Queen Luna

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Chapter 17


We went inside the club right away ordered the shots, we are 5 shots down and went on the floor. Lisa and Ron are dancing together.

Ares is drinking his beer not taking his eyes off me, I am wearing a silver short dress coming only to my mid thigh and it is totally backless, we three went to our seat seems Ares have already ordered for us, chicken stripped roast,salami sushi, roasted beef, chicken sandwich.

"here drink this" he handed me a cherry soda, Lisa fucking traitor she knows i love cherry bombs.

Imumbled a small thank you and took it,our fingers touched sending sparks to both of us.I look at him his eyes now has sparkle in them, a mischievous glimpse in them.

After eating me,Lisa and Ron went to the dance floor again, but this time Ares came behind me his hand on my lower back which was open and making my blood rush,I turned to him immediately brushing our nose and he refused to let me go held me tighter.

"dance with me,baby bear?" he said with a smirk

"fine" I give in not wanting to let his touch go. Dancing slowly his hand is moving on my back up-down exploring my skin, his eyes not leaving mine like he is looking directly into my soul,now locked on my lips licking his own lips, he leans down and was about to kiss me when Lisa suddenly pulled me to dance with her, goddess she saved me, not that I wanted her to but I did not want to give in to him this fast after he rejected me without knowing me at all, he is my mate and did not even try to know me and rejected me this thought was rising the rage in me.

when I turned around to see where he is, my landed on the same blonde whom I met at master's place,her hands are all over him.

"let fucking let us out,Eli and we'll show our mate and that blonde who he belongs to." Selene and mia are dangerously threatening me to come out, if I let them out no wolf will walk out of this club with their heads on!

"NO" I said cutting their link and made them quite, he seems to notice the change in my eyes, staring at me his eyes are black now, he knows my wolf and vampire both trying to come out.

"let's go Eli " Lisa and Ron and hurried me out of the club

"I am going for a run, I'll see you guys later" I told them and used my speed to run towards the wood.

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