Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 8

I head back to class with so much on my mind. Why did he come back now after seventeen years. Why does he want me to live with him. how can he show me things when he isn’t a hybrid. Ughh. After seventeen years he comes back and tries to claim me, yea, not going to happen. Angel pulls me out of my thoughts when he taps me on the shoulder.
“hey I heard what happened, are you okay.”
“yea, im fine. All I got was detention.”
“oh okay, after detention, so you want to get some food.”
He kisses me and we walk to our next hour. Damon wasn’t in class. I’m assuming he went back to the house. but nope, I was wrong. He walks in with a limp. He looks at me with a angry expression.
(I’m sorry)
(I don’t care. You shouldn’t have gone after her like that or me.)
(im sorry I know)
(Obviously not.)
(look I said im sorry I don’t know how to repay you but I will, also my dad is Stefan Brown, the head of the school and hes back)
(yes I know how you can repay me, and I could care less)
(wow, okay. No I don’t need to repay you, you shouldn’t have been trying to protect you little girlfriend)
“fuck you” he says out loud
The teacher and everyone looks at him while he is looking at me.
I want to say you already almost did but that would hurt Angel. So I don’t.
“take it out side.” Mrs. Young says to me and Damon
So that’s what we do we head outside the classroom, I block everyone from us so they can’t feel our presence or hear our conversation.
“you already almost did.” I say crossing my arms “to me it seems like you want to.”
He grabs me and uses his speed and before I know it we are in the janitors closet. He winces when we stop.
“yes I want to, but you keep saying no and pushing me away.”
“I knew it.” I say laughing “ im sorry I shouldn’t have hurt you and im sorry for that.”
“you will payy me for what you did”
“and how will I do that.”
He doesn’t answer but instead kisses me, he begins teasing me making me want more. no, I shouldn’t. but I can’t help it. he picks me up and outs my back on the wall, he whispers on my lips “like this”. I can feel him everywhere. I pull away and say “it seems like your pain has gone away”
“yes it has, I am to focus on something else right now.” He says grabbing my hair and pulling my lips closer. He nibbles on my lip making me moan a little. He licks my bottom lip for entry. When our tongues touch its like fireworks. I have never let this way. we need to stop, but I don’t want to. I pull away and look at him.
“I will not have sex in the janitor’s closet.”
“fine, then we will in you bed or mine.”
I nervously laugh. I don’t know I want to, but then again I am kind of with Angel and well Damon is with Kathrine.
“okay.” I say
We quickly leave the janitors closet and head back to class. Angel looks at me and says “what took you so long”
“I needed to go to the bathroom, and I don’t know what he was doing.”
“oh okay.”
The bell then rings and we head to our next class. Damon is in my next class. I sit next to him.
(nice cover up, you were in the bathroom for twenty minutes okay)
(I couldn’t think of anything)
(hmm, okay )
After class we head to lunch. I don’t talk to any one when lunch Is over I don’t really pay attention to any one even the teachers. After school I head to detention, when My father Stefan comes in and take over the detention. No one but me was in detention.
“so, have you thought about it.”
“no, if I were to move in with you would I be able to Date, would I have my own room and privacy, would you give me a phone.”
“all o those are yes’s”
“okay then yes I will move in. But on full moons I will transform with my sisters family”
“okay, you will move in tonight” he asks but more states.
“I will need to talk to Robert and Rebecca”
Once detention is over I head to Angels bike. He waited for me. we then head to his house. I say high to his mom and sister then he go to his room. We lay down and cuddle while watching a movie for a few hours. Then he takes me home. I head inside and Robert and Rebecca ask me to meet them in the kitchen.
“so, Stefan is back” Robert says
“yes, he wants me to move in with him, I said I will think about it and that every full moon I will be with you guys.”
“okay, that’s fine. But, what will we say to the twins.”
“that I wen to live with a friend and I will see them every day.”
“okay. You can go pack, if you want. i will be giving Sarai a phone as I will be giving you one, so you can text us every day, and if something goes wrong then you will get you.” He says giving me a phone
“okay thank you.” I say “I will go with him tomorrow.”
Then I head upstairs. I begin to pack, Damon comes in shortly after I finish
“so you leaving.”
“yes” I say as he walks closer to me
“why”he says closing the distance between us
“because,”I get out
He pulls my face up so I am looking at him.
“when they go to sleep come to my room” he says then kisses me lightly
When he leaves I begin to cry, I don’t know why I just do
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