Queen Luna

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Chapter 6


" she killed Terry and left" the rage started building in me. How can this girl kill one of the highest ranker council member and in such a terrified manner I was wondering when I reached council dungeons.


I reached the moon pack of Alpha Valer Reynold to receive his daughter Elise. she is small around 3'8 dark black hairs which reach her shoulders and her eyes are very icy, blue in color I haven't seen anyone with such eyes. I brought her to the ancient as I rule here, I am very son of the goddess herself, strong deciding fates for the welfare of the wolves, I am known to be the monster, killer, I used females humans or she-wolves depending on my need.

I started training her when I realised for a 6 year old she is no ordinary girl the tribrid I taught her how to control her powers, how to hop from places to places, realms to realms, to combine all her beasts as one. She will go down as a strongest tribrid, she does not have any prophecy to fulfill but once the people discover who she is who's blood she carries they will hunt her as killing her will make them the powerful being.

As she is growing, she is becoming the most beautiful version of herself, and I know, I shouldn't have trained her ruthlessly, but then I am going to mate with her and become one of the strongest being alive, for that I created a illusion of killing a guy in a most brutal way telling her he was her mate which left her in shock thinking she will never have a mate her entire life.

With these actions I started getting warnings from the goddess herself. Until one day she left and I told the council to chase her and catch her tie her with pure silver knowing it does not affect her much but she was weak and loosing blood day by day from my training.

I received a link telling me to come and see what has happened at the council. As soon as I went there the guard was taking me to the dungeons on the way, there were several headless bodies, ripped from limb to limb, lying on the floor until I notice one... Terry's body she killed them all with her signature headless killing method.

I have to get her back, she is becoming stronger and stronger with each kill. I killed my human mate for her and now I cannot lose her.I HAVE TO GET HER BACK AND I WILL....

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