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At the beginning of our life together, it took a long time for me to get acclimated to the whole wolf pack lifestyle. Even more so since I was always around a bunch of testoserony (my word it fits) ruffians, who were his pack members. But I was consumed with Devon. I knew that if he were with me, I could endure anything. So after some time, eventually his pack actually warmed up to me. I was happy we could all get along especially because our relationship went from zero to sixty in mere moments. Even though everything supernatural was new to me, I adapted and accepted it with an open mind. Not to say I didn’t freak out at first cuz, I mean yeah … I’m human and all. But I got past it, especially when I found out that my BFF Dasha was actually a witch. Who knew?

I immediately became a permanent fixture at the packhouse, and the concept of me getting a job in the field I had been studying all my college career got tossed onto the back burner. I tried to find little things to keep myself busy, but it was generally a failure since I am human, and I wasn’t really familiar with their culture. Sometimes, I was able to use my training to help Devon and his pack members in the event of an injury. Although, I think they only asked me for help to humor their alpha’s mate because their healing is actually like a zillion times faster than normal humans. But it was sweet none the less.

I can honestly say life with Dev for the first couple of years were the best of times for me. They may not have been perfect, but then again what is?

I was happy with what we had. Granted, there was the occasional incident with jealous she-wolves who had felt I was not deserving of Dev, but he, his Beta, and Gamma would always have my back. Yeah sometimes I’d feel insecure that I couldn’t stand up to those she-hulks that wanted to gnaw on my neck like a KFC chicken bone, but I knew it was merely par for the course. Devon would always reassure me that I was his and he was mine and that once we completed the mating ceremony, the Moon Goddess would bless me with my own wolf. I was both excited and nervous at the prospect of becoming a werewolf and hoped I would be one strong enough to make Devon proud to have by his side.

So I tolerated the jealousy and glares of many, many rivals for the affections of my Alpha mate as time passed on,

and on,

and on ...


Despite being together these few years, I can honestly say even with the mate bond we supposedly share, I am still human. Devon, of course, had stopped showing any sense of urgency when it came to actually mark me as his official mate and Luna.

I think his hesitance, was when everything started to go to hell in a handbasket between us. It was his rejection towards changing me and bonding us together, in the most literal sense, within his high maintenance world, that would inevitably be the wedge that drove us apart.

At first, I completely understood and submitted to his reluctance whenever he asked that I be “patient” with him. I tried for like a long time – and I am NOT a “patient” person people.

But then, it was like a never-ending roadblock with no relief in sight. He always had some excuse for why he wouldn’t mark me; like telling me that it wasn’t “safe” because of his pack, or me being human might not fare so well with the mark, or I was too young to make that kind of commitment, yadda, yadda, yadda.

You get the idea.

Eventually, we’d just end up getting into little disagreements over his refusal to mark me. Being the sap that I am, I would look past my lack of confidence and just let it fall to the wayside because of my love for Devon. Although, it almost seemed as though there was more to his reasoning than what he was telling me. Unfortunately, that is when things between us took a turn for the worse.

Last year, Devon “decided” that he no longer wanted to be a pack leader or member for that matter. He was going rogue and he was going to mainstream into human society – basically, he was going to try and adapt to living as a “human”. So, Devon made a life-changing decision that affected us both, without even talking to me about it. Obviously, this TOTALLY irritated me. I mean when did this relationship become one-sided?


I was blindsided, to say the least. Without so much as a warning, he just decided that we were no longer going to reside in the unrestrained world of the supernatural, which I might remind you all, took a long time for me to get used to. Rather, Devon had stated that he and I were moving to a new home where we going to live as two ordinary “human” beings.

BO-RING – boy did that cause one whopper of an argument, my friends.

Since then, my life has been pretty mundane, to say the least. Not so much because we were living outside of pack life and all that came with it, but because of how it affected Devon both physically and mentally. I know most people think that werewolves have this uber metabolism and are fit like Greek Gods or something – well let me tell you, turns out that if they don’t shift, they don’t stay that way.


Devon completely conformed to the human world. He opened his own garage and spent most days working on cars and running his business, while lucky me got to do all the clerical duties around the office. Of course, I could only work so many hours during the day, because I still needed to be able to leave early enough so that I could go home, clean house, and make dinner.

YEAH – somehow, I got slapped back to the 1950s without even knowing it.

Tuna Casserole anyone?

I guess everything was cool for a while though. I mean, I had Devon all to myself and honestly, sex was always PHENOMENAL!

But as I said, things ... changed.

Devon stopped shifting altogether and well... when you eat like a TON of carbs and pretty much just chillax on a recliner all night, even copious amounts of sexual activity aren’t going to burn enough calories to prevent the fact, that a certain someone’s belly looked like he was in his second trimester.

Double ish

Do NOT get me wrong, I cherished this man, but he REALLY let himself go. If you ever saw the last Avengers movie, which more than likely you did, picture Thor after the blip; if you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it. Gone are his lean muscles and rock-hard abs. Gone are the wild ebony locks that were worn in such an effortless way, as if he just woke up that day looking like that, but actually went to a salon for. Gone is his once sexy five o’clock shadow which now resembled more of a Duck Dynasty appearance. The only thing that didn’t change was his Australian accent, which while still a major turn-on, just couldn’t make up for the rest of his neglected outward appearance. Still lovable yes but sexy?

Hmm...Maybe not so much.

BTW peeps, no judgment, please. Roles reversed; you’d probably think the same ... wink-wink.

I had even hoped that I could shift his attention to anything other than his own body’s vegetative development. I mean the man literally looked like he was living off Twinkies and beer. Which may I advise you all, the aftereffects from this type of lifestyle are not the most advantageous physique for neither a human nor a werewolf who doesn’t shift. I often tried to get Devon to join me on a few of my daily workouts in our home gym or even to swim a few laps in the lake outside our home. Despite everything, even I managed to find the time to do it regardless of my busy schedule in order to keep my body in check.

Sadly though, all I’d ever acquire from my multitude of requests was a grumble and maybe an occasional “where’s the remote so I can watch blah, blah, blah, while you’re doing your thing?” Ish.

Sex was probably the closest form of a workout I could entice out of him and even that was becoming a faded memory. I was eventually pleasuring myself more than Devon was.

Work with me people, I’m 24, not 104!

So here we are, me a pitiful human, mated (kind of?) to a clearly unhappy former Alpha werewolf living a not so life of bliss. much for Twilight

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