Queen Luna

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Chapter 11


I left the house, and after driving for more than an hour i reach the address Jake gave me. This place is somewhat similar to ancients with huge gate. I masked my scent which i have a habit of when i visit the unknown.

" I'm Elise, I am here to see master Oxe" I told one of the guard. He linked someone and then asked me to go inside to the 4th house on my right, I nodded and left.

I don't know why but my wolf is strangely happy today we are not very keen about getting trained after what happened to us,this place is beautiful, loads of trees and many houses medium in size but beautifully built also there is a lake attached behind this place, and people are working casually, some are meditating, kids going to one the building, teenagers to the other building, as they are moving they're looking at me as I parked my car and walk towards the 4th house, even though the houses are small but far from each other.

My aura is masked they now think I am a mere human, from one of the house a man comes maybe 10+ years older than my father with white hair, a long beard and he is not the typical monk type but a very casual man with loose jeans and tshirt. He is walking towards me, and suddenly I felt a strong aura from him telling me who he is, I bow my head down calling him master. I don't think he knows me but before I open my mouth to introduce myself to him, a loud growl came from behind me which made me turn my head.

There is man standing maybe of Jake's age with a strong aura emitting from him, he's an alpha but more, black curly hairs falling over his forehead, beautiful shade of brown eyes, tall and muscular, a lady is standing beside him blonde and beautiful with scarlet eyes. Before I realise what was happening to me, "mate" we both said, he sent me in shock suddenly the flashes of memory came running from behind my mind of Meredith killing a boy calling him my mate and now!!!, with that he started walking towards me, and the lady is pulling him to stop.....

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