Queen Luna

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Chapter 16


Those strong spark making my blood rush to my cock, god this woman is definitely going to kill me.

"Alpha" both Lisa and Ron bowed to me, they belong to my pack, they're mates and one of the strongest warriors, they both wanted to study ancient war techniques so I sent them to master Oxe.

"Lisa, Ron, how are things going?" I asked, "good, alpha"

"we're going to spend the night out alpha, with Elise. we will see you later" Lisa said "would you like to join,alpha?" they both are trouble makers but top warriors and the best at their work so I let them slide sometimes.

"sure, where to?" I said earning a growl from Elise.

sitting in my driver seat I told everyone to sit inside, Lisa and Ron are sitting in the back which leaves Elise only one place, beside me. She is glaring at Lisa and Ron, Lisa gets down and murmures something to her and then pushed her in beside me,seems like they're quite good friends, even though who she is, she does not seems to care for that title and freely laughs and creates trouble for everyone with these two brats.

Goddess really blessed me but I was too blind to notice, I thought.we reached Rock Club, lisa and Eli got down Lisa pulled her and went inside.

"alpha, are you trying to get your mate back? after rejecting her" Ron said, I growled at him

"did you reject her for Vanessa, alpha. everyone is saying you are going to claim her as you queen luna" he said, I never said I am going to make her my luna, hell no! not after I found Elise.

I rejected her out of anger and it will not be safe for a human to be with our kind especially after how the council harassed Jake and no one of us could do anything. I need to talk to her, tell her, apologise to her, make her my queen ,my luna.

"NEVER" I used my alpha voice and not another word comes from him.We went inside,Lisa and Eli taking shots,eating and dancing, we joined th

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