Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 12

He tell me to get out of the car, so I do. Fuck he is pissed. We head into the hide out. I sit on the bed while he sits down in t a chair. He just stares at me. I get up to go to him, but he says no. Well fuck, I really messed up.
“I am not going to sit here while you stare at me, take me to my car so I can head back to my house”
“fine ill leave on my own” I say getting up to walk to the door.
In a flash he is in front of me. “I said no”
“okay and like that is going to stop me”
I try to leave again but this time he throws me on the bed and gets on top of me. “I said no”
“Damon I am not playing your games let me” he then kisses me mid-sentence “leave”
“And I said no”
“because I don’t want you too”
“Okay I wont leave”
He gets off of me and sits back in the chair. What the hell is he thinking I cant get into his head which is scaring me.
“what are you thinking about”
“okay then why are you staring at me”
“because I can”
I don’t answer. I stare back at him and block him from reading my thoughts. He’s hot when he’s mad but he’s scary as hell. I try again to walk to him, but he stops me and tells me to sit down. So, I do so I won’t make him madder. The only reason I know he is mad is because his eyes went from hazel to black. When he is in his wolf form, they are a mixer or yellow and red. Its been a few days since I’ve had blood but now I’m craving it. I’m craving him. He finally gets up and walks to me.
“I have to leave for a couple of days”
“wait why”
“I cant tell you yet”
I don’t answer. He then tilts my head up and plants a kiss on my lips as I slowly lay down. Out of nowhere he jumps off of me and says I can’t not now.
“okay I am sorry”
When he doesn’t answer I know something is really wrong. We leave and head to my car. I go in for a kiss but he doesn’t turn his head he just stare into the empty parking lot. So I get out and run to my car. I get in and watch him drive away. what the actual fuck. He could’ve at least kissed me or said bye but he didn’t. wow, if this is love then it isn’t right. I sit there and stare at the stirring wheel. Until I get the nerve to go home. I run inside and run straight to my room. Before Stefan even makes it to the door I yell I don’t want to talk. I hear his steps as he walks away from the door. I sit on my bed numb. I don’t know why I feel numb. The way he stared at me, the way he kissed me to shut up, the way he stared at the empty parking lot. Something is wrong. And he wont be here for a couple days. Ill be fine right. Yea I will. I finally fall asleep. When I wake up I get ready for school and take off. Once I am at school I find Sarai.
“hey” I say
“hey are you okay you look like shit”
“ha thank you for noticing and ill be fine”
“how’s the family, how’s Salvador and Serafina”
“they miss you. You need to come by soon”
“I will, I promise. How about you and Elena”
“bro, we had sex and it was amazing”
“okay Okay, to much information. We’re doing fine. Would have been good” I say laughing at my sister
She then begins to laugh.
“so really what is up with you and why do you look like shit today?” she asks me
“Damon was acting weird yesterday, like super weird and he is going to be gone for a couple of days, so he will be back I believe tomorrow.”
“oh, well I hope everything works out and if doesn’t Angel is still available” she says laughing
“very funny”
“I know right I am funny, Elena thinks so too”
“okay, ill come by today but I have to go to class. Love you airhead”
“love you too ugly”
I then head to class when I hear someone’s thoughts.
(Ooo Secorra is going to be pissed when she finds out Damon is going to be with me, instead of her.)
Right when I heard the thought of my name I knew it was Kathrine’s thoughts. So that’s why he left and didn’t say goodbye to me or see you later. He didn’t want me to read his thoughts so he blocked me out, even though we marked each other. Wow, it all makes sense now. One thing he doesn’t know yet is I am more powerful then him. so I can read his thoughts no matter where he is. I act like I know nothing all day, although I want to rip Kathrine apart. After school I get in my car and drive.i try to focus as hard as I can to find his thoughts. After all I did mark him. once I catch (fuck what am I going to do) I know exactly where he is. The vampire and wolf club aka the sex club. I enter the parking lot and see him come out.
(how did you know I was here) he thinks
(it doesn’t matter. What matters is you didn’t tell me that you are breaking up with me to be with Kathrine) I think form inside my car.
(look I can explain but right now isn’t a good time)
But before he can answer a girl comes out asking who I am. By the looks of her and her smell I know she is a vampire. I can read her thoughts but she doesn’t smell pretty.
(okay damon ) I say then leave I head to Robert house.
Once I step out of the car I am welcomed by Rebecca and Robert. Then Salvador and Serafina come out.

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