Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 16

I find Angel and my sister. I pull Sarai away from them and tell her what I just found out. she tells me that she didn’t know and that Robert would say that Stefan is a bad person and he is scared for you because you are living with Stefan. Now she knows what Robert meant. I try to act normal the whole time we are at the mall. When we get back to Angels house Sarai and I take off to her house. we run into the front door scaring the little ones.
“hey are you guys okay” Salvador asks
“yea we are fine we just need to talk to Robert where is he” I say
“hes in the backyard with Rebecca”
“okay thank you”
Sarai and I head to the backyard.
“dad did you know that Stefan was the leader of Damons pack”
“yea and no. No I didn’t until damon told me recently and yea I knew he was a bad guy”
“why do you say that” I ask
Rebecca speaks this time “a while ago Damon came to us asking for help. we didn’t know why but he told us that this guy names Stefan was after him. again we didn’t know why until recently he told us that the guy Stefan was your dad and the leader of his old pack”
“he just told me stefan is the reason he isn’t with me”
“oh honey I am sorry” Rebecca tells me
“do not and I repeat do not tell Stefan that you know” Robert says
“wait why” I ask
“because he could do something to you or damon”
“okay I wont, can I tell you a secret” I ask them
“yea anything you tell us is safe with us”
“Stefan told me I am the most powerful hybrid alive”
“that make a lot of sense. But one thing you must know about being the most powerful hybrid is that he will use you to get what ever he wants. Stefan can take your power because he is you father. He can use you power to do bad thing. Do not let him get that far.”
“how can he take it”I ask out of curiosity
“he can ask a witch to take it from you”
“the only witch I know are you guys”
“yes but he might have a witch with him or even know one. Remember make sure you fight as hard as you can” Robert tells me
“yes its all up to you on who will win” Rebecca adds
“okay, I am going to go home and act as normal I as I can. I will turn off my humanity for a little bit then when I get to my room I will turn it on again. I will read his thoughts.”
“sounds like a plan miss powerful” sarai says laughing
“bye air head”
I walk to the door and leave. I head home. I do what I usually do. I head to my room before I hear. “what if your daughter finds out”
“she wont”
“okay good”
I walk back to the front door and close as loud as I can knowing Stefan will hear me closing the door so he will know I am home.
“stefan I am home” I yell.
Stefan and his friend who I recognize come out of his office.
“oh, I didn’t know you had a friend over”
“He’s leaving right Mario”
(damn she hot) I hear Mario think.
“oh okay, bye” I say watching him leave “I am not hungry I ate before I came”
“okay, good night” he says as I walk to my room.
“goodnight I respond”
(I hope she didn’t hear) he thinks
I close my bedroom door and block everything out of my room.
I call Sarai and tell her everything I heard she says she will tell Robert. After I hang up with Sarai I fall asleep. I wake up to hearing footsteps approach my door.
I sit in my bed and watch as Damon comes into my room. the second he steps into my room I block everything out except him.
“how did you get inside the house” I ask worried he Is going to get caught.
‘’stefan isn’t home right now he is handling something”
“and how do you know that”
“because it involves your mother”
“what about her”
“hes finding out who murdered her”
“oh okay”
He sits on my bed and says I have missed you. He then leans in and kisses me. god ive missed his touch. When I marked him I say our future but I guess it was wrong.
“so I heard you nearly killed a human”
“uh uh what”
“yea , you did and your boyfriend stopped you”
“okay I was mad and I didn’t know that blood tasted better when you are mad” I tell him feeling guilty and a little embarrassed.
He tucks my hair behind my ear and little tilts my head up so I am looking at him. “its okay”
“I’ve missed you so much Damon you don’t even understand”
“I know my love” he says before leaning in and kissing me very gently. I kiss back just as gentle as he kissed me. I don’t know how to feel anymore because of everything that is going on. I lean back and pull him on top of me. all the memories from when we were in his room come back. he picks me up and flips us in a flash so I am on top of him he has his back against the wall. He looks at me and smiles. I return the smile. I lean in and kiss him with hunger. He returns the kiss with hunger as well. Im slowly grinding on him as his hands are on butt. This may be our last so I want it to be memorable.
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