Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 2

We have never been to his house. Every time he picks us up, we usually go out to eat. As he drives into the gates all of us are shocked. He has to be rich. His house is huge. It’s a freakin mansion. My thoughts wonder to how did he end up with my mom but he’s rich. How come my mom didn’t stay with him. all these questions I wonder who will answer them. we all get out of the car still pretty shocked. He leads inside of the house. we are greeted by his wife Rebecca. Right there and then I know she’s a wolf. I can smell her. She greets me like nothing and welcomes all of us into the house. Robert leads us upstairs to the third floor. He shows us his room and then takes us to Safina and Salvador’s rooms. Their rooms are close to Roberts and Rebecca’s room. After showing us their rooms, he takes us back to the second floor.

Sarai and I’s room is on the second floor. Robert tells us that are rooms are the second floor because, he trusts us and that the twins are safer around them then they will be around us. I wonder what he means by that. Robert then pulls Sarai and I downstairs before we can even unpack what little we have. I smell the guy from IHOP again. What Is he doing here. Rebecca and this mysterious guy are in the living room.

“what’s going on.” I ask worried

Sarai doesn’t say anything.

“so before the twins come down I wanted to tell you we all know what you are.” Robert says

“well duh, Rebecca is one to and this mysterious guy is one to. So, of course they know but how do you know.”

“when we were at IHOP, Damon here told me. you don’t have to worry; Sarai and I are wolves to. Sarai didn’t know you were one until now, she suspected but I didn’t say anything.” Robert says

“okay then how come I can’t smell you or Sarai, and how come I cant read you thoughts or Sarai’s but I can read the mysterious guy Damon’s, but Damon can block mine out” I ask

“ well Sarai, Damon and I come from a special pack, we all are wolf bloods, including you and well you have a special smell, you can mask it, that is why I Sarai and I couldn’t tell, but Damon could because well both of you are hybrids. Sarai and I come from a certain ancestry where we can turn people down almost like witches. “

“wait, wait, wait, I’m a hybrid. How is that possible. And if I am a hybrid how come I don’t crave blood.”

“yes, you are and that’s because you have never had it.”

“okay but how am I a hybrid I was never bitten.’’

“you were born that way” he tells me

“then why didn’t my nana tell me.”

“because maybe she doesn’t know.”

“okay then explain these vampires can’t die, if my dad was a vampire and a wolf then how is he dead.”

“I don’t know. But we are welcoming you into our pack.” Robert says looking at Rebecca.

“cool, thanks. I am going to go finish unpacking.” I say taking in all the information I just received.

If my dad was a hybrid then he can’t be dead, how would my nana not know. Maybe she does but never told me. well it’s too late she’s dead. Wait, she’s actually dead. That means she want the hybrid. I’m so confused. Nothing makes sense at all. When I get to my room instead of unpacking, I lay on the bed and its super comfortable. I want to fall asleep, but I can’t I have to many things on my mind. My head s starting to hurt. So I close my eyes for a little. Until I hear footsteps coming to my room. Then my door opens very softly. Damon then comes in. he looks at me and I stare at him. I try to read his mind. But its blank.

“what do you want.”

He steps closer to my bed.


Then in one swift movement he’s at the end of my bed

“what do you mean you.”

I’m sitting up now staring at him. He then pulls my arm and I’m standing. He pulls me closer to him and says “ I mean you.”

He then kisses me. at first I don’t kiss back because I am frozen. This is the first kiss I have had since I dated that fucked up drug dealer. Damon pulls away and looks at me.

“so your not going to kiss back.”

I don’t answer him. But I lean in and kiss him. his lips are soft. We kiss until I we both hear footsteps. He quickly pulls away and runs to the closet. Then Rebecca knocks on the door. I knew it was her by her smell.

“come in.” I say before she knocks

“hey, I just wanted to make sure you okay.’’

“yea I am thank you.”

(she can’t smell me or hear me only you can so calm down. I can hear your heartbeat from a mile away) I hear Damon think

“do you want to talk about anything I’m here for you.”

“ no I’m okay thank you.”

She then leaves and Damon comes out of the closet.

“how come she couldn’t smell you.” I ask him

“because only you can, us hybrids are able to let people know when they are around if they want to. I can allow her to hear my thought if I want to but I don’t. you can do the same.”

“oh” I say

“have you turned yet.” Damon asks me


“well tonight is a new moon. Why haven’t you.”

“because I have nowhere to turn, also I have to since they accepted me into their pack.”

“they have a place outside where you can turn, also I live here to, because I got kicked out of my pack, so the room next to yours is mine.”

“okay thanks” I say not knowing what to say.

He then leaves my room. I hear him enter the room next to mine. I lay back down on my bed and fall asleep.

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