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Her eyes were dark, laced with hunger, like a predator eyeing its prey. I swallowed hard as she leaned on me placing her hands on my chest, I could feel her breathing hard as she fanned my ear. "Is the big bad wolf afraid now?" she whispered and smirked. Lily, a brilliant young teacher, who went through a lot after losing her parents in a tragic attack that their pack has suffered. Since then life has lost its appeal to her until she met him. A man that made her feel alive. A man that she wanted but wasn't destined to be hers. After a night with the man she had never dreamed of becoming hers, Lily is once again faced with a bitter slice of reality. Every deed has its consequences, and those consequences come with a life-changing choice. A choice that can lead to her destiny or another devastation. Leandro, an alpha by birth known for being fair and a reasonable leader, that is until he met her. A woman that made him lose reason. A woman that wasn't the mate that he's searching for. After an uncontrollable thirst for a woman that wasn't fated to be his, Leandro will soon have to choose between the present that was already there or the future that has yet to come. Who will Leandro choose? What will Lily choose? WARNING: MATURE CONTENTS! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2020

Fantasy / Erotica
CL Winterfell
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1 Legend of Apollo


“Alright, kids that’s all for today, return the books to the shelves, pack your things, and don’t forget to show your parents the note that I posted on your notebooks,”

I instructed my cute students as I clear the board and materials on my desk.

“Yes miss Lily,” Some of them shriek with excitement. I guess they are ready to go home.

I’ve been teaching preschool in our pack for a year now and I can say I love my job, it’s what keeps me going. My students are just so adorable sometimes I just want to take them all home.

“Okay kids fall in line and follow me,” I tell them as I open the classroom door and led them to the waiting area where their parents will pick them up.

I walk back to my classroom, took my things went out, and lock the door behind me.

I wave the children goodbye as I passed the lobby and I told Rosa I’ll be off early. She is in charge of making sure that the children don’t wander off while waiting for their guardians to arrive. I usually wait with her, but today is a special day. I needed to go somewhere.

I walk out of the building heading straight to my car when a familiar face greets me with a bright smile.

“Lilianna dear, how are you?” I smiled and gave her a big hug.

“Greta we saw each other just a week ago, I'm good,” I laughed.

Greta is one of my mother’s friends and confidant she is five years older than mom and a really sweet woman.

“Well, I’m happy that you’re doing great dear. Are you going there today?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m going now,” I said with a smile. She nodded.

“I see you went to pick up Clara’s school records,” as I noticed the envelope she’s holding. Clara, her granddaughter.

“Yes and she’s not happy about the transfer,” she retorted.

“Well I’m sure she’ll come around once she makes new friends,” I assured her and smiled. Greta’s son recently moved to his mate’s pack so they could care for his ailing mother in law.

“I just hope she doesn’t get into trouble. she is one pain in the behind kid, just like her dad,” she giggled.

I laughed at her remark,” Oh she’s not that bad, she is just clever and too adventurous,” I said.

“Give them my regards, I’m sure your parents would be so proud of you dear, just like I am,” she gave me a tight hug.

“Thank you, Greta, for saying that. It means a lot to me and It’s all thanks to you and your wonderful family,” I whispered.

I could feel my eyes clouding with unshed tears as I pictured my parent’s happy faces and thankful to Greta who raised me as her own.

“Oh don’t say that, you’re family and we’d do anything for our family. I’m sure your parents would have done the same for me,” she smiled.

We hugged each other again and I bid her goodbye.

I entered my car and sat in silence for a moment and closed my eyes. Flashes of memories flooded my mind.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in the picnic grounds with my parents and other families in the pack. I was playing near the lake with the other kids I turned in my parent's direction and saw them laughing while chatting with some people.

I wave at them as mom yelled “Don’t go too near the lake sweetie! we’ll attend the pack gathering later,” I gave her a thumbs up and went back to play.

All the laughter had died down in a split second and were replaced with horrific screams, it was chaos. Everyone trying to scurry away.

Men started shifting into their wolves to fight the unknown group of intruders, I was frozen in my spot, shocked by what was happening right before my eyes. I didn’t scream, I didn’t run I just stood there, Thankfully dad rushed to me he picked me up and started running towards my mom, Dad ushered us away from the scene

“Take her and go! I’ll find you later, I love you both,” He hugged us and kissed my forehead.

“Be safe dear!” My mom said as my dad started to shift into his wolf.

We ran as fast as we could. Everyone who can fight stayed behind to fend off the trespassers.

My mother came to a halt as soon as we heard gunshots followed by agonizing whimpers, She looked back and there was visible panic in her eyes.

She carried me and started catching up with the others, then she saw one of her friends

“Greta take her! I have to go back,” she handed me to Greta.

“What?! No! Gary called, we’re being attacked on all sides of the border, We need to stick together!” Greta said in a panic.

“Please, I need to know if James is okay,” My mom pleaded with tears and she was determined to go back and help dad.

Greta eventually gave in, “I got her don’t worry, so please be careful Rose,” she hugged mom and took my hand.

“Go with Greta, Lily, I have to go back for dad. I love you, sweetheart, I’ll see you later,” I nodded as she hugged me tightly.

“I love you too mommy be safe with daddy,” I said.

She smiled, “I will sweetie I promise, now go!” She shed into her beautiful wolf and ran in the opposite direction.

And they never returned.

I waited and waited, even after Greta told me they passed I still waited for them, they promised me they will return and so I waited.

I was only ten when it happened. After that Greta became my guardian as I had no family left.

I am an only child and so was dad, Grandpa died before dad was born. Nana raised him alone since then, She lived with us until she caught a terrible illness that ate her life away.

Yes, we do fall ill, contrary to the myths and legends that humans love to write about us.

We get sick, we fall in love, we cry, we get hurt, and sometimes die a horrible death.

We are strong but not invincible.

My mom, on the other hand, is from another pack, I don’t know much of her family not because she didn’t talk about them but because she doesn’t remember them.

Her family was migrating to another pack along with other werewolves when rogues ambushed them, causing her to be separated from them, She was found hiding inside a cave in a nearby pack, they took her in after that. She was four and never saw her family again. She forgot their names and faces but not the traumatic incident.

When dad found her, they immediately married and came live with dad’s pack. They considered them lucky because they found each other.

Some werewolves never find their mate but don’t mean they can’t fall in love with someone else. We live in the modern world now where you can marry someone by choice or if one never found his mate or has passed on.

Moon Goddess doesn’t have a say in this, If she even exists, We always have a choice.

It became that way long ago after a lot of our kind never found their destined mates not because they didn’t search but because there was no trace of them.

After that, the high council was established over a century ago, it consisted of one representative of each pack, that made rules and laws that all packs have to abide and that was the start, the rest is history.

I guess dying beside the one you love is better than living without them. I don’t blame mom for going back for dad, I would have done the same if it were my mate.

Talk about mates, at age sixteen we can find out who our mate is, Some are lucky enough to find theirs within the pack but some are not, Just like me.

Everyone who turns sixteen has to attend gatherings where all the pack members are present to see if their mate is within the perimeter, no exceptions not even for the alpha.

Sadly it didn’t happen to me. He wasn’t here, So once a year single or unmated wolves visit from pack to pack in hopes of finding their mate, but I never attended those. I've lost interest in finding him.

Many gave up on finding their destined mates and married their chosen one, it was proven successful most of the time just like Greta and her husband Gary.

Greta found and lost her mate at a very young age while Gary never found his.

After Greta’s mate died she returned to her pack and got reunited with Gary who is also a childhood friend, after some time the two hit it off. They got married, had two children and one grandbaby, more importantly, they are very happy.

We all search for the state of euphoria that true love provides, but you will not experience it if you don’t try and let yourself love and be loved.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know, If you don’t go after it, you’ll never get it, And if you never ask, the answer is always no.

You can’t put your life on hold for someone you have never met, Gary is right he is the living proof, still happily married two and a half decades later.

Today some still choose to wait or look and some don’t.

I thought of my parents again, I miss them so much, sometimes I wished I had just died with them that day.

Living a lonesome life is far worst than death, The agony of surviving, knowing everyone you love is dead, didn’t feel like I’ve survived at all.

The only thing keeping my sanity intact is the children I’m teaching, They are my breath of fresh air, I can’t wait to have my own.

I snapped out of my trance and started my car when I realized that I have been sitting inside for thirty minutes.

I arrived at Martha’s Flower Shop as I was about to park when a black rover had cut me off and took the spot.

“What an ass!” I screamed in frustration.

I shook my head, I’m glad the class is over, my students didn’t need to hear that.

I parked on the other side got out and glared at the drivers’ side but it’s too tinted so I proceeded to walk and step inside.

“Hi, Welcome, What can I help you with?” The clerk asked.

“Hello, I came to pick up my order. Lilianna Carter please,” I told her.

She smiled as she typed on the computer and told me to wait for a moment.

I glanced through the glass panels and still no sign of the driver of the black car, I was going to give them a piece of my mind. I sigh in annoyance and rolled my eyes as I turned back to the young lady in front of me.

“Is there something wrong ma’am?” She peeked out as she asked.

“Oh, it’s just that car cut me off earlier like there was no other parking spot in the world, What an ass!” I rolled my eyes.

I spotted the driver as he got out.

It was a man.

A very tall man with frizzy raven hair and was headed inside, I diverted my gaze back to the counter when he came in.

He cleared a throat, so I face him.

Clouds of grey were the first thing I notice, His eyes sparkled like storm clouds threatening to unleash a brewing thunderstorm.

I’m in awe.

He could have might as well be Apollo.

A total Greek God and I’m not even exaggerating.

I shamelessly ogle Apollo, His shoulders broad as daylight, his lips are red, like an apple inviting you for a bite.

I snapped out of my daydream when I realized who he was.

A gasp escaped my mouth, “Alpha,” I said in acknowledgment, I gave him a stiff smile, He nodded in return, I averted my eyes immediately.

I’m screaming inside!! I hope he didn’t hear me.

“Miss could you please hurry up on my flowers, I really need to get going,” I smiled awkwardly.

“Yes ma’am, they’re bringing it out as we speak,” she smiled and continued assisting the alpha.

There’s no way he heard that. He was inside the car, We’ll even if he is the alpha he’s still an ass for doing that, He just didn’t have to know that I said it. I laughed at my inner remark.

I unconsciously stared at him as he talks to the clerk.

His nose is pointed, His jaw chiseled and his body perfectly toned.

This the first time that I have seen him at a close distance, As I scanned his body my eyes landed on something, Oh my my, that’s a very fine piece of ass you got there sir. I blushed at my dirty thought.

“Are you done checking me out?” He asks. Holding his laugh.

Oh my goodness! That did not just happen!

Angel of Death, just take me now!! I mentally screamed and flushed in embarrassment, I bit my lips.

“Uhm, I don’t know what you’re talking about alpha,” I pretended not to know after all ignorance is bliss they say.

Finally, the clerk handed me the basket of flowers I immediately took it and thanked her.

As I open the glass door he too opened his mouth and said.

“And oh sorry about taking your spot. I didn’t mean to be an ass, a sudden phone conference came in hence, I had to park ASAP,” he gave me an apologetic smile.

I froze, like a deer caught in the headlights, Motherfucking werewolf hearing! He heard! Of course, heard me, I mentally slap myself as I scurry back to my car.

Shit! This is just my lucky day.

I started my car and proceeded to drive to the pack cemetery.

Hello, my dear readers,
I’m asking for a little help in liking Lily’s Choice, It will greatly help my book grow and I would very much appreciate it. 😊 Thank you so much! Stay safe everyone.❤

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