Queen Luna

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Chapter 21


"I need to tell you something" Ares said

"ohh about how you rejected me?" I asked with a cocky smile. The hell it is making him laugh

"One day i'm going to pack you up in a sack and take you somewhere, where it'll be only us" he said laughing. duh

"and about me rejecting you".... running his hands through his thick black curls, how I would like to replace them with my hands.huh

" it was a impulsive decision".." your brother is my closest, he knows me more than I know myself sometimes. Whatever happened to him and luna thinking we couldn't do anything, we gave up trying to make the council understand, they forced him to take down his own luna, kill her or they will and make one of the she-wolf his luna, for some betterment sake of the royal pack"with his word my blood was boiling Jake did not tell me any of this, he was angry at the council making him take a she-wolf when he already has a luna the hell and kill her "a.aaand.." I asked

"He did not give a fuck to them when one day he went to the vampire kingdom for some urgent matter and some of the wolves from the council or other we don't know kidnapped her, she was bruised black-blue, her ribs broken, she couldn't breath"......"thinking of what was happening to her Jake went insane, he would kill anyone who crossed his path, he tried to kill Noah when he went to give cebel medicine. He couldn't think straight, drinking the whole day whole night and then visiting cebel sitting beside her he would dose off"..."Elise....your brother became crazy killer and that what the council wanted proof to take him down so to keep him from killing his own pack we locked him in the cell until cebel woke up after a week and when she found out about Jake, she went to meet him and he cooled off a little, that's when we told him to request your help."

What the fuck "this was the only reason I rejected you, I cannot control myself around you, we are both the strongest, our pull is strong on both the sides, but just at the thought of loosing you I thought I'll reject you and you will be safe....until I found out who you are and how terrified the council is of you.!"

I am freezed, there are no words coming from my mouth, my brother practically died and became a killer because of those shitheads ,but 'why are the council members trying to hurt only Jake' I thought and

"Why are they behind him?" I asked him

"Not just him, him and me as well, the blonde you saw at the bar is no one to me a mere slut, she belong to the council's pack and they thought since I'm 21 and haven't found my mate, I should make her my luna"....." They want to take both of us down, Jake rules the vampire world and also the moon pack and I have to take decision for his pack sometimes when he is in the kingdom and being the alpha king and his bestfriend I do both. which is making them unstable of the power coming from both these packs together". he said , now i'm staring at him Yes! Jake are Ares are both the strongest right now and no one will live to tell the tale after challenging them.

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