Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 18

As I am entering my house I get grabbed. Fuck what did I get my self into I think. I try my hardest to read the person who grabbed me. (She’s going to miss being the most powerful hybrid) they think. Once we enter a new atmosphere they take off the bag in my head. I look around and see Stefan,Mario and Damon. I don’t take my eyes off of him.
(I didn’t know this is what’s going on I’m so sorry)
I don’t respond to his thought. Stefan grabs my face and makes me look at him. His eyes are a color I have never seen. Then I smell a witch. She walks into the room and looks at me. Why does she look so familiar.
“You must be wondering who’s this is.” Stefan says
“Ahh Secorra. It’s been a while. Your grandma was such a lovely person sorry about your loss.”
Wait. No. She can’t be. Nicole. She was my grandma’s best friend.
“You also must be wondering how you never smelt me. Well I am a witch I can use my powers and smell like a human” Nicole says to me
“Wow. What happened to you. Last I remember was this beautiful middle age women. Shit now you look over a hundred years old. You might want to fix that” I say smirking as she glares at me.
“Let’s get this over with. His bitch her deserves to die.”
I laugh.because it doesn’t effect me.
(Stop laughing your gonna make this worse) Damon things so only I can hear.
I don’t respond again.
“Damon. Tie her up.” Stefan tells him
Damon grabs me and ties my hands up. He thinks again I am so sorry. The witch began s to start her little ritual. I scream in pain. Then I hear sarai think it’s time. I yell no so she can hear me. I need them to wait a little longer.i know I can take the pain. Damon looks so sad but he just stands there. Stefan takes a dagger and cuts him self. I watch as he drips blood into a bowl. She continues and I scream again.
When I feel it leaving very slowly. I growl. They all look at me. My eyes go from hazel to red and gold. I don’t turn into my wolf from because I don’t need to. I feel the power running into me. Mario comes at me with the dagger. I grab him by the neck and throw him against the wall making him wince. The witch Tried to continue the ritual by talking faster but that doesn’t work as I run towards and cut her neck with my claws. Stefan yells at Damon to get me. Damon doesn’t do anything. Stefan continues to yell at him. I walk to Stefan. But he runs out the door fast. Sarai catches him before he can escape. I look at Damon
(I’m pregnant with your child.)
I turn around and tell them to kill Stefan. Then I run. I run as fast as I can with out looking back. I continue to run until I’m at angels house. I walk in and tell him I’m leaving for a while but I’ll be back. I ask if I can take his car. When he agrees I tell him he can have mine. He just needs to tell sarai to get it for him. I get into his car and drive. I continue to drive. I stop at the sex club and get my fill before leaving again. I then here
(Why didn’t you tell me.)
When I don’t answer I hear again
(I love you. Secorra.”
I look forward and drive. I just killed my dad and my mom is dead. I just lost the man people in my family. I don’t know how to feel.but I know I need to get out of Washington. I don’t want any one finding me for a while. Sarai, Robert and Rebecca will be the only ones to know where I’m at. I don’t think I can take it if Damon sees me. I watch as all the trees pass. God I’m going to miss everyone. But I need to give my child a good future. I stop at a gas station and get some food. I spot a stray animal. I run after it. Once I kill the animal I drink it’s blood then I tear into it so I can eat some type of meat. I get back into my car. And drive until I’m in California. I see the beach and a bunch of surf-boarders. I even smell a few wolves out here. I don’t smell any hybrids or witches but I do smell vampires.
I arrive at this mansion closer to the forest. I get out and am welcomes by Morgan and Zach. They are relatives of Rebecca. They lead me into the house and take me to my room. I enter this massive room and look around. It has its own bathroom and a big tv. There is also a nice bed and a lot of space. I can even set up a little baby space.i look at my stomach. It’s growing faster then I thought. I look 4 months pregnant. When I hear footsteps I quickly open the door.
“Hey we have food. If you want some.” Morgan says.
“Thank you I will be right down I just need to use the bathroom” I say.
I close the door and stare at myself a little longer. I then head downstairs. To eat. I am starving even though I ate over a few hours ago. I sit down and say thank you.
“So this is a new start for you. I head everything that happened. And I wanted to tell you. You are now the leader of the pack. Rebecca and Damon’s old pack was stefans pack and since you killed him as well as being his child. You are now leader. We are in your pack.” Zack says.
“Oh okay.”
“Tomorrow we can go shopping. For clothes. You look about four to five months pregnant. So we will buy a few clothes for that. Wolves tend to grow pretty fast. That is why you are growing so fast.” Morgan says
“I didn’t look this big earlier.”

“Yea we tend to grow at different times.”
“ oh okay thanks”
I grab my utensils and eat. I eat quickly because I just want to go to my room and sleep the day off. Once I am done eating I ask to be excused. I head up to my new room and fall asleep

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