Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 3

I wake up around eight feeling pain everywhere in my body. No, I don’t want to turn. Why is this happening now. Why did they have to accept me into their pack. I’m not ready.

(Damon!!!!) I yell hoping he hears me

(I’m coming) he thinks and busts through my door.

He carries me to the back yard. My whole body hurts. He’s running faster then human speed, we get to this garage in five second. He sets me down on the ground. I am in a ball position. I can’t move everything hurts. I’ve stopped myself from turning a few times, but I don’t know how, maybe it’s because I didn’t have a pack.

“ahhhh” I scream in pain.

(you’ll be okay.) Damon thinks.

I look at him and he is no longer in human formation, he’s a big ass wolf. He comes closer to me and licks me. All of a sudden, every pain in my body is gone. I see a mirror across the garage and look at myself, I’m a small wolf but I’m still big. Then I hear howls. I look at him and think (who are they)

(their your pack. Sarai, Robert and Rebecca, are out, Sarai turned with them and left to the woods. Come one.) he thinks

I follow him to the back of this garage, and we head to the woods. I start to run then I run faster and faster, not at human speed. Damon is close behind me. when I hear howls again, I follow them, I use my vision and see as far as I can. I see a big wolf, a smaller wolf and a wolf the size of me. I run towards them knowing that they are my new pack. I howl and then turn their heads. Then they start running towards me. we meet halfway. I lick the one that’s as big as me, because I know its my sister.

(so how do you like it so far) Damon asks me

(it’s great I feel free) I respond

We run wild until midnight, then we head home. Robert and Rebecca head to their room while we grab something to eat. I have never been so hungry in my life. After eating Sarai heads to her room leaving Damon and I. we don’t speak for a good minute. Then he looks at me, and I look back. there this tension between us. A tension I have never felt between me and someone. We just look at each other while eating.

“so how do I put up that barrier, so I won’t let someone know I’m there or block them out.” I ask breaking the tension.” I ask him whiles shoving food into my mouth.

“you have to pretend you aren’t there, and use you mind to block them out. as well was reading people’s minds you can hear people from miles away as long as you focus.” He says moving closer to me

“oh” I say keeping my eyes on him

In one swift movement he is behind me. he pulls my hair away from my ear and whispers very softly “I can’t get you off of my mind”

I stop breathing for a second. He spins me away from the counter and plants a kiss on my lips. I kiss him back softly. He picks me up and we head upstairs. To my room. He lays me on my bed while he’s on top of me. He leans in a kisses me again, but this time its hard. I kiss him back just as hard. I rap my legs around his waist pulling him in closer. My hands are in his hair as he slowly grinds on me. I can feel his hardness, he puts my hands above my head, but doesn’t break the kiss. I try to move my hand’s but he just puts them back where they were. What am I doing I don’t even know this guy but there’s this feeling I can shake. I feel like we shouldn’t go any further because I don’t want to catch feelings. That would be all bad.

(we shouldn’t go any further) I think as we are kissing.

(ughh fine.) he thinks back

I’m craving him, but I know I shouldn’t have sex with a guy I just met. What if he uses me. What if I use him. I don’t want that. I pull away.

“I’m tired I’m going to go to sleep.” I tell him lying

He gets off my bed and says, “okay goodnight.”

I have to many things on my mind to even fall asleep. What if my dad isn’t dead what if he's alive but never found me, what if he doesn’t want to find me, what if he never even looked for me. but why wouldn’t he look for me, why would he leave me with my mom. I need answers and sooner or later I will find them. I finally doze off. I wake up to Sarai coming into my room.

“wake up, we need to enroll into our new school.” She tells me

“ugh do we need to.” I say tired as hell

“yes, so get your ass up” she says pulling the blanket off of me

“okay I will once you get you ass out of my room.” I say back

“no, because I know you won’t.” she responds crossing her arms

“ fine.” I say getting out of bed

I really don’t want to. But I need too, I guess. She finally leaves my room. I get my stuff and head to the bathroom. I open the door to Damon with a towel around his waist. He looks at me and smiles.

“my bad.” I say quickly closing the door.

(you really need to let people know your in the bathroom.)I think knowing he will her my thoughts

(they knew you just didn’t.)

(oh, well my bad)

When I hear him leave the bathroom I quickly shower and get ready. Then I hear a knock on the door

“Hey we need to go Sarai and the twins are waiting in the car”

“okay ill be right out” I tell Robert

I run to my room and am out the door in five seconds. When I get inside the car I whisper, “okay I still have a few questions.” So only Robert and Sarai can hear me

“I’ll answer them later.” Robert whispers back

“okay” I respond

We head to the twin’s new school first. It’s a really nice school. Their old school was crap. This school looks expensive. Then we head to Sarai’s and my school.

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