Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 13

“Secorra” the yell in unison
“ hey” I tell them
“I’ve missed you” Serafina says
“yea me to” Salvador says
“yea, ive missed you guys too. How’s school” I ask walking to the front door.
“its great I have a crush on this girl and we are talking” Salvador says
I laugh a little.
“really now”
“Yea. Her name is Davina”
“ that’s great. I hope it works out” I say with a smile “how about you Serafina”
“well I am getting bullied. Robert says to try to talk to her but she wont talk to me other then calling me names”
I bend down to her level and whisper “if she calls you another name hit her. That what I did with my bully. Don’t tell Robert I tol you that okay”
“okay” She says
“okay kids go play video games” Rebecca says
“ you know I heard that right” Robert says
“Yes I do , but what she doesn’t know wont hurt her”
“yea your right. So how is everything. Its good. I miss living with you guys though, but I am okay”
“that’s good. How’s you and Damon”
“we broke up but im okay I promise”
“are you sure”
“yea, where’s Sarai”
“She’s with Elena”
“oh okay. Well I better head off because I got a crap ton of homework to do but I’ll text her later and let her know I stopped by even though she told me I should. But let the little ones that I love them and I’ll be over again this week to spend time with them” I tell Robert.
“okay yea. Bye”
“Bye” I say to Robert and Rebecca
I head home. once I get inside, I smell meat. Damn I didn’t realize I was this hungry until now. I go to the kitchen and grab my food and then go to my room. Damn this steak smells delicious and it tastes really good. After eating I quickly fall asleep. I wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat. I can’t fall back to sleep, so I watch tv. I end up falling asleep around three in the morning to wake up at six. When I get to school smell Damon. God why does he smell so good. I walk to the front o the school when Sarai spots me and runs to me.
“im so sorry.”
“its fine. Ill be fine. Im always fine”
“don’t just say that, I know you aren’t you look good though.”
“thank you, but it wasn’t to impress anyone”
“when did you find out”
“last night I spotted him and saw him with another girl”
“I’m sorry, Angel is looking for you”
“okay, well I will talk to you later”
“okay, love you”
“love you too”
I dressed really nice so I can make Damon jealous. But it probably wont work.
(what the fuck are you wearing) I hear Damon think
(whatever the fuck I want)
He doesn’t think anything back.
I bump into angel and fall.
“im so sorry are you okay” he asks helping me up.
“yea I will be fine thank you”
“no problem. So are you okay okay”
“yea I will be”
“look I know Damon is a asshole, and he doesn’t deserve you. But I am sorry”
“its fine.” I say walking away.
I walk into class and spot Damon and Kathrine locking lips. Great just great. I don not want to watch this so I leave. I hang out in the library until the bell rings. Right as I walk out of the library I get hit in the stomach by no other than Kathrine. I am faster then her I am stronger then her but today I will not put up a fight. He keeps hitting me until I am on the ground. I don’t want to fight. Once she walks away I get up and head to my car. I maybe hurt but I will heal in a matter of seconds. I drive all the way to my moms house. I dint even realize that I did. I just drove.
I knock on her front door. as I knock the door opens. I walk in and find my mom laying on the floor covered in blood. shit I need to control my self she smells good. No no no, I need to helo her so I call 911 but it will take them thirty minutes before the get here. Grab her and put her in the car. Fuck what did she do, who would hurt her like this. I cant get emotional not now. I drive about the speed limit and pass all the red lights. I arrive at the hospital In ten minutes.
“help”I yell
One of the nurses come to us and asks what happened
“I don’t know I found her in the living room covered in blood please help”
They bring a rolling bed and put her on it and take her through these doors. I call Robert and explain what happened. He said he will be here in ten. I sit down in a chair traumatized. I want revenge if she doesn’t make it. I will find who did this to her. Why would someone even hurt her. I know she has bee involved with pretty bad guys but I know them all and they wouldn’t risk hurting her because they all love her. Who ever did this did it quick. Shit I should’ve come sooner then she would be in this situation. Robert finally arrives with the kids and Sarai.
(is going to be okay) Robert thinks know I will hear him
I nod and say hopefully. Sarai sits next to me and lays her head on my shoulder. I tell her It will be okay. Even though our mom didn’t take of us very much she still is our mom and we love her. Her choices weren’t right but she did give birth to us.

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