Wickedly devoted

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Chapter 9

Around midnight I head to Damon’s room. He’s sitting on his bed waiting for me. his room is clean, not at all what I was expecting. He walks over to me and grabs my face so I can look at him.
“are you okay” he asks with worry in his voice
“yes, ill be fine”
He pulls me in and kisses me softly
“are you okay, im sorry I hurt you.”
“im fine” he says
He kisses me again but this time with hunger. He pick me up and walks over to the bed. He lays me down and looks at me. I look away not wanting him to look at me, but he moves my head so we are looking at each other. I don’t see anger in his eyes anymore. He leans in a kisses me softly. I kiss him back and nibble his bottom lip. He groans making me want him even more.
“shh, they will hear you” I say
“no they won’t”
he leans in again catching my lips. He grinds on me driving me wild. I rap my legs around his waist pulling him in closer. He takes off my shirt and pulls away to look at me.
“god, you beautiful” he says looking at me.
I pull him in because even though he says I’m beautiful, I feel insecure. I take off his shirt and look at him. I’m in awe his body is to die for. I rub my hands on his abs. he leans back in and kisses me. I push him back and begin to take off his pants. He lets out another groan even though I haven’t even done anything. I move my hands down as I am reaching to feel him. when I grip him he lets out a moan. Which makes me smile. I slowly make my way down. Making sure I touch every part of him. once I’m on my knees, I put my mouth on him. making him moan even more. he grips the back of my hair. i move my tongue up and down, he tilts his head back as I have my mouth on him. He grabs my hair pulling me up. He kisses me with hunger and says “my turn” he picks me up and puts me on the bed.
He takes off my pants. Licking every part of my body he can see. As he reaches for my underwear, I moan. Making him smile. Good thing I wore cute ones, but sadly they are destroyed by his teeth. He kisses me very softly then uses his tongue, making me crave him, and moan even louder with every stroke of his tongue. Im craving him to much. I grip his hair tight. I grab his head and bring him up.
I kiss him with hunger. He keeps teasing me which is driving me wild. He gets off the bed and grabs a condom and a belt. He ties my arms around the bed, he then puts on the condom. He slowly enters me. I arch my back with pleasure. Every worry, every problem disappears. He moans a little, with every stroke. God, he feels so good. I want to feel him.
(untie me) I think
He unties me, and my arms go straight to his back. every stroke I dig my nails deeper into his skin. He bends his head down as I moan into his ear. He grips on to the bed sheets. I have found my mate. he grinds harder. He moans as he finishes. We lay next to each other for a while. he kisses me very lightly, almost like its our last. He then falls asleep with his head on my breasts. Around five in the morning I leave his room and head back to mine.
I don’t know how to feel. I know he’s my mate but does he know I am his. What about angel. Damon just cheated on Kathrine with me. what if she finds out. oh god what did I do. I don’t know what to do. What if this all falls through. No, I need to pretend like it didn’t happen. Plus, Angel and I aren’t together. All we did was kiss. so I’m good on that side but Kathrine.
I get ready for school, and head to school with Sarai. When I get to school. I hear everyone talking about how Kathrine and Damon broke up. I see angel and he kisses me but I don’t kiss back..
“what happened” I ask him
“Kathrine and Damon broke up, he told her he found his mate and doesn’t want to be with her. I wonder who that is.”
“yea me to.” I say
I hope its me because god knows I have the hots for him. Kathrine is crying. She walks up to me and slaps me saying “its you”
I begin to growl losing my temper.
“back up now.” I say growling
“Its you, before you came to this school we were good. But, then you showed up and Damon breaks up with me.”
I continue to growl “backup”
She gets even closer to me.
I jump out of my skin into my wolf form as does she. Before I charge at her Damon is in front of me with his hands out.
(calm down)
(please calm down for me)
I begin to gain control of myself. I turn back into a human again. Damon looks at me and thinks (thank you). Kathrine is in her human form again looking at Damon. She thinks it her. This whole time he’s been in love with her. Angel looks at me and shakes his head then walks off.
“angel stop”
“no Secorra. i understand” he says walking faster.
Oh god what have I done. I run out of the school crying. I really fucked up. Damon is right behind me. but I am faster then him. I run at full speed as I head into the woods.
(Secorraa)I hear
(talk to me)
(if we didn’t fuck then you wouldn’t have broken up with her, if we didn’t fuck then I would be with Angel)
(Yes, but if we didn’t fuck, I would have never knew that you were my soulmate, that I am in love with you. Please let me see you)
I come out from behind a tree, in my wolf form. He walks up to and hugs me. I begin to turn back into my human form holding on to him very tightly.
“why does love have to be hard”
“I don’t know, but I do know that I love you Secorra. I really love you”
“I know” I say not saying I love you back.

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