Queen Luna

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Chapter 23

Two-three months passed by like this, I learned all of it, controlling, fighting, studying. Ares would come to meet me atleast twice a week, we would call each other, hangout, make out.It is sunday and he said he is going to pick me up today he is taking me to his place for the first time, since I agreed to him claiming me. Then he was going to drop me home,since Jake told me mom and daddy came back and they're planning dinner with Ares's family.

"Hey baby bear I'm coming" I received his text

"waiting..." I replied

Before I could react two mens are standing in front of me, they teleported themselves, the ancient's guards and one more person joins them Alpha Lucas you can say he is my father.

"my child" he said as I hugged him "we need your help, the darkness has come back, and this time stronger and only for the ancients"

The darkness I have read about them in one of the books from master Oxe they are known to be stronger than werewolves, the alpha killer you can call them, why are they attacking the ancients just because it resides with more and more ancient and powerful alphas, who would order them, the goddess herself tied them by silver dipped in wolfsbane and made them sleep in the coffin. Only a strong witch who can control the powers of her and the silver would be able to lift the spell and awaken them. I need to find them and kill them maybe,I don't know how but I will kill who ever have awakened them.

"They're coming for you and all of us, you're our queen, we will do everything everything to keep you safe and help you eliminate them" alpha bowed his head down.

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