Queen Luna

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Chapter 9

I decided to drive myself, I am to be called a crazy girl with fancy of cars and right now I am standing outside my car far away from the huge place, at the gate of the Moon pack, when a boy comes running, he is quite muscular, a little short in height, has black eyes and there a green aura emitting from him telling me he is a good person, he is standing in front of me with sparkle in his eyes, head bowed in submission.

"your majesty, welcome to the Moon pack" he said " we did not know you will come to visit us in a short period of request,w..we would have arranged some things for you."

"thank you.." "N..Noah, my queen, I am the beta of this pack" he said similling

"Noah, very well I understand what situation your pack is under right now..a luna's presence is very important, she is a second mother to us wolves, and for my arrangements, your alpha won't hesitate to give me anything" with this said he was looking at me in shock, only if he knew Jake is my brother and I pray to the goddess I hope he will not hate me.

As we are going inside the territory, I realised a lot has changed Jake changed everything, he is the strongest hybrid from what I heard and also very kind and helpful one, people feared him and also respected him. Noah got out of my car telling me to park there in the huge parking area of the pack and I walked there when I am at the door of a huge house when a couple came out.

He is tall almost 6'6-6'8 has dark brown hairs, the faint emerald green eyes with sparkle and tears in them and the lady well she is very beautiful, tall around 5'7 I suppose blonde hairs that reach her ribs, cat eyes, they both are looking at me in amusement and the Jake came running and gave me quite a hug which send everyone in shock to which I only laughed.

" Goddess, Eli we missed you" he whimpered

"y..y.yy..ou did" I was sent in shock now with his statement. He missed me- My family missed me, I was wrong about them.

we went inside he showed me my room, introduced me to his luna Cebel and told me everything that the council was doing to take him down..so he thought only I would be able to save him and likewise I WILL. We had lunch and talked about things we missed since I was gone, how much daddy and mom cries to see me, how proud they are when they hear who I am what I have become. I wanted to see them.

"why don't you come back Eli" luna said

" I don't know, II..I thought will not be welcomed here, and was sent to that monster as a punishment for almost killing my own brother" Jake laughed

"Seriously Eli, father was told by the goddess herself to send you there, none of us wanted you out of out sight, you're my only sister, but now you're the QUEEN, so queen will you like to come back to the family, our home" he asked

"I'll think Jake, goodnight"

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