Queen Luna

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chapter 4


Father sent me with a man named Meredith, he is tall, little dark with curls which lays over his forehead, he is known to be the moon goddess's beloved son, fierce and as much I look at him he seems to be the beast, a handsome beast.

After a day we reached the place, with huge stone structures, surrounded by temples which are magnificent, too beautiful to describe with words, deep inside the forest, trees swirling all over the place, cool and calmed breeze which calms your inside withing minutes.

" you will rest for a day, explore the place if you want, it is the safest place for someone like you" he said with a smirk

He started training me hard, hitting me, flogging me, as days passed like this I started missing my family. At night I used to sleep with blood all over my body, my blood, caused by whipping.

He used to sedate me with some Purple liquid which caused me recover slowly, as there were more and more flogging the more marks were made of swords, whip, knives on my back, hands, legs, ribs and it became difficult to stay strong and heal myself.

After years of this brutal training I decided to leave this place, I was ready to take anyone down, my beast was grown, I learned how to combine all my bloods together and whenever I will call them they will be combined as a large silver wolf with 6'8 ft height and beautiful icy blue eyes just like my human form.

But this beast or monster as Meredith used to refer me was untamed, no one would kill me, the growl coming from me shaked the very ground under everyone's foot. NO-ONE I said NO-ONE will be able to stand my beast.

And I left after several years and months of this brutal training. Right now I am wondering in the woods this place was secret in greece far away from the cities.I am too weak to use my magic to hop from places or realms so, I am running with all that is left inside me, running to get freedom from the monster named as Meredith.

I am standing near the cliff not knowing where to go, until someone threw silver chains across my body, there is a witch holding powers and with that everything went dark as they injected me with some liquid, for a fact I know which liquid it is and who gave them the liquid..

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