Queen Luna

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Chapter 19


His wolf is as huge as me, mighty black and those eyes I can see myself getting lost in them, he pinned me down and his wolf is rubbing his tail all over my belly seducing me in his form, my anger is no where near now, I'm dying for him to touch me but I can't he already has a luna that blonde I met.

Thinking this I thought i'll change into my human form and teleport myself into my and Lisa's room, but before I could do anything he shifted still pinning me down, he is strong no wolf could hold me in their form and he is holding me in his human form.

"Shift baby bear" he is kissing me through the fur. I growled back I do not want him to see me naked. He himself looks like a god walking on Earth, his faintest brown eyes, black curls which are spread over his fore head, and I would desperately like to kiss those lips. The mate bond is getting stronger and stronger, when it was supposed to be broken, goddess if this pull towards remains then even you cannot stop him from taking me! I'm cursing

"shift Eli baby, I want to see you, I have so much to tell you, we need to talk, please shift baby" he is pleading me

I shift back into my human form now naked, his eyes went black and before I say anything his lips came crashing on mine, our lips are moving in sync, with rhythm showing we belong to each other, his hands cupped my cheeks deepening our kiss and holding me like if he let go of me I might run away, I will but not now I thought.

He kissed on my forehead once we catch our breath, kissing me on cheeks his lips are moving from my jawline towards the croak of my neck inhaling my scent, his hands are on my ass and he lifts me so that I can sit on his lap facing him and my pussy is directly on his cock, we are rubbing each other, my buds are erect as rock he takes one in mouth biting and nipping it as moans escapes from my mouth his tongue is playing with my buds and my pool is going to explode just as I thought he makes me sleep on the grass and his mouth is moving from my belly button towards the thighs...

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