Queen Luna

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Chapter 13

“master Oxe” I bowed and called him, her eyes are not leaving my site as I notice

“your majesty, thank you for coming on such a short notice” he said. Now she knows who she is mated to I am the fucking king and the moon goddess decided to embarrass me by giving me a human mate. NOT HAPPENING, I can have any strongest she-wolf by my side,but her.

I turn towards her, her pupil now have a silver line around them, I pulled Venessa in my arms, with this her eyes changed.

"Since when you started entertaining the humans, master Oxe"I asked him, still angry at the moon goddess, I turned to her side " you are my mate, may I know what your name is?” I asked her with calmness in my voice


“Elise , I Ares Landon reject you as my mate, the future queen of Lycans, and my life partner” I said, sending her in shock, her eyes are now midnight black the silver line is gone.

“I Elise Reynold, accept your Ares Landon’s rejection.” she rolled her eyes at me with no emotions in her eyes,then she bowed and said something to master and went.

There is a sharp pain in me. Ethan is not happy with what I did, but I have heard this name somewhere, Reynold means Jake might know who she is maybe I can call him later and ask it's not that I want her.

"alpha I asked you here to give you guards some days off, as Elise will be training her, she requested to build her own protective wall which no one can break" he said

"Elise as in my mate, whom I rejected just now..!?" he nodded " are you sure master, you do not want my protection against the mere human's request" I said with a disgusting look and Venessa is laughing which is making me more and more angry, she is not allowed to react towards my mate.

master Oxe is simply laughing and shaking his head " your majesty anyone can be fooled but you?, you were blessed with the queen and you rejected her!!" now I am confused, Venessa is looking at me and master Oxe just like I am with freezed brain,I cock my eyebrow at him " She is Elise reynolds, alpha Jake's sister, the queen of ancients, the living goddess herself."


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