Queen Luna

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Chapter 18


I am glaring at Lisa and Ron, they both are drunk and how dare they snatch my mate away from me. while I am fuming in anger, a hand comes across my chest from behind, turning over my eyes land on Venessa.she looks furious, not that I give a damn!

" why did you come here alone!" she's touching me everywhere in a seductive way, yanking her hand away I said

"weren't you busy fucking one of my warrior" she tries to act innocent. I rolled my eyes at her and started walking away when-

"come on baby, let's dance i've missed you the whole evening"

"KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS AWAY FROM ME" I yelled a little low but used my alpha tone at her

Can this whore keep her hands of me, thinking I turned back to see Eli's wolf and vamp are trying to come out, she is struggling to keep them at bay. No one will walk out of the bar if she lets them out.I started walking towards her thinking who made her furious and also the mate bond can calm her, only to see Elise, Lisa and Ron went outside and till the time I reach there she was gone.

"where the hell did she go" I asked Ron with little anger in my tone.

"alpha El said she is going for a run and before we can ask her anything.......s..s...sshe was gone" Lisa said bowing her head down.

I ran into the woods once I picked her scent, I followed her direction and was shocked to see such a huge wolf, with silver with not very shiny coat, beautiful! I thought, those eyes I can recognise anywhere, It's my baby bear. Her wolf is as huge as me, As I move towards her she is snarling at me, not wanting me anywhere near her, but she allowed me to run my hands through her soft silky fur. I pecked on her nose and she growled loudly, she is angry at me I can feel.

Quickly I went behind one of the trees undressed myself and let ethan out, he is dying to see his mate, once out he runs directly towards her and tried to jump on her but she moved aside making us fall on out face. She happily howled and ran towards the cliff knowing we are chasing her, not that I mind, from the cliff we can see my palace and the sea once she stops ethan pinned her down with his paws and is rubbing his tail all over her belly..

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