Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 17

I take off my shirt and throw it in the corner. He then unclips my bra. I pull up his shirt slowly. Once his shirt is off, he stares at me and thinks (wow, I know how messed up this all is but I always find my way back to you and always will). I love him so much but I cant be with him right now. I respond (I know, this may be our last so lets savor every moment) he pulls me in and kisses me like it is our last which it might be. We move slow trying to make it memorable. We flip again so I am under him. we take off each other’s clothes memorizing every part of each other.
When he enters me, I feel every emotion there is all coming back. I can’t cry not in front of him not right now. We move at a slow pace but every stroke is hard. This man makes me whole I would have never thought it would be him or anyone like him. i bring him closer to me and kiss his lip. He is my world, he is everything I have ever wanted and dreamed of. But hat makes me want to cry even more is that I may lose him all because my father. We begin to pick up the pace making us breathe harder then before. We finish and just lay there in each other’s arms.
“baby girl I have to leave before stefan comes back. I don’t want to die and I want to see you again. Bye my love” he sasy getting up and getting dressed in a matter of seconds. Then he comes to me and kisses my lips.
I quickly get up and get dressed. I look for the condom and rapper so Stefan won’t find it. then is clicks in my mind we didn’t use one. Shit, ill be fine right I hope I will. Stefan would kill me if he found out that Damon and I had sex not only that if he found out it is his. I’m okay, I will be fine. Do not worry. after having a pep talk with myself, I clean my room. I text Sarai and tell her what I am afraid of. She tells me that’s why she is gay, and that I should wait until its time for my period and if I miss my period then to come to Robert.
Okay so I have to wait for a week then I will have it. okay sounds good right. Oh god I hope it is. Shit what if I do get pregnant, what will happen. Stop, fucking worrying. I tell myself because if I worry to much then it will happen. I clean my room and go to Roberts house because I miss the little ones and well Sarai. Salvador opens the door and says hey somethings wrong.
“what do you mean something is wrong”
“your worried your pregnant”
“um why do you say that”
“I can hear you stomach”
“hey Salvador can you give me and you sister some privacy” Robert tells him
“how did he know I didn’t even say anything”
“we just found out that he’s a vampire. i guess a bully as his school bit him, he came home and passed out. he was craving blood so I gave him animal blood.”
“ okay but how does he know if im worried or not”
“he um has a power where he can feel you emotion. And well im assuming he heard what you and Sarai where talking about. I have some other bad news. So uh” he says rubbing his neck
“what”I say
“well it would have been weird if you Serafina wasn’t anything and was human but didn’t know about any of us, so uh we turned her too.”
“what, so now every one is something”
“yes, we also found out that Sarai is the most powerful witch and since you are the most powerful hybrid then you guess can like rule the witches and hybrids. You know its not that bad, but one thing I did want to tell you is the reason you might be pregnant is because you both are part wolfs. Vampires cant get pregnant, only humans, witches and wolves. Another thing I wanted to tell you is they grow fast, since we turn every full moon we do not age just like vampires, but if you are you should run I have relatives in Arizona, I say this because the child would be Damon’s and because you both have realy powerful abilitiys so all that power put inside a child would risk the childs life.”
“oh okay but what if Stefan finds me. how will I explain to him that I have a kid.”
“you could tell him it was an accident and that you wanted to move with sarai out to arizona.” Robert tells me
“um, I do not want to go to Arizona, I have a girl friend.”
“ air head please I bet there are nicer and better girls out there, I know you love her but you can always visit and come here. We are almost out of school for the summer you can come here.”
“fine, but you owe me big time.”
“okay but I do not know if I am pregnant yet, how long do I have to wait.”
C“a week” Rebecca tells me.
“okay thank you”
I head back home, thinking of all the information I just got. Like the little ones are vampires and I might be pregnant. I might have to leave. I do not even want to tell Damon if I am. That will ruin his world and I do not want that. I am going to keep the baby I hope it’s a boy but if it’s a girl I still will be happy. Why in the flying fuck did we not use a condom. Yea it was our last but shit this could either make my life better or ruin it completely. But I guess I put this on myself and I blame myself more than him. I wasn’t thinking. I am the one that brought it on to myself. I can stop thinking about everything. I cant sleep. What if Stefan finds me. No, I cant be pregnant. I just cant. I know Ill be fine I have Robert and sarai. When I finally fall asleep I dream about all the what ifs that could and may not happen. I wake up sweating. But I let it go I try my hardest not to thing about it. I head to take a shower. After my shower I get ready for the day. I then go to my car and head to school. I get out of the car and walk to the front entrance. When everyone stops and stares at me. Shit can they hear something. What’s wrong. I follow everyone’s eyes when I turn around and see what they are staring at it’s Mario. What the fuck is he doing here. I walk up to him.

“Uh what are you doing here”I ask him

“You weren’t home so I came to get you.”

“Why. Though.”

“Your dad needs you.”

“For what.”


“Well u have school. Si I can’t go. I don’t care if he’s my father and or the principle I won’t go.”

“Okay that’s fine we will see you when you get home” he says smirking

I quickly run to find sarai by listening to conversations. When I find her I tell her what he said to me. She told me to go straight to our house. I run out of school but before I make the exit. I hear Damon think.(why are you running out of school)
( I need to go.just know I love you ).
I keep running until I get to my car. I drive all the way to Robert house. I quickly get out of my car and run inside. I tell him everything. He tells me I need to go and see what they want. We will be your back up and surround the house. He calls sarai and tells her she needs to come home. Robert gets the twins ready and tells them what going on. Rebecca tells me it will be okay.
I head home knowing everyone is following me.

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