Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 7

When we get to school, Angel is waiting for me at the front of the school. I say bye to Robert and Sarai and I head to the front of school. Sarai disappears, I am assuming to meet Elena. While I walk straight into Angel’s arms. We hug for a second then he kisses me. im not much of a PDA type person, but kissing him is great. Angel walks me to my first hour and kisses me right in front of Damon which makes him mad. Angel didn’t do it intentionally. I walk into class with a smile on my face. I head to the seat that want assigned to me, but before I can get there Kathrine trips me. I didn’t know until now that I have anger issues. I look at her and say “what did you do that for bitch”
“excuse me”
“yes you bitch what did you do that for” I growl.
She begins to growl at me. right there and then I’m in my wolf form as is she. We growl at each other. I charge for but instead I am hit by another wolf, Damon.
(get out of my way) I think towards him, blocking her out
(no, you need to learn how to control yourself)
(awe, you don’t want me to tear her apart how cute, now get the fuck out of my way)
(I guess ill have to get through you first)
I charge at him and bite his side. He winces in pain. But that doesn’t stop him from charging right back at me. im to fast for him as I dodge him. I run towards him as bite him again, making him wince in more pain. Its not until I see him laying on the ground in his human form do I realize that I seriously hurt him. Kathrine turns back into her human form and runs to him. I turn back and run to grab the teacher. I tell her the whole story before we get to the classroom. She calls the nurse and sends Kathrine and I to the principals office.
“who started it.” Mr. Garcia asks
“she did, she tripped me.”
“why did you trip her Kathrine” he asks
“ Because I don’t like her and look at her shes ugly” she explains
I begin to growl.
“calm down Secorra, Kathrine that doesn’t give you a reason to trip her.”as he is finishing his sentence a man that looks like my dad walks in.
“Good morning, Mr. Brown” Kathrine and Mr. Gracia say at the same time.
‘’why are they in here” he asks
“Because Kathrine tripped Secorra , and Secorra injured a student trying to get to Kathrine.”
“Kathrine I will be calling your mother, and Secorra come to my office now.”
Kathrine heads back to class as I walk with Mr. Brown to his office. He thinks (I know where she got her anger from)
(Yea you) I think back
He looks at me as we enter his office.
“do you know who I am”
“ yes,”
“who am I.”
“Stefan Brown, aka my father, who has been missing or seventeen years and decides oh now I should pop back into her life. Even though she ahs assumed I was dead. How does that sound” I ask giving attitude
“One, im sorry, Two, I cam back because I felt you first transition. Three, it was better off if you thought I was dead.”
“let me tell you something, I have been gone for so long because I was upset because the most powerful hybrid had died, Your grandfather, your nana knew I was alive, what she didn’t know was that your papa was a hybrid, somehow the gene didn’t get passed on to me, it skipped a generation to you. I am a hybrid but you are The most powerful one alive. I ran away from all my problems, mainly you, I was not ready to be a father. Im sorry.”
“well, its whatever I am living with my sister’s family. Which are part witches and I am happy”
“I want you to live with me so I can protect you. Maybe Robert can contact some of the witches and put a protection spell on you.”
“what makes me so powerful”
“you can hear, when even when some one is blocking you out, you can see further then normal wolves or hybrids can. You can read peoples minds. The only thing you cant do is smell witches.”
“that explains a lot. I couldn’t smell my sister nor Robert. I could hear Damon’s conversation when he was trying to block me out. and well ive always known I could read minds.what if I don’t want to live with you” I ask
“I can teach you things how to control the wolf, I can show you the tast of blood, I can show you a lot of things, and you can finally be with me.”
“Ill think about it, may I leave now.”
“yes, but you have detention.”
I then leave his office

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