Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 15

I head home and tell Stefan the plan he tries to argue with me about transforming with him but I just walk to my room. He may be my dad but Robert and Rebecca are my pack. I get ready and take a quick little nap before I head to Angels. When I get there Sarai is already there with Elena. Sarai drives with Elena and Angel drives with me. Robert and Rebecca are already waiting for us in the back. Salvador and Serafina are asleep. The sky clears and the full moon comes out.
I begin to run and I jump turning into my wolf form. I wait for angel and everyone else. They come running towards me. we run and run. Until I smell Damon comes towards us. Why is he here shouldn’t he be with Kathrine. Shit what am I going to do. I just have to ignore him. I think (angel do not do anything)
(what do you mean )
(damon is coming)
(okay I wont)
Damon comes running towards us. He stops in his tracks when he spots angel.
(what is he doing here) he thinks so only I can hear
(he is my boyfriend, so I brought him why does it matter)
(I do not want him here) he thinks growling
He then unblocks out thoughts
( you need to leave now ) damon thinks towards angel
(no )
Angel saying no makes him mad. His eyes went from read and orange to black. The start circling around me. Damon growls even louder. So does Angel. Why are they fighting over me. Damon then charges at angel but angel dodges him. Angel then charges at Damon making him fall to the ground wincing.
(angel stop for me please stop)
He looks at me and runs away. Robert tells me to go to the house and get the first aid kit. So I run as fast as I can. Before I get to the house I turn back into my human form. I enter the house and grab the first aid kit then I run back. I notice Elena is gone.
“where did Elena go” I ask everyone
Sarai answers “ she went after her brother
I try to help Damon but he thinks (no, I don’t want you help)
He gets up limping. “Damon I need to bandage you leg”
“okay” he says with anger in his eyes looking at me.
This time I feel really bad. I know he doesn’t want me here. So I run back to my car and drive to Angels house. I walk to the door and open it. I say hi to his mom and walk to his run. Before I knock on the door he says what do you want. I take that as I can come in.
“are you okay”
“that’s good, but how are you feeling”
“um, not okay. You shouldn’t have stopped me. you should’ve let me and him fight. But when I hurt him you got mad.”
“yea I did because I do not want to see the two people I love fight”
“wait you love me”
“yea I love both of you”I say not saying that I am in love with Damon.
He gets off of his bed and walks to me. he cups my head in his hands and makes me look at him. he plants a kiss on my lips very softly. Then he hugs me very lightly. I tell him I am tired so we lay down in his bed and sleep. I haven’t slept in someone’s arms since the night in Damon’s room. Angel is very comfy. I sleep all throughout the night. I don’t wake up till ten the next morning. Today is Saturday, I don’t know what I am going to do. I turn around to angel staring at me.
“Elena wants to go to the mall so we are going to do a double date.” He tells me. then kisses me.
“okay, im going to shower first”
“okay” he says to me.
I get up and shower today I feel like dressing a little guyish so I head to elena’s room and find Sarai’s clothes then I head back to Angels room and shower. I finally can relax. All my muscles relax and my worries disappear. I get out of the shower and change into her clothes. Then I head to the kitchen to eat. Sarai joins me.
“are you okay”
“yea. Why”
“last night”
“yea well I told angel that I love both of them” I say then whisper “ but I am in love with Damon”
“oh my god, you aren’t”
“yea I am but I don’t want to hurt angel”
“I get you”
“thank you”
When we finish eating we all head to the mall in the same car. We blast alternative music and drive enjoying ourselves. The mall is really busy but that doesn’t stop us from going. I smell a lot of wolves and a few hybrids. But on smell that seems to follow me is Damon’s. I sense his smell getting closer. So I walk faster then everyone and turn so they will follow me. I tell them I need to use the bathroom and Ill just find them later. They agree and walk away while I walk the opposite way towards Damon. i see him exiting a store with Kathrine of course.
(why are you following me) I think and block every one out so only he can hear.
“Babe I need to use the bathroom, ill meet you at the food court in ten” he tells Kathrine and walks in m direction.
I hide so Kathrine won’t see me.
Damon grabs me and pulls me into the family bathroom.
“I am not following you, you are following me” he says to me
“Ha, why in the flying fuck would I want to follow you”
That makes him anger. He pushes me against the wall and says “ because you want me” and kisses me harder then he has ever kissed me. that drives me wild. I kiss back and bit his lower lip. I can feel the whole atmosphere change. He grabs my butt and picks me up so my legs rap around his waist. My hand go to his hair and I grip it tight. (what are you doing to me ) he thinks seductively. Then he pulls away and says no, I cant let my self hurt you. He looks at me with sadness in his eyes.
“its okay, Damon we can figure this out.”I say trying to make my self feel better
“I don’t know how. There are things you don’t know about me” he says rubbing his neck.
“what like your old pack is dangerous” I ask
“how did you find out about that, who fucking told you. Let me guess the leader of the pack, Stefan”
“wait what.”
“sorry to ruin you little life but Stefan is the leader of the pack. Secorra, you were born into my pack”
“and your just now telling me”
“Look im sorry, I didn’t know he was you father until the day I dropped you off at his home. He is the reason I am not with you”
“What the actual fuck” I say laughing trying to believe what he is saying.
“I have to go back to Kathrine. I love you” and in a second he is gone.

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