Queen Luna

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Read Elise's Story of a tribrid from her trenchant trainer making her sleep in her own pool of blood to her mate making her sleep in his bed in pool of her own orgasm..:)

Fantasy / Erotica
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"Elise , I Ares Landon reject you as my mate, the future queen of Lycans, and my life partner" Ares said with no emotions

"I Elise Reynold, accept your Ares Landon's rejection." I rolled my eyes at him and walked away.

"You know you want him, right..?" Selene my wolf Chuckles and starts laughing. With that I cut the link with her and started walking away from everyone.


I am Elise The Strongest Tribrid having vamp, were and a witch within me and also a boon of Moon goddess's Drop of Blood in me which scares away the council of Lycan as well. I have a Brother 4 years older than me who is a hybrid with vampire and Werewolf blood. We are the royals and My father and Ares father are the best friends since school and so Jake is also a best friend of Ares from school.

Ares is Known to be the coldest, fiercest, and scarred royal werewolf King. He Challenged Alpha Landon when he was just 14 and took over the throne. Just like Jake took over the title when he was 14. Father and Alpha Landon had plans since both the kids took over the throne.

Stay tuned to read Elise's story from her sleeping in her own blood to her mate rejecting her and then if he wants her back.......

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