Wickedly devoted

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A wolf finds the truth. She falls in love with her mate although they have to be separated. Her father isn’t dead yet and her mom dies.

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Chapter 1

I want to run as far as I can, just to get away from this life but I don’t even know if that will make anything better. I know I have to stay because of my family. I have always been the one to take care of them. Before my younger siblings were born Sarai and I were happy. One day everything just changed. My mom started doing drugs, and her boyfriends, became more aggressive to her and to us. If only things could change. I had to teach my siblings self defense because of my mom’s boyfriends. I had to grow up taking care of them. I had to sacrifice so many things just so my mom could be a drug addict. I don’t know why she chose that path. But its not right. I want to save her and my family. I don’t know if I even can. Things have gotten easy since I found out I’m a wolf. My senses have been better and my strength.

My nana Debbie told me I was a wolf when I hit my teenage years. I haven’t yet turned into a wolf, because I keep stopping myself. I don’t want my siblings to know. I can control whether I want to turn or not. But there is also this rule where I have to turn when I find a pack. I have not found a pack yet. One of my ability’s is I’m able to hear people’s thoughts as well as hearing things from a mil e away. sometimes I wish I could change everything, but I cant. I wish my mom was better and we were all happy. I also wish my siblings were wolves to.

Well actually I think Sarai is because sometimes she answers the door before someone even knocks. I’m actually questioning that. Sarai is very smart, and she is really good at guarding herself. She has put me down a few times. Its crazy, she actually might be a wolf but who in her family is a wolf. I know for a fact that my mom isn’t so maybe its someone in her dad’s side. Hmm, I need to find out. I hear someone. I open the door before the person knocks. She doesn’t have a wolf smell. So I have no clue if she is but sooner or later I will find out.

“hey Secorra.” Robert says.

“hi Robert.” I respond

I take in a big wiff. But I don’t smell anything. I don’t smell wolf. Hmm. That’s odd. Out of nowhere Sarai come to the door.

“HI dad.” She says grabbing her stuff

How did she know he was here. Salvador and Safina hasn’t come out of the room. So how did she know. We don’t even have phones.

“hi baby girl” Robert says to Sarai.

Robert is Sarai’s dad. We all have different dads excepts the twins, Safina and Salvador.

“Safina, Salvador. Dad’s here to pick us up.” Sarai calls

All three of them have called them dad. I choose not to because I know he isn’t.

They both come running with there bags.

“hi dad.” The twins say in unison.

“so, I was thinking we would go out to breakfast, before school. I will call you guys out.” Robert tells us smiling like he always is.

We all say yea. We haven’t eaten since yesterday lunch. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to the store. Robert gives me and Sarai money each week to by food and a few things that we want, or the twins want.

“where do you guys want to go, Denny’s or IHOP.” He asks all of us.

“I’m fine with whatever.” I say

“IHOP.” Sarai says

“IHOP.” Salvador says

“IHOP.” Safina tells him

When we get to IHOP, the twins run out of the car as we all walk. As we head inside, I smell a wolf. Its an odd smell almost like I like the smell of it. I keep walking trying to ignore it. But as we are walking to our table, I see this guy come to Robert and shake his hand. I get closer to Robert and sniff. The guy shaking his hand is the wolf. Does Robert know. No of course he doesn’t how would he. I still suspect him as a wolf too. But I don’t really know since he doesn’t smell like one.

I try really hard to read this guy’s thoughts but for some reason I cant. So, I keep trying.

(stop.) I hear

(you are trying to read my thoughts I can feel you. This isn’t your territory) I hear him think

I sink into my seat. Robert looks at me and asks if I am okay. I nod. He then gets up to go to the bathroom, and the guy heads in his direction. Robert comes back ten minutes later, as does the guy. Hmm weird.

“so I wanted to talk to you guys about something.” Robert states

“yea what’s up.” I ask

I am the only one to answer because they all have food in their mouth.

“I have gained custody of you guys, I’m sorry to say your mom didn’t fight for you guys, but now you will be in a safe place and away from all the bad.”

“really.” I ask not believing it.

Sarai, Salvador and Safina all stop eating.

“ yes, that is why I brought you guys to breakfast and you guys also looked like you haven’t eaten in forever.” He says laughing.

“as long as we don’t have to live there anymore. But can we at least see her every now and then.” Safina asks Robert

“Yes, I agree.” Salvador says

“Yea me to.” Then Sarai says, but looks really happy.

“yea absolutely.” Robert says. “do you guys want to get out of here to get your stuff and head to my house.”

We all nod. As we are leaving, I see the guy out of the corner of my eye. I have a weird feeling about this guy. I am to attracted to him and I don’t even know him.

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