Queen Luna

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Chapter 10


There she is standing the living goddess for everyone and my dear sister for me, with long black hair, icy blue eyes, she's grown tall and goddess the aura coming from her.!

The day when the council members came it was a complete different atmosphere, her eyes were totally black with the silver outline and not a single member of council dared to look at her, she told me she will settle this matter on my behalf and took the council members to my study, there were arguments I assume and then she growled the very ground shaking and said " DO NOT FUCKING DARE!, ONE MISTAKE FROM YOU AND YOUR HEAD WILL BE SEPARATED FROM YOUR BODY. DARE ME AND TRY DOING ANYTHING TO MY BROTHER AND HIS LUNA, I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE AFTERMATH.." everyone heard her voice loud and clear, I assume the council did not know the queen of ancients, the very living goddess is my sister..

I want her to have a normal teenage life, she has lost a lot- everything you can say, I am going to talk with master OXE, he was a teacher and a well known to teach the schools in ancients, maybe he will help Eli while she can stay here. I Fucking desperately need my sister, I've missed her more than anything..

Few days later...

Master OXE accepted my invitation and I asked him to teach Eli, Goddess blessed!! he accepted now my sister is going to live with us, with this thought cebel is also happy.

She will have to drive for an hour as master OXE lives in the territory between the Moon Pack and the Silver Pack which is managed by Ares the royal and king of the werewolves he is close to master and provides him security, even though he is my best friend since childhood like our fathers, the formal permission is required and respect always comes first for us.

"Noah, call Alpha Ares and inform him Eli will be coming to meet master OXE" I mind-link him

She is reading some book I assume they are from the ancients she need to learn how to control her new powers coming to her from every kill and the already existing ones.."Eli, master OXE will start teaching and training you from tomorrow" I told her

"Jelly......... how about I go and see him today before I start the school I'll like to see him and talk to him.." she asked me, I know she is coming around but, scared I can sense. of same thing happening again, I'm going to protect her.

" alright, I'll inform him" with this said I gave her the address and she left.

"She's going to be fine" Cebel always have a way to calm me, those sparks comes with her touch, I am thankful to my sister she settled the matter with council.

"how about you relieve my stress " I winked at her with this she knew what I wanted.

She is standing on her toe tips and kissing me, our lips dancing in perfect rhythm, I grope her breast earning the moans from her, my hands moving under her loose t-shirt, and then stopping at the knot of her pants which is completely hugging her, I think ill have to tear them so we move fast to our room, I don't want any bastard looking at my luna, without breaking our contact pulling her so that now her legs are hugging my torso we left the door.....

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