Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 6

Damn his lips feel so good. I pull away and dunk him under the water. He comes up and says, “you shouldn’t have done that.”
I begin to laugh before he drags me under, I grab his legs and drag him under too. I have a smile on my face. We are now face to face under the water. We lean in at the same time and kiss. We come up for air at the same time not breaking the kiss. We stay in the pool kissing for a while. When we both hear the front door open, we break our kiss.
“my mom must be home” he says getting out of the pool.
I get out to. We head inside when his mom greets me with a hug. I hug her back to be nice.
“hi you must be Secorra,” she says “you just like he said beautiful.”
“yes, and thank you. You are gorgeous yourself” I say looking at Angel.
“so this is my mom” he say laughing
“nice to meet you, Mrs. Vasquez” I tell her
She nods and smiles. “Where’s your sister.”
“Upstairs with Secorra’s sister, we’ll go get her”
Angel and I head upstairs to Elena’s room. When I open the door, I see that my sister and his sister are locking lips. When they see us they look scared.
“we won’t say anything.” I say looking at Angel. “right”
“Right” angel responds
We look at each other and laugh when we close the door.
“I didn’t know my sister liked girls.” He says
“me either” I respond
He yells downstairs “we will be in my room, the girls are doing their nails”
“okay” I hear his mom answer
Once we are in his room, he closes the door and locks it. he then walks over to me and pulls me closer and kisses me. I fall into the kiss. we walk over to his bed not breaking the kiss. I fall onto the bed as he gets on top of me. all we do Is kiss then we watch a movie. For a while. Then I hear a car pull up to his house. I know its Robert because I hear “I’m here” I head to Elena’s room to get my clothes but before entering I knock on the door, just to make sure they aren’t kissing.
I put my clothes on in the bathroom then I kiss Angel goodbye. After that we head home. when we get to the house, Safina and I head to our rooms. Before entering our rooms I tell Safina “ I didn’t know you liked girls.”
“yea I do.” She says shyly
Then I head to my room. When I enter my room I smell Damon.
He comes out of the corner.
“you smell like him.” he tells me
“Okay and”
“and its gross I don’t like that smell on you.”
“to bad I do.”
“so, what now you guys are dating”
“no, we aren’t and why does it matter to you.”
“because it does”
“to bad, you have a girlfriend, you the one who decided to kiss me and almost have sex with me so grow some balls and get out”
He comes closer to me making me mad.
“what you didn’t like it.” he says with a grin
“get out”
“or what.”
“Damon do not play with me. get the fuck out.”
His grin falls and he leaves. why is he messing with me. I shouldn’t think about it much. I need to shower. I head to the shower; I shower for about thirty minutes. I head back to my room in a towel. Of course, Damon comes out right as I am entering my room. he looks at me and I look away. I am mad at him. I mean he did use me, technically we used each other but I won’t admit that. I get in a pair of night shorts and put on a tank top, then I lay down on my bed and fall asleep. I wake up around four in the morning, I don’t have school for another two hours and I can’t fall asleep. Ughh. I lay in bed for an hour. I finally decide to get up and eat something. I head to the kitchen.
“good morning Corra” Rebecca says to me.
“Morning” I respond pouring myself some cereal.
After I am done eating I head back upstairs to get ready. I bump into Salvador.
“Hey.” He responds
“How was your first day at school yesterday.”
“pretty good, there was this girl who is now my friend but I have a crush on her.”
“Ooo, are you going to ask her out”
“do it you only live once”
“yea you right.”
He walks downstairs as I head to my room. That true he only lives once. He’s a human, which makes me sad. What If he wasn’t. what if I bite him and my sister. I mean I am a hybrid aren’t I. I could change their lives forever. Since Sarai is part witch she can live forever too. Oh my god, that would mean Salvador and Safina will age and die. Damn. I stop thinking when I spot Damon in my room again.
“what do you want.”
“well to bad you can’t have me”
He walks closer to me, and is inches from kissing me
“Look im sorry should’ve told you.”
“you’re damn right you should’ve told me, I wouldn’t have kissed you.”
“that’s why I didn’t tell you” he says closing the distance between us and kissing me.
I quickly pull away.
“no, no you don’t get to do that, you didn’t defend me when you gorgeous girlfriend said those things about me, and you didn’t even tell me you had a girlfriend, who is hotter then me.”
“look I’m sorry but I don’t want her.”
“who do you want me, because that is not going to happen ever”
“why, because I have a girlfriend who I don’t want, or because I didn’t want to blow my cover with you.”
“look Damon, you hot, and have gorgeous eyes and is a good kisser who make my blood boil, but you need to think again I am not some one you can fuck then leave.”
“I know that, that’s why I wont leave”
“hmm, let me think” I say ‘’ no”
“fine” he says with anger written all over his face.
After he leave I get ready, then I head to the car so we can go to school. I want to see angel.
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