Queen Luna

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Chapter 25


“why did you let your sister go it’s been two fucking years and she hasn’t come back” father and mother are both angry at me.

“she left without saying, dad” I tried to tell him this a hell lot of time. My sister was always stubborn, she never listened to anyone they both know her amd they think I let her go!

Mother and father cries with the thought of her, they haven’t seen her since she was 6 when Meredith took her.Everyone missed her, when Ares told us during the family dinner about them being mates and how he rejected her knowing she was human dinner was going to break into a fight, but we knew why he did that taking lesson from me.He misses her more than anything, she is his mate,I do not like to see my best friend like this we went through a lot, he helped from the worse to happen and right now I just want a brat of my sister to return. Let her come I am going to tie her up somewhere, let me see where she goes this time she comes back..


It’s been two fucking years, this woman literally decided to leave me, run away without telling me anything. After she left a year later we got the news of the darkness destroying the ancients and some months later of them getting killed, no one could do that and which is why I was saved from going insane for some reason I know Elise was there.

Venessa was going insane to become the luna, the council and Venessa still doesn’t know she is my mate they’ve given me 4 months to find my mate, otherwise i’ll have to make Venessa my luna or step down as the alpha king.

She never stood a chance of becoming the luna, she would hit the pack pups just to make them listen to her, would make the wolves starve if they try to cross her, she could not even stand my omega, training with my warriors was far away and after all this she still thinks she can become my luna, luna is seen as the mother of the pack, the protector after the alpha.

I just want Elise to return, then we both will change the game.....

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