Queen Luna

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Chapter 15


All I'm seeing is red and hell lot of questions.What the fuck, she is Jake's -my best friend's sister, the queen of ancients, the living goddess, then why did she mask her scent? why did she not tell me who she is? and above all she accepted my rejection? she did not want me after I disgusted her as human....goddess help me! this women will definitely be the death of me.!

I want her, I need her, if only she gives me a chance to explain it to her that whatever I did was out of anger, without thinking and from what i've heard i'll be kneeling for her to give a chance, lets see how this goes...

"Ava, let master Oxe know i'll be visiting him for more than once in a week to see if he is safe, since he asked to take down the security" I told my beta.

"yes, alpha" she said

"I heard you found your mate there alpha, will you be staying at master Oxe's?" she is also my good friend since school like Jake, they both know me too well.

"yes and I don't know"I snapped, she chuckles and leave. I want to stay where ever she is going to stay, but i'll have to keep my distance no matter how bad i want her, the last thing i want is to piss her.


It's been weeks since I started with master Oxe, he is kind, loving, warm just like a father figure. Lisa and Ron have become my close friends I share the room with Lisa and Ron's room is in another building which is for males.

"bitch! you said you were taking us for ice-cream, on sunday, which is today" Ron held my neck in his arms and said. They're the people I would love to live with for my entire life. They make me see things from entirely different perspective.

"well-" "why would she asshole? she doesn't owe you, you owe us for saving your ass in class" Lisa gave him a head slap, which made me laugh hard, whenever she hits him, he kisses her back, F.Y.I they are mates, and belong to Ares's pack and are studying here since they're too much into ancients war techniques.

Letting master know about us coming back late,we headed out to my car so we can go and spend the entire night. We saw the car coming as I was about to slid in my driver seat, someone called my name, the scent hit me hard, rushing my blood, I turned to see who it is..

"Hello Elise" Ares said holding my hand and giving a soft kiss on my knuckles sending shivers to my body, damn the mate bond, why is it still affecting me, shouldn't it be gone since we both rejected each other.

I pull my hand from him to which he seems angry and let out a small growl "Hello alpha" I said smirking at him, he did not seem to like. I think trouble has come...

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