Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 10

Damon and I leave school. I’m still pretty upset. Before we left, I got my father’s number so I can text him in the future. Damon doesn’t tell me were we are going, he just drives. When we finally stop I see that we came to a club.
“what are we doing here” I ask
“just follow me they know me” he tells me grabbing my hand
So that is what I do. We enter with out them asking who we are. Its smells like wolves and people like me. I also smell humans.
“this is a place where vampires can feed on humans and wolfs well they have sex”
“so, you brought me here why”
“so, you can taste blood for the first time and well you know”
I laugh “you want to have sex at a club”
He then laughs. He calls over a human waiter. He whispers in his ear. Then the guy looks at me revealing his neck. I lick my lips as I hear the blood flow through his veins. I bite into one side of his neck while Damon bites the other side. Oh my god, he tastes so good. Damon pulls away but I don’t. Damon then grabs me and pulls me away from him.
“he needs to live.”
“no but” Damon says then kisses me. the taste of blood as his lips are driving me wild. I get on top of him grinding. As we are kissing I think ( do you want to get out of here)
(yes) he thinks
We get up and leave, I don’t know where we are going but I hope its somewhere were we can be by ourselves. He stops at a place I do not recognize at all.
(where are we)
(this is my old hide out, no one knows about this place)

We get out of the car and he leads me inside. i look around, surprisingly it is really nice. He looks at me and says “I’m craving you” he grabs my neck and kisses me. he then picks me up, and in a flash my back is against the wall. He’s gripping my butt very tight. I can hear is heartbeat picking up speed. He then moves to my neck, he lightly nibbles my skin, until I feel his teeth pierce my skin. The feeling of his teeth in my skin feels really nice. Then I feel something, something I have never felt. Love. Affection. Then it begins to hurt.
(OW)I think
But that doesn’t stop him from having his teeth in me. when he finally pulls away, he licks the bite marks on my skin healing me. I can see our future. Our future twenty years from now. He marked me. he claimed me. that’s why he bite me.
“now your mine” he says bringing his lips to mine. I kiss him as if it was our last. He carries me to the bed in the corner. He tugs my shirt off and stares at.
“every time I see you body, it just amazes me” he tells me
I flip us over, so I am on top of him. its my turn to mark him. I lean in so I’m by his ear and whisper my turn. I lightly nibble his neck making him moan. Then I sink my teeth in his skin. His blood fills my mouth. I sink my teeth even deeper. I can see, his future and mine, I can see what will happen between us, I can see how much he loves me. it’s like we were meant to be together. I pull away licking my bite marks healing him.
I look at him and lean in. I lightly touch his lips. He grabs me and flips me, so I am under him again. He unclasps my bra and licks my nipple making me moan. He slowly moves down to my shorts. He then begins to tug them off with my underwear. he comes back up and kisses me moving his hand down making me moan on his lips. He smiles. I kiss him with hunger. I push him off and get on my knees to tug off his pants. I grab him in my hands making him growl.
he grabs me and lays me down. He gets on top of me, then he slowly enters me, with every stoke I moan. My whole world explodes. He is my world now. I never knew I could find someone who makes me feel this way. he begins stroking harder. I then scream with pleasure. He pulls out before he climaxes. We lay there for while not talking. Then he says “I new from the start that I would love you, that you where mine.”
I smile, I can’t bring my self to say the words I love you but I do love him. I knew when I first laid eyes on him.
“how did you know.” I ask
“when I first kissed you, my world turned upside down. I just knew you were the one.”
“oh, so I have to go, because I have to go to my father’s house”
“that fine, text him and ask for his address, ill drop you off”
“okay.” I get up to put my clothes back on.
When I have my pants on Damon comes to me and kisses where he marked me. I lay my head on his shoulder. He makes me feel whole. We leave the cabin and head to my father’s house. once we get there I am in shock, I wasn’t expecting him to have such a nice house. his house is huge and in the middle of nowhere.
I get out of the car and Damon kisses me. then my dad comes out.
“hey sweetheart you ready to go inside”
“yea” I whisper bye to Damon and head inside.
“so why do you live in the middle of nowhere.” I ask Stefan
“because I have more privacy”
“oh, form what”
“oh okay”
“this is your room. Are you dating Damon” he asks me
“its complicated.”
“well, ill warn you now his old pack is dangerous so be careful”
“okay” I say then head into my room and set my stuff down.
How is his old pack dangerous. I don’t get it. when I’m with Damon I feel safe. Shit, what is going to happen when I head to school tomorrow. Is everyone going to find out that Stefan is my dad.
“I bought you a car, so no one knows I am you father”
“oh okay. Where is it”
“in the garage”
He then takes me to my large room.
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