How could she

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She has just lost her job and she feels like she has lost everything until she finds herself in a dilemma. Choose between the mysteries that makes her want more or the life that she had before him.

Fantasy / Romance
Hollie Harvey
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How could she

I have never wanted to stay in bed so much in my life. I don’t know if it’s because deep down I know that my boss hates me because I cancelled a meeting, or if it’s because my bed is so comfy I can hear my room mate Emily getting ready “come on Beth it can’t be that bad go get a coffee and then sit in the park before you go in” Emily had it easy, she had the long legs, the body, the beauty and all she had to do was flick her long black hair and people would do whatever she wanted them to do, me on the other hand yeah I have the legs and long brown hair, but I have what most people call puppy fat, I would love it if people could give me confidence, as Emily has a lot but she is right I’m going to have to get up and get to work, I need the confidence today so I’m going to wear my dark blue dress that has a gold zip down the back. now I am ready for the day I grab my keys from the bowl on the way out and I noticed myself in the mirror “you’ve got this” saying it out loud gave me a little bit of confidence to walk into work with my head held high. I’m going straight to work I can get a coffee after. As I get in I think it might be the adrenaline but right now the elevator seems like it’s going so slow, as soon as the doors open I can’t believe that the first thing I see is on my desk a box full of my stuff “come in to my office Beth” I know that no matter how this goes he is going to fire me. so I take my time “where The fuck have you been and why did you cancel my 9 o’clock meeting” he is so angry and I have done everything I can for him “we both know that it was not a business meeting” as soon as I had said that Emily walks around the corner.

I can’t breath, the room feels like it has just started spinning, I know what they have just done as he is still wearing her lipstick. it makes me feel so sick “Beth I’m sorry I thought you would not come straight in and get a coffee first” I want to scream and punch her but it would not take back what has just happened “I’m done” I’m trying to pack up the rest of my stuff and not cry. I can feel the lump in my throat getting bigger but I’m not going to give in. as soon as the elevator doors close, I can’t hold it back anymore why would she do this to me, she’s been my best friend for years now, I live with her, all the way home I could not concentrate, I’m nervous to walk in the house as I don’t want to see her, so I try and be as quiet as I can, I look around I’m happy she’s not home, I go though the cupboards for munch and head straight to my room all I can think about is Emily with him. I hear her opening the door. I’m not in the mood for talking to her right now or hear how she is sorry. I can hear her walking up to my door, so I pretend I’m asleep. I must fell asleep as the time is Now 08:00am, I make myself a cup of coffee and sit at the table and look at the newspaper for jobs. one job catches my eye ‘night waitress wanted at the tequila’ Tequila is one of my favourite bars in town and as it’s night hours, so I won’t have to see Emily anymore.

it is finally the date of my interview, I’m so nervous I want this job because it’s going not just going to get me away from Emily, It because I don’t want to talk to her anymore and I need to start saving so I can move out of here. I’m deciding to either wear my white shirt and black skirt or my black dress. I’m going to wear the shirt and skirt as it’s more comfortable and because I can wear my trainers with it. I’m sat in my car looking at the neon lights that read tequila and the red rusted look, doors, I know I’m 20 minutes early but I really need this job. It weird to be there during the day, the place is empty part from a few chairs in a line. I’m not sure where I’m going so I walk around the back. There’s a door that has boss on it so I knock. “Come in” his voice is so Stern, I walk in and he is sat there on the corner of his desk. He’s wearing tight black jeans, a baggy white shirt, he has dark brown eyes and long black hair. “Please call me Sam” he is so handsome “I’m here for the job interview” I’m so nervous I think I might of stuttered. He stood up and walked towards me, he is so intense. “You got the job you start tomorrow night” I’m so confused, am I showing too much boob. “How comes” he looks down at me “no one else has turned up so it’s yours if You want it.”I don’t know if It is hot in here or if it’s just me but I can’t wait to get outside.

I’m hurrying to the door, I need fresh air, I have never wanted someone, like I just wanted him but I’m going to have to get it under control to work here. All the way home I keep I thinking about his eyes and the effect he has on my. I get into bed and fall asleep thinking about him and all the things I would let him do to me. I wake up to Emily day on the bottom of my bed crying “get out now!!!” As much as I hate seeing her right now, seeing her cry makes me upset. She had hurt me it just because she slept with my boss at the time but she betrayed me. I can’t just forget that and forgive her no matter how long we have been friends but watching her try and find the words to say she is sorry just breaks my heart. “Tell me what’s up” I seen that she tried to smile. “He told me I was the one but I saw him, this morning with another woman. He lied to me. he was fucking that blonde bitch like he didn’t have a care in the world Beth and when I asked him about it, he just said I was a fling that ended before it had even begun and that I was just another one of his bitches.” She was crying now more then ever. I really don’t know what to tell her as I seen this coming. “ take my covers and go sit on the sofa, I’ll get the ice cream and we can sit and watch Disney today but don’t think that I’m going to forgive you as you betrayed me and lost my trust completely okay” she nodded, took my covers and went and got on the sofa. I do miss the days that we done this and because I’m not going to tell her that I miss them. I take the controller “lion king it is” I love this movie and I know it cheers her up.

I feel so fat right now. I have eaten 2 ice cream tubs and chocolate, I don’t normally eat this much. Emily looks so peaceful when she’s asleep , I go to change the movie over and notice the time “shit I’m going to be late” I rush in my room and get find the uniform Sam had given me, the uniforms is black shorts and a light pink top which is alright as it shows of my legs and goes with my trainers. I’m so excited, I wonder will I see Sam. It’s 7:25 and Sam texted me and asked if I can arrive here half hour early so I can get to meet the people I will be working with. I’m so nervous, I pull up in the car park and just take a breather for a minute. Now I feel brave enough I get out the car and go to walk to the door, I can hear people around the back where you go for a fag shouting my name, as I walk around the corner I see about 5 people all looking at me, they are wearing the uniform so they must be who I’m working with tonight. Sam steps out from the shadows and says “this is our new waitress Beth, she is normal so be nice to her and respect her, everyone nods and says “hi” except a black haired woman standing by the door she just looked at me made a funny noise and walked in.

I try and take my eyes of Sam and smile as I don’t know what to say did that woman know me from somewhere or something. I felt so embarrassed. Once we started working and customers started to come in the night started to get easier but the Black haired woman is trying to stay away from me, it’s starting to make me feel self conscious. I walk up to someone behind the bar, “is it okay if I pop outside for 5” the bloke nodded so I shot out the back, as soon as I sit down another woman can out “don’t worry about Kate she just don’t like anyone new, or anyone for that matter I’m Terra” she held her hand out, I shook it “I’m Beth” she smiled at me and offered me a fag. It was nice. As soon as we went back inside Terra started to help me remember the table numbers and showed me how to write the orders down short hand. When Terra left to go in to the kitchen I know what I’m doing now and it’s Really easy now I know it and before I realise, I am working every night and I have been for weeks now Working at tequila is a breeze. The time just flys by. I’m taking a customers order when Terra walks over “Sam wants to see you in the office” everyone at the table giggles and I instantly think I’m in trouble, have I done something wrong, I’m doing everything that Terra has shown me. I just walk in to sam’s office and there he is standing behind his desk looking all hot and sweaty. “Am in trouble boss, I’m following everything Terra says and shows me” he looks at me and gives a wicked smile “please call me Sam and no your not in any trouble I just wanted to know that it’s been a few weeks since you started And I wanted to Know how are you finding it here.” I was so busy taking orders that’s it’s nearly 3am already it feels like I have Only just started my shift. “Well Sam I really like working here, everyone is nice and helping me but when we was out side when I first started what did you mean by She is normal” I don’t know why but the way he said it that day it sounded really odd to me, and I don’t know why but when either of us talk we are slowly getting closer to each other. Sam looks me Up and down and moves so he is right in front of me. “That’s good then and nothing you need to worry about” he moves a bit of my hair out of my face. Terra walks in “can I borrow Beth to show her how to lock up” I look at Sam to see what is answer is and as soon as I see him nod I walk out of his office and straight outside.

What am I doing. Was I really going to kiss my boss? What is wrong with me. My head is all over the place. Terra walked out the door, she looks at me and smiles. “His spell on you will wear off eventually” the word spell confuses me and makes my head spin, “what do you mean spell?” Just saying the word out loud just sounds odd. “I mean the feeling that you need him and want him every way possible, he has that effect on every one. When they first meet him, it’s just what he is. You will get used to it but try not to give in to that feeling because so many people have and had to quit and I’m starting to like you.” What does she mean by Because of what he is and his spell I know something was going on. all of this just didn’t add up with Sam saying I’m normal, Terra saying he has a spell on me and saying it’s what he is? What is he? I feel like I’m going to faint.

I must of fainted as I’m in my house on my sofa and I can hear Sam “you told her what I am Terra!! Do you k ow how fucking dangerous that is!!” He sounds so angry “I didn’t tell her what you are Sam I didn’t tell her anything but I want to Beth deserves to know the truth” that’s it I can’t take it any more. What the fuck are they talking about. I have to sit up I feel sick “what the fuck are you talking about!” Sam and Terra looked at each other, Sam can over and knelt down in front of me. “Beth please let me explain.” I k ow he’s trying to get me to look at him “ no Sam I’m not going to look at you and forget that I am mad at both of you, so you either explain or I will ask Terra” I just want to know the truth now, Because as I think about it something Has not been right at the tequila. Sam looks at Terra “it would sound better coming from you” terra nodded and walked over and sat next to me. “ no matter how you feel or this Beth there is always a job at my bar when ever you want it” Sam really did mean that but what could be so bad that I would want to quit my job? Sam gives me a kiss on the cheek and a smile then walked out. “Do you have any ice cream as we might need it” it was a odd question but after what they had just been talking about I just want to know the truth so I just point to the freezer. She got two tubs out “are you ready to hear this Beth” I need a fag first, so I start rolling and nod at her “okay have you noticed since you have been working at the bar people have been acting strange or seem wired yet you don’t know why? It’s because we live in a world with not just humans and animals but supernaturals too. We don’t want to make it public or tell people as they don’t like anything that is different and some of us are not exactly nice” I’m going to be sick, I have noticed that something is not right but supernaturals? “What has this even got to do with Sam? Are you normal?” Asking her is she is normal just feels horrible “i know this is a lot to take in Beth are you sure you want me to carry on telling you about this, we can take a break if you want and I can come over and tell you the rest because there is so much more to explain”. I don’t know how much more of this I can take how many people are not normal? How many people know about the supernaturals? “What are you and Sam Terra” I can see that she really does not want to answer that question “tell me Terra” she looks down and starts to play with her fingers and her rings. “sams a witch that’s why he has that effects on you and I’m a were-panther.” I can’t breath my chest is so tight, I think I’m hyperventilating. “Breathe Beth breathe you having a panic attack hun.” All this is way to much to take in my mind is not coping well with any of this. Witches? Were-panthers? “Beth talk to me hun you are worrying me” I don’t think I want to talk or even talk to her right now but I need answers I need to know the full story. “How many things are out there Terra and after 24 year why am I only finding this out now” a tear ran down terra’s face. “I’m sorry Beth I wanted to tell you sooner but sam told me not to as it is not just my secret to tell.” How could they keep something like this from me? “How many more are like you” that question seemed like it upset her as she slowly started to cry “I’m the only were-panther around here but there is a family of werewolves just the church and there are fairy’s up the road” that’s it I have had enough of one day, I can’t take anymore. “Thanks Terra but I want to be by myself now if I need you I will call you” I just want to curl up in my bed and cry my self to sleep. “Okay hun but please don’t tell anyone about us Beth it’s not safe knowing And it’s not just my secret.” I nod and go to bed Terra can show her self in I’m done for a while I just want to sleep.

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