like sends me shivers. Maybe I dont want to change back. Maybe it would be best for everyone."

Rosalie laid down near the creek to listen to the flow of the water. Hearing the water escape through pockets of ice sent a relaxing sensation throughout her body. With not much else to do other then hunt and run, sleep was what she did to pass the majority of the day. Weeks passed and Winter was slowly coming to an end. The ground was turning from a shade of white to dull green and the plants and trees were coming alive. British Columbia was a rain province and if anything, it helped bring nature back to life. What Rosalie didn't know, was that the place she currently called home was soon to be taken over by industry.


"No doubt this was my favourite time of year. I missed the smell of the pine trees and even the squirrels were coming out to play. Here I am, walking along the forest floor, nose to the ground. I decided to venture out a bit further from the den. Change in season feels like I need a change in scenery and hey! what better way to do that then going from one part of the forest to another ahah. Today I'm feeling better, but I wouldn't mind setting my eyes on something else then vegetation."

She made her way and walked for hours. The new area she was scouting seemed promising. She chose a spot closer to town but not too close. She did like to venture in at night and see what was happening. Although the forest called to her, it was the busseling sound of traffic and busy bodies making there way around town that had her longing for human interaction. However she knew all to well what reaction she would get if she were caught. So she stealthily made her way at night making sure to stay away from overcrowded areas. Rosalie made it a routine to venture every few nights, so not to make an every night appearance. The less time she spent in town the safer she would be. Technically not going would be the best, but with a world full of new and interesting smells she couldn't resist.

She had her eyes on this bakery. They would discard any leftover scraps at the back of the building, where the dumpsters laid, and since it was along the tree line this was the perfect spot to chow down on some tasty treats. The perfect spot. No one typically made there way to the back of the building unless they had to dump their garbage.

"Oh man does that ever smell good! What do ya got for me today boys?"

Rosalie kept a safe distance not to be spotted. She also didn't want to scare the humans. If that happened who would bring her the delicious aroma of fresh baked goods?

"Bingo! bring me the mon-"

As Rosalie approached the payload, a scent fickled her.


She stuck her nose in the air and breathed in the perplexing smell.


She stood on guard and quickly surveyed the area with her night vision. Looking back at the forest she scanned the tree line. Nothing. Turning back towards the back of the bakery, it seemed to be getting stronger. The bakery was part of a strip mall. Many outlets of stores lay next to each other with small alley ways that brought you to the front of the shops. She could hear talking in the distance. Definitely humans, no shock there. But what was that smell? she slowly stalked the alley way making sure to hide her wolf. There were people standing near the alley way talking to one another. The smells coming from the shop had wonderful aromas of meats, and other goods. It was a restaurant of some sorts and the patrons were outside mingling with one another. One voice stuck out to her though. It came from someone within the group. She gazed her eyes amongst the group and stopped at one individual. It was him. His smell.

She continued to peal her head around the corner hoping not to be noticed, and what she saw next had her running for her life.

As she pealed around the corner the figure in which the voice was coming from, turned to her direction and made eye contact. Quickly she drew back and ran for the tree line.

"Shit! shit shit shit did he see me?"

She was running as fast as she could. She only slowed down when she could no longer smell his scent.

"What the fuck!? I'm so stupid. Oh god oh god, now what? Did he see me? Shit! I hope to god he didn't see what I was. I think I was fast enough. God damn those stupid baguettes got me all fucked up. Why why!?"

Rosalie paced back and forth knowing, what she did was risky.

"His scent. part wolf, I know that for sure. Another shifter. One that could shift into his human form. I wonder if he was the only one. I could only smell him, I think the others were human. Pff typical, I almost got caught over some freaking bre-"


Rosalie froze in place as the sound of a twig snapping gave her cause for concern. Typically these sounds happen all the time, but this one came with a familiar scent.

"Fuck! why didn't I sense him earlier? So much for my sharper senses. Don't do anything rash Rosalie."

She slowly turned around to meet his gaze. A low growl came from him. Rosalie took a defensive stance, and bared her teeth and let out a growl of her own. Suddenly this majestic wolf that stood in front of her shifted back to his human form.

"It's ok." He said with his hands out showing that he came in as no threat.

"Easy, easy. Im not here to hurt you, just take it easy." He said

"Holy shit! he shifted, why? Keep growling Rosalie maybe he will leave." She thought. "I don't want to hurt you back off! Who am I kidding he can't understand me while I'm like this and he's...well....naked!" She snarled.

"I'm not here to hurt you. Just shift and we can talk ok?" He said

"Shift?" Rosalie thought

If only he knew that she couldn't even if she wanted too. She knew no matter how much she tried she couldn't phase into her human form.

"It's ok." He protested "Just shift."

"I can't!!" She growled so loud the echo trailed behind her as she bolted her way in the opposite direction of town. There was one place safe that she could turn too and that was her den.

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