Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 11

I begin to unpack. After I hear Stefan think my name, so I head downstairs.
“I made dinner,”
“okay, I’m not hungry. Thank you though” I say walking away when he says
“Secorra, look, I know its going to be hard to live with me when I haven’t been in your life for seventeen years. But I’m trying now and I hope its not to late” Stefan says
“its not, although you will have to try ten times harder then you would if you were in my life from the start.”
“I know.”
I head back up stairs when I get a test from Damon.
Damon: are you okay
Me: yea I am its just weird.
Damon: I miss you, but get some rest and ill see you tomorrow. Don’t worry what people think.
Me: okay goodnight and I miss you too
Damon: Good night
I don’t finish unpacking I just go to sleep. The next morning, I am awoken by Stefan knocking on my door.
“come in” I say knowing he will here me
“its time to get up”
I get up and get ready, I am not excited for today. I have to face Angel. Shit I have to face Angel. He’s already mad at me. oh god what am I going to do. It fine, I can do it. I finish getting ready and head to the garage. I get in my car and head to school. When I get there Damon is waiting for me. I get out the car when I see Angel. I run full speed to him.
“can we talk.” I ask him
“no, leave me the fuck alone”
“no I wont I need to explain”
“ha no you don’t you already did”
“no the fuck I didn’t now stop so I can”
“or what”
“do not test me I know I am stronger then you”
“very funny.”
“I fucking mean it.”
“ok I’ll give you thirty seconds”
“ok, I’m sorry I didn’t know that this would happen I swear I didn’t. I really liked you. I cant control who my mate is. I am really sorry. if I could do anything to make us be friends I would, but I know you don’t want to. I really am sorry, Angel. I didn’t think it would ever be him, but it is.”
“We can be acquaintances, but that’s it. plus we have to be I think your sister and my sister are together.”
“okay cool.”
He walks away as Damon walks towards me.
“really, you didn’t think it would be me. I know what you where thinking so do not lie’’ Damon says to me
“yes, I didn’t, I never thought it would be you, I never wanted it to be you, I am sorry but I didn’t. but I knew it was you when I laid eyes on you at the restaurant.”
“okay” he says then walks away.
Shit I fucked up. As I am walking to my first class by myself, Kathrine runs in to me.
“watch it bitch”
“what did you say”
“you heard me”
“no I didn’t what did you say.”
“I said watch it bitch”
The make my blood boil. I look her in the eye and she looks at me with a cocky grin.
“you want to see a Bitch” I say then punch her right in the jaw.
She falls to the ground but get up as fast as she fell. She tries to punch me, but I quickly dodge it.
“ha-ha nice try bitch” I say walking away.
“you better watch you back” she yells at me
“trust me I don’t need to”
I walk into class and see Damon. He doesn’t look at me, I can’t even hear his thoughts. Wow, he’s really mad at me. I have no clue how to fix this, but I will find a way. I sit in my usual seat as the teacher comes in., she begins to speak but Ignore her because what is the whole point of school. After class I decide to ditch. I head through the woods. I sit down next on a stump and begin to over think.
What was my mom and dads relationship like? How did I make it this far? How in the world is my sister a wolf? Why did my mom choose drugs over parenting? Why is Damon my mate? How did that happen? What did Stefan mean when he said Damon old pack is dangerous? I start crying. What happened to my mom? Is she okay? I miss her. I lay down and fall asleep.
I hear someone thinking. I open my eyes to Damon.
“I thought you were dead, don’t ever scare me like that”
“why would you think I was dead.”
“when you didn’t show up to class I thought, never mind, you’re okay that’s all that matters”
“I’m fine”
I get up and walk to my car.
(why are you leaving me) damon thinks
(aren’t you mad at me, I am trying to give you space. So, I am leaving) I think
(get in my car, now) he thinks angerly
So that’s what I do, I get in his car and we take off without a word.
We drive until we reach were, we last had sex.

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