Queen Luna

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Chapter 22

"would you like to give this mate bond a chance" he asked him with those puppy eyes

"I don't know, I never wanted a mate" his eyes are full of hurt with those words from me "but I'll think about it" I assured him

"come" he gave me a hand " let's take you to master oxe's"

he drove me back and I quickly went to my room where Lisa is asleep, *snoring* sighing I went to sleep beside her only to get kicked in sleep, falling from the bed I grabbed my pillow and sheets and slept on the floor.

"look here Elise, do you like him? you see he is looking good with love in his eyes, your mate" he is standing there holding a boy's neck in his hands, his claws are elongating and the nails are digging in the boy's veins

"you were never destined to have a mate, or if the goddess decides to bless you with another I will make sure he meets this end" with this he starts ripping the boy's flesh, with blood all over his hands.

"don't please don't kill him, i'll listen to you, i'll mate with you if that's what you want but p-pplea-seee don't kill them." with that he snaps his head from his body and threws the head towards me where i'm kneeling and crying

the boy speaks " you,y-yyou are the reason for all of this"

My eyes shot open with tears in them,that's when I realise Lisa is holding me on the floor,asking me what I saw "sshhhss, we'll be here when ever you need us, no one can hurt you." knowing my story she tries to soothe me.

"let's go, we've got classes to attend" I told her getting my self together and we went to school. when she told Ron about my constant nightmares, they both asked me and I had to tell them...

"we are not leaving you again" they said, only if they knew...s

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