Queen Luna

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Chapter 1


I am 6 year old with 11 year old strong brother. My Father is the Vampire king and a hybrid Half Vampire and half werewolf. Just like Jake my brother and my mother is a Witch the strongest and the most feared one, coming from the royal and first family of witches. They're mates and they always tells us mates are important to us.My father did not claim the Vampire throne which was his after my grandfather, but instead decided to stay in the royal pack with my mother.

Jake and I was playing which resulted in the fight until I lost to Jake and ended up loosing my temper..

“oowww” Jake screamed when i hit him in the ribs

“ELISE REYNOLDS” father now used his Alpha tone when he and mom came running hearing to Jake's scream “STOP”

“Father her eyes changes color from blue to black to brown and she hit me within seconds” Jake cried and was looking at me with fear in his eyes

“Take him to the Pack doctor, NOW” father shouted at his beta.

mom came running and we went to the pack hospital morn my father’s beta carrying Jake. This building is huge as we are royals th pack has more than 800 wolf families and more than 1000 wolves living.

" Alpha, Prince Jake has broken ribs” with that my father fumed and told something to the doctor and left.

2 days later

Jake has come home and I decided to go and check on my brother.I honestly don’t know what came over me but I would do anything in the world for Jake he is my only brother and now I ended up breaking his ribs.

Jake is strong he shifted when he was 6 years old having a black wolf and then we knew he was a hybrid he sometimes takes our trainer Terry down while training.

He is taller than me, stronger, he got mom's dark brown hair as I got daddy's dark black hair he is fair but I am a tad skinned toned, his eyes are a light emerald green color while mine are icy blue observing him I thought I will become like my brother.ONE DAY I said to myself standing by his door I was thinking

"Hey Eli"Jake called me back to Earth "H..Hello" those were the only word leaving my mouth to see what I did to my brother, with tears in my eyes and I jumped on him and started crying.

"I am sorry Jelly, I will never hurt you again" I sobbed

" I know you will never, come sleep beside me" "and DO NOT CALL ME JELLY" I laughed as I knew how much my brother hates that nickname ,with that we drifted in sleep.

After that incident father started training me under Terry and Jake. He was sure I will also have his genes.

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