Queen Luna

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Chapter 24

Two year later

we tied down the members of darkness, they were only 5 but too strong until I had to separate their heads from their body. I was 19 when I left master Oxe's with alpha Lucas and the guards to come and rule here as the queen of ancients.

When the darkness came it took us a whole year to chase them and find a way to kill them, I had to practicall keep the wolfsbane on my canines and then bite them on the only spot on their neck to kill them, there was a lot of destruction, the entire territory was destroyed, pups killed many warriors killed, so much destruction only a few ancients families were left behind.

The only danger to the ancients was the darkness and obviously me! laughing i thought, now that the danger no more exist I need to go back to my family, to Ares. I left him without word, it was always the rule of ancients no contact to the outside world as any power hungry being can kill them giving them multiple new powers and strength,making them strong by killing the ancients.

I couldn't talk to Jake not even with Ares, he told me he was going to take me home that day. I had enough of all this I needed them, I want to go back to my family.

"my queen, you seem distracted" alpha Lucas said. He was the only father figure I had after daddy, he would help me heal with lot of medicines after Meredith would kill me once in a day brutally,I respected him, he never took a wrong decision, he is the strongest among all right now. Thinking I said-

"alpha Lucas, how about you take my place" I asked him, he looked worried "what are you talking about, Elise" he asked with his brows furrowed

"alpha John and luna Eleanor...please start with the preparation of the arrival of your new king, I step down as your queen today"

Everyone is confused alpha John is next in row strongest and respected after alpha Lucas. "I give you your king, King of all the ancient Alpha Lucas Slade" Everyone is cheering and happy with my decision.

"why are your doing this, you were destined here not me" he does not seem happy.

"I am 21 Lucas, I want a life my mate is out there I need to rule with him" "and you have my word, anything you need me for I will come with first call" I stepped down the throne making him sit there...

It's time for me to go home..

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