Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 5

When the bell rings I get up and head back to my first hour to meet angel. He looks at me and knows something is up. he tries to ask me if I am okay, but I don’t answer him and let him walk me to my next class. Once we are at my second class, he tells me he has it to. Oh cool, I have a class with him.
“um Mrs. Young, this is Secorra. Can she sit with me.”
“yea Angel.”
He leads me to the back of the class and we take our seats. The teacher begins teaching. Most of the time Angel tries to talk to me but I don’t pay him any attention. Why, why did Damon let her walk all over me. is that why he looked angry when he say me walk into class. I look over at Angel and ask
“Does Damon have a girlfriend.”
“DO you mean Damon Benz, the guy with dark hair, light skin and green eyes, is so then yes her name is Kathrine.”
“oh ok thank you.”
“if I were you id stay out of their relationship, you’re new, but she doesn’t play when it comes to her mans.”
“so, since you are new would you like to come over and maybe go swimming. Or I don’t know watch a movie.”
“sure” I say with out even thinking.
Cool I made a new friend, isn’t that just great. He seems pretty cool and he’s nice to me. I’m not sure, I like bad boys and boys I can’t have, what if I end up wanting Angel instead of Damon. No, I cant be thinking that. Yea I crave Damon but that doesn’t mean anything right. I just need to keep my head in the game. This class is boring. After my second hour, angel walks me to our next class. We both walk in and of course Damon is in this class. Well at least I have Angel to talk to. Damon looks at me then looks away. I try not to acknowledge him. I turn my focus to Angel.
“so after school, I would have to get a bathing suit,” I tells him not blocking Damon from hearing
“Oh, well my sister might have one you can barrow.”
“okay yea, ill tell my sister to tell her dad that im going to you house after school.”
“sure, do you want to meet by my motorcycle.”
(what the fuck you going to Angel’s house) Damon thinks
(yes do you have a problem) I think angrily
(nope not at all)
(That’s what I thought)
“so, whose you sister.” I ask Angel out of curiosity
“ Her name is Elena, I think you’ll like her”
“Oh cool, my sister is Sarai.”
“ how old is she.”
“Sixteen, how old is Elena”
“She is also sixteen.”
“can I invite her maybe our sister can get along.”
“yea sure.”
“okay, then when her dad comes to pick us up maybe he can drop her off at you house. I’ll ride with you.”
“of course.”
We don’t talk for the rest of class. Honestly so far, all my class are boring. When the day is over, I ask Sarai If she wants to come over to Elena and Angel’s house. she tells me yea. I give her Angels address and she meets me there. I head to the student parking lot and spot Angel right away. god, he’s hot. I walk over to him and tell him my sister will meet us at his house. we ride towards my neighborhood. I didn’t realize he was in my neighborhood. We hop off his motorcycle and head into his house. shortly after we arrive Robert pulls up with my sister. Then another motorcycle pulls up and I see this really pretty girl. That must be his sister.
“Elena this is Secorra and Sarai.” He tells his sister “Secorra and Sarai this is Elena”
“HI” we both say.
Elena says “Hi” back
Elena, Sarai and I head to her room so I can get a bathing suit. Elena shows me all her bathing suits.
“sorry I only have two pieces.” She tells me
“Its fine, can I use the red one” I ask
She nods her head yea and leads me to the bathroom. I quickly change not wanting him to wait for me. i leave my clothes in Elena’s room. I then head to the back of the house. when Angel sees me he’s out of words. I’m starting to feel insecure
“what” I ask
“nothing, you beautiful.”
“thanks. “I say removing my arms form my body and actually look at me.
“what.” He asks
“your lying”
“How do you know.”
“you body tells me.”
“hmm, okay I am, you body is distracting me.”
Angel laughs a little. I then begin laughing. He comes closer to me and picks me up and throws me in the pool. I come pu and looks at him.
“what was that for.”
“I have no clue”
“I’ll get you back just wait.”
He then jumps in. he swims closer to me.
“are you sure you want to do that.” He says closer to me
“y-yes” I stutter
He then pulls me in and kisses me.

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