Queen Luna

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Chapter 3


I am currently sitting in my room with gabriel sitting and going through her queen's work and reading a letter received by the vampire council stating:

" King Valer Reynold, this letter is to inform you that the villages in the vampire realm are constantly under attack, your presence as a king is requested, to protect our kind from any threat."

My father king Antonov Reynolds was a king of vampire while my mother was a werewolf. I inherited both the genes and and was told to rule the vampire kingdom after my father stepped down until I found my mate and decided to rule as an royal alpha in Moon pack also ruled by my father,after hearing of the brutal killing of my mother by my very own kind.

"lets get to bed Val, I am tired with all this duties" she said as we went to bed.

"you will send Elise to my place, to the ancients and one of my son will train your daughter, she will be the strongest and most feared one" Luna( The Moon Goddess) said

"She is still a baby, goddess" I am trying not to send my sweet tooth anywhere. I know she is a tribrid but she is still small and has no idea how life is and what will come to her as she is 'what she is' and a 'royal'.

"Meredith will come after 2 days to come and receive my child, her half blood is mine"....." forces from realms will come for her when they discover her with my half blood" with that Luna left.

with this dream I woke and saw gabriel was sound sleeping beside me and I did not wanted to wake her up I knew if i tell her she will start panicking and will not let Elise go.

"what happened Valer, why are you standing at the window" gabriel was now awake

"nothing.... just weird dreams" I said with half smile

"come here val, you know I can feel you and right now there is fear in you" I was staring at her with the uncertainty if to tell her whatever the moon goddess said "tell me val, you're making me worry" with that I know I have to tell her

" The moon goddess visited me in my dream" I said with that her brows furrowed "AND", " she told me someone named Meredith will visit us after 2 days he will be responsible for training Elise"

"That's a good news right, I don't know why do you worry about Eli so much, she is clearly strong more than you and me were and more than we can think of" if only she knew

" he will take her to the ancients and will train her, and we do not know when my child will come back to me, and will she be the same..." with this gabriel panicked, I thought she will agree with me to go against the moon goddess's command not send my sweet tooth anywhere

"Alright val, we will send her" she sighed " there must be a reason why we are been told to do this, we clearly want out daughter to survive and stand strong when anyone tries to take her down." "for some reason I knew this day will come and she will leave"

I have to calm Gabriel, she want to send Elise and cannot stop crying with those thoughts. we slept in each other's arms with tears in our eyes.

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