Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 4

When we get there are gates that we have to go through first. We turn the corner and Sarai and I are shocked. This school is almost like a house. I smell wolves, and a few other things that I have never smelt before, the smell, smells like me almost.
“welcome to the brown school” Robert says.
Brown is my last name. that was my fathers last name.
“um what kind of school is this.” Sarai asks her dad
“it’s a supernatural school. So, vampires and wolves go her.” He responds
“wait, so there are more around like us, because I smell people like me.”
“yes, there are a few hybrids that go here, and Sarai you can smell people like us because they are witch ancestry like us.” He explains
“wait so back to you guys, you guys are witches.”
“yes and no, only the elders are, we just have that blood in us, but my mom is an elder, so she’s a witch and it will be passed on to me then Sarai.” He explains to me
“Oh okay. Who was this school named after.”
“this guy named Stefan brown.”
“Robert!!!”I yell
He steps on the brakes
“what, you scared the crap out of me.”
“that’s my dad, his name is Stefan brown.”
“Secorra,” Sarai says “ are you okay.”
“yes, Robert do you know anything about him”
“um, I think he is like the boss of the school, but no on has heard or seen him in 17 years” he tells me
“so, he might still be alive.”
Oh my god, my dad might still be alive. What if he Is, what would I say to him. will I be mad or hate him. what will happen. Robert parks and we get out of the car and head inside. I can’t stop thinking. He actually might still be alive. Im pulled out of my thoughts when the front desk lady calls my name a few times.
“Secorra” she says so kindly
“this is angel he will be showing you to you classes.”
I look over to were she is looking and she this really hot guy looking at me. I’m out of words.
“Hi I am angel.”
“nice to meet you.”
“you to.”
I say goodbye to Robert and tell Sarai I’ll see her around. Angel and I don’t talk until we reach my first class on the second floor.
“so you’re a hybrid,” he more states then asks
“ yea, can you smell me,” I ask
“ yea kind of you smell like strawberries, but I can tell because I cant read your mind.”
“oh.” I say laughing “thanks. I guess.”
“so I’m going to assume your just an ordinary wolf.”
“I am not ordinary but a wolf yes.”
I start laughing. “what do you mean not ordinary”
“you’ll have to find out, now get in class.” He says before he’s gone.
I walk into class and see Damon. When I look in his eyes I see anger. I head to the front of the class and the teacher introduces me to the class. She then points to the seat next to Damon.
(what’s wrong) I ask
Then this girl walks in, she’s beautiful. She’s a hybrid. I can smell her. she walks over to me and says get out of my seat.
“um, Mrs. Merino told me to sit here.”
“well it’s my seat so move.”
I get up and move to the middle of the classroom. I listen in very closely, to the conversation.
“ baby, why would you let such a ugly girl take my seat.”this girl says to Damon
“the teacher put her here” there trying to block every one from listening I can feel it. but that’s not stopping me from listening.
“ oh, well don’t listen to a teacher that ugly, the new girl doesn’t belong here , what’s her name and is she some lost pup, maybe her mom or dad didn’t want an ugly think like her.”
I start to growl, that really boils my blood and I thought she was beautiful. Who am I kidding she has such an ugly personality.
“Secorra, do you need to leave the room.” Mrs. Merino asks me
“no, I’m fine.” I lie.
(how can you hear what she’s saying. We are blocking you out of our conversation) Damon thinks to me, knowing that what she said go to me.
(well its not working. Thanks for defending me.) I think back.
“you know what, Mrs. Merino yea I need to leave the class.” I say grabbing my stuff and leaving the classroom.
I wait outside the classroom to listen to what this girl has to say.
“ewe, he name is even ugly” this girl says
“Yea” Damon responds
I run, I run right out of the school. I go to the back of the school yard and sit on the grass. Wow, he really thinks of me like that. God am I glad I didn’t sleep with him. he kissed me first, even though he has a girl friend, or whatever she is to him. this is guy I need to keep a wall up. because people do me dirty.

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