Queen Luna

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Chapter 14


“Since when you started entertaining the humans, master Oxe”he asked master Oxe with disgust in his voice, turning to me “you are my mate, may I know what your name is?” he asked me with calmness in his voice


“Elise , I Ares Landon reject you as my mate, the future queen of Lycans, and my life partner” he said, sending me in shock, no emotions in his eyes, first that monster killed some guy in most brutal way and now my fated one rejected me. What else are you going to do with me, I am cursing the goddess.

“I Elise Reynold, accept your Ares Landon’s rejection.” I am not going to show him any fucking emotion that I’m hurt, fine I sighed. I turned to master Oxe told him that I’ll like to look around the place until he finishes his business with this asshole mate of mine.

“You know you want him, right..?” Selene my wolf and mia my vampire Chuckles and starts laughing. With that I cut the link with them and started walking away from everyone.I know they are sad but they will not leave me, they is the strongest, we are the strongest.

After some time master Oxe came..

“child, you will live here for some time until you master all the subject of the ancients”.........."are you officially going to take your place as a queen, next year when you turn 18?” he is asking with proud in his eye and I feel he is happy to have me here and teach me.

" NO.." I smiled at him " I want to live my freedom, roam to every part of this world, every part of realms... "

" I’m sorry about what happened earlier, about the alpha king and your mate, he did not know who you are and since you masked your scent he thought you’re human.” he tried to explain me

"ex-mate and I’m glad that happened"...." how many days do you want me to stay here master, for schooling"

" There are many students who shows interest in learning the subjects of the ancients, you will meet them tomorrow during class, we school like other schools in the town but only the old and ancient training and teaching." he said smiling warmly at me and went.

From tomorrow there is going to be a new sun. I went home after having a talk with Jake and luna, we had dinner and drifted in sleep...

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